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MAM Trainer 2 in 1

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At a glance:

The MAM Trainer 2in1 is designed to help you guide your growing baby through the transition of sucking to drinking from a cup. The simple but effective design with non-slip handles features two interchangeable teat options for different stages of weaning. The first stage is a “fast flow” silicone bottle teat that allows baby to continue with their established sucking but at a quicker pace, preparing them for the move to a cup. The second stage uses a cleverly designed, “symmetrical and extra soft”, silicone spout; with “spill free” free-flow technology which feels familiar, to encourage a “cup-like” drinking motion.

How did this product make your life easier?

Harriet: The MAM trainer was helpful for transitioning my baby from bottle to cup. The two different teats were easy to distinguish and my baby found it easy to use the bottle like teat initially. However, my baby did find it hard to use the second teat as it was not free-flowing and my baby also found the bottle quite heavy to hold compared to some other sippy cups.

Victoria: Weaning my breastfed baby at six months I found he immediately took to the baby test & it was good that he drank quite a bit of water with meals, which was particularly useful in the recent very hot weather but despite repeated & numerous attempts he hasn’t been able to successfully use the 2nd stage.

Tanya: The product has what you need to make your life as a mum easier - eg marked on the bottle for mls being drunk, the lid has a measuring cup. Meaning when you are measuring out milk this cup has all you need to be able to do this with ease. The lid makes it easy to be able to take all the places you need without spillages, and throughout testing, we had no leaks or spillages - which just makes life so much easier! This is also helped by the teats which are also spill-free. My baby personally had no problem with the transition from there Tommee Tippee teat to this MAM teat. My baby was easily able to manage and hold this cup due to the handles that appear to be non-slip, the handles make it perfect for a trainer cup as it's the next step up for your baby to be able to hold the bottle themselves, and personally mine found it so easy and took to it instantly. The bottle gets thrown about when my baby is sat in her highchair, but I don't think this is anything that can ever be resolved - unfortunately.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Harriet: I would recommend this bottle as an initial thing to use when trying to get a baby used to using a cup rather than a bottle. The bottle has measurements on the side so you can see how much your baby is drinking. The bottle and teats are very easy to clean which is important when the baby moves on to solids and puts their dirty hands all over the bottle!

Victoria: The design was cute & I really liked the handle & the lid was great, I could confidently carry this around without worrying about leaks. I would recommend it to other mums only if they wanted something bottle like. I can see how it could be beneficial if your baby was bottle-fed & was used to the MAM range.

Tanya: The design of this product is fun and unique in design to that of boy or girl - which I personally liked. I would highly recommend the measuring aspects of this bottle - it had everything you needed to make it easy to make a bottle of milk or even to measure how much water your little one has had in one day. Anything to make a mums life easier gets a thumbs up from me!

Would you choose this product to win?

Harriet: I don’t think I would choose this product above others on the market. I found that my baby found it hard to use the teat that was more like a sippy cup as it wasn’t free-flowing. It was also very heavy for my baby to pick up as it is quite a big bottle. The only choices of colour seemed to be pink and blue which were a bit stereotypical and they were very bright. I preferred other cups that were easier to hold and my baby could get water out of easier. However initially it was useful as you could use the teat that was like a bottle.

Victoria: Regrettably not, despite persevering with this for some time I feel this has the potential to complicate rather than help things. I’ve introduced an open cup & a silly cup and he does much better with these. For me, the concept was great as I remember my first child struggling to learn to sip from a straw so I was excited about this but the 2 stages are too far apart. Perhaps an interim “teat” that only needs a little sucking would help the transition

Tanya: I would certainly consider buying this product now I have had the chance to use it personally with my little girl. The product is certainly both mother and baby-friendly. It is easy for both mother and baby to use. As a 2 in 1 trainer cup I think it has all the aspects and features to make it a product to stand out on the market.

What changes would you make to this product?

Harriet: I found the look of the bottle quite cliche. It was either bright pink or blue and there were no other options. The bottle was also quite big and my baby was struggling to pick it up and hold it and put the drink to their mouth. I would also make the spout more free-flowing. May have been too big for my 6months old baby and might be a bit better when she is a bit bigger.

Victoria: As above - it’s a great idea in theory but didn’t translate into reality & perhaps it would benefit from an additional staged teat to enable the transition. Also I'd prefer if the design was modified so it looked less like a bottle. I’m sure it’s a great transition for bottle-fed babies using the range but for me, the current shape would deter me

Tanya: Price-wise, I would definitely buy this product but I would want to be sure that it is definitely market comparable. There is a lot of choice on the market and without reading reviews and positive feedback on this product first I am not sure it is the product I would go to first and foremost due to it being a little bit pricier than others on the shelf.

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