Kiddyum Cheesy Peasy Pasta

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Kiddyum Cheesy Peasy Pasta

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Kiddyum's ready meals are proper meals packed with flavour and natural ingredients that kids enjoy. Whether it's the Kiddyum Cheesy Peasy Pasta or their hearty Cottage Pie, they are delicious ready meals designed with your children's hungry tummies in mind.

How did this product make your life easier?

Fay: Kiddyum's Veggie Lentil Dahl is a delicious ready meal designed with children in mind. They are frozen to lock in all the goodness which means they can be easily stored and if you need a quick meal for your child/children these take a few minutes in the microwave. With the meal being made for children aged 1-4 years, you do not have too cut it up, which means it can go from being frozen to them being fed in a max of 10 minutes.

Jessica: I find it really handy to keep a couple of ready-made baby food packets like the Kiddyum Cheesy Peasy Pasta in the fridge/freezer in case I need to make something quickly or on the go. These were really easy to just warm up and serve straight away. The portion size was also good as my little one had a meal and a snack/small lunch the next day out of one portion!

Marie: As I know this is a nutritious and balanced meal, I know I can give my son a healthy meal when I haven’t got time to cook. I have three children under five, so I can’t always cook from scratch. This is a quick ping in the microwave and all done. The sauce was thicker so he was able to pick it up with his fingers better.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Michelle: I would definitely recommend Kiddyum Cheesy Peasy Pasta to a friend as they are easy to use and are nutritionally balanced. They also tasted good and the ideal toddler size for my 18-month-old. They were really compact so I could store them easily and get quite a few in the freezer section. I like the good variety of meals available.

Annika: This fantastic product will make the lives of mums so much easier. It is so easy and quick to prepare and I particularly love the fact that it uses all-natural ingredients and no added sugar, low salt, no preservatives, and no artificial colours/flavours. The sleeve and tray can be recycled which is an added bonus and I would genuinely feel very happy to use this product as a substitute when I am unable to cook from scratch. I have an 18-month-old boy who only just learned how to feed himself and he had no problems. In fact, the meal had disappeared in his tummy before I had the chance to sit down next to him. Our three and a half-year-old girl who often struggles to feed herself was the same and ate the entire pasta dish in record time. An absolute winner!

Anna: I like that the packaging is compact and colourful, and, highlights all the organic products that are in it. The portion size is generous and tasty - even my husband enjoyed some! I feel like a lot of time and care was taken into making these meals and they have really thought about a healthy but quick concept.

Would you choose this product to win?

Fay: I would choose the Kiddyum Veggie Lentil Dahl over any other product due to the fact that it’s frozen to lock in all the goodness. It takes minutes in the microwave which means I can give my daughter a nutritious meal within minutes without having to cook it myself. There are no added salt or sugars which is definitely a bonus.

Jessica: At a retail price of £1.90, I believe that is competitive but not necessarily the cheapest and I would probably only buy Kiddyum Cheesy Peasy Pasta when they’re are on offer for a bit cheaper. However, they are made of healthy ingredients and actually taste nice, unlike some baby food that tastes bland. I also like that the product has vegetables mixed in.

Marie: Well my son was the judge and he gives a big thumbs up to this. He doesn’t eat much as he is fussy, but ate this very quickly. We both would choose this above all other brands. He even wanted more when he was finished and cried when he realised it was all gone! It smelled delicious and it’s quick to heat up in the microwave.

What changes would you make to this product?

Michelle: The meals were all lovely. My son particularly enjoyed the Kiddyum Cheesy Peasy Pasta, as did his friend and the Chicken Curry. However, the consistency of the bolognese and cheesy peasy was quite runny which made it difficult for my son to feed himself as it wouldn’t stay on the spoon. The chicken curry was better as it was thicker.

Annika: I am not entirely sure I would have bought this product had I seen it on the shop floor, as the packaging and design does not necessarily stand out and show how great this product actually is. The front of the packaging is a little bit too busy in my opinion and I am not entirely sure the picture contributes much and its size could definitely be reduced. I also think the brand name should be highlighted more on the packaging to make sure that mums recognise and spot the product when walking past it.

Marie: I would want the meal to be bigger as my son wanted more when he was finished. Maybe with some sweet corn and carrots just to bulk it out if you couldn’t make it bigger. The sauce looked a little thick to me but my son liked it, in fact, he loved it. Or, use a two-sided pot so you could have the dinner on one side and the veg on the other side.

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