Little Angels Organic 10+ Months Tray Meals

Little Angels Organic 10+ Months Tray Meals

by Emily Gilbert |
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Little Angels Organic 10+ Months Tray Meals are made with only organic ingredients and are at least one of your little ones' five a day per pack. They are also perfectly textured with bigger bites to help little ones learn to chew, and include lots of tasty and exciting flavours! Better yet, they won silver for Best Baby Food Range/ Product in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards.

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Little Angels Organic 10+ Months Tray Meals overview


 • Affordable

 • Tastes great

 • Made with organic ingredients

 • One/two of your child's five a day


 • All only have a smooth consistency

• Could do with more variety of meals

Testing the Little Angels Organic 10+ Months Tray Meals

Our parent testers all found that the Little Angels Organic 10+ Months Tray Meals helped make feeding their children easier.

"The product is already cooked so takes 30 seconds to heat up and is very quick and convenient to serve when your baby is hungry and you need a quick meal," said one mum.

"We absolutely love the Little Angels range," raved mum Talia. "The packaging makes it clear what is inside and it's a great size. The range is convenient for on-the-go and so easy to prepare/cool. It's a lot quicker than me having to prepare and make lots of different foods. I can use the packaging the meals come in so no need to take out lots of different utensils or bowls etc. The portion is very generous and my son loved it so much, he still wanted more!"

"Both me and my child loved trying out this product. It was super easy to get out of the cupboard for her to have at dinner time when I was in a rush after work," tester Alice told us. "Being able to put the dish into the microwave to heat up was excellent and quicker than having to decant it from a pouch and then heat up. It may not sound like it saves much time but for busy working parents it is very handy.

There were lots of compliments for both the flavours, smell and taste of the meal trays. "The flavours were good and having had to try some to see if it was cool enough to eat, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Some toddler food is not appetising but this was nice and rich and textured so that you felt your little one was getting a substantial meal," said one tester.

Final thoughts

While our testers were full of compliments, some mums did find that the meals stained bibs and tablecloths. "This is the nature of the product with the ingredients, however for convenience, I would prefer to not have to clean up so much." said mum Sarah.

Others would also like to see more choices of meals and a thicker consistency so that babies could have a try at chewing or feeding themselves.

Overall, testers found lots of positives with the range, with many happy to repurchase. "I absolutely love this range as it's such good value so money, affordable and the portions are generous. The range makes feeding so much easier and quicker, without the need to prepare anything beforehand or take out lots of bits to prepare it on the go," said Talia.

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