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At a glance:

Bibetta’s Wipeezee® collection of versatile, easily wiped-clean bibs, coveralls and mats in a new, fun fruit pattern, offers you ultimate ease and convenience when feeding your baby. Perfect for messy mealtimes, there are three different waterproof, wipe-clean bibs with fold-out pockets, including a starter weaning bib, a sleeved bib, and an extra-large coverall bib, which covers the whole high-chair table. The large, non-slip mat can be used to protect the floor or table. The Wipeezee® products are ideal for every age and stage of weaning and feeding - just what babies (and parents) have been waiting for!

How did this product make your life easier?

Nikita: Bibetta Wipeezee set makes my life easier by the fact at mealtimes when using the high chair bib, it saves me trying to fish out any bits of food that would have usually gone down the sides of the high chair. I can easily put on baby, and once finished can easily remove. And after either simply wipe it down or put in a quick low temp wash and hang to dry which is also very quick and ready for the next meal. My 3 yr old will use the toddler bib especially more often when he is having messier foods such as spaghetti bolognese. It keeps his tops nice and stain free. I have on occasion also used the highchair bib on him as it will cover his legs for when he has an ice cream/lce lolly so any drips from melting also do not stain his tops or shorts.

Lauren: The pack is a large pack. Includes different bibs for different kind of dinners. Easy to wipe off. Easy to use. The floor mat being my my most favourite one. My life has become a lot more easier as I kept repaying my old splash mat numerous of times. The bibs have really become a lifesaver, especially with a child who loves to rub sauce all over him!

Claire: My son seems to have a large head so the standard “one size fits all” bibs are a nightmare to put on him. The Bibetta Wipeezee range are fastened via Velcro tab around neck, making mealtimes so much nicer. He is a very messy eater still so I love the fact that these bibs are easy to clean and compact so I can stick them in a changing bag if we have food out and about.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

James: The product is well made, very easy to use, and does exactly what it says it does, perfectly well. Our toddler is very good at feeding herself, but occasionally gets distracted while holding the spoon between bowl and mouth, and it spills everywhere. Having a large bib that goes from her neck all around her and to the table on the high chair makes cleanup really easy.

Rebecca: Yes I would definitely recommend the basic bibs and the floor mat, not so sure about the XL coverall bib as feel this doesnt necessarily have the longevity of the other products and could manage without this. Feels good quality though and the long sleeve bib definitely feels more durable compared to some other brands I have used - would depend on how the price compares though.

Katie: They're just brilliant I have already recommended to mum friends. The design is lovely but the quality is superb. They make feeding time for me less stressful, clothes are not getting stained, dropped food is not getting wasted as it is getting caught, and my table and floor aren't getting dirty. The products are all wipe clean so extremely hygienic. They're strong and durable but soft and comfortable.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Chantelle: Absolutely I will be purchasing the Bibetta Wipeezee in the future its the best I've seen on the market. It has everything you need from the bib with the food collector, the apron style bib is excellent not just for when eating but also to use for arts and crafts, they fold easily and wipe even easier its lightweight and can be used for everything.

Laura: I would choose these over other products as they did clean well and so far have remained looking and functioning as new. They are washable but I have not routinely needed to do more than wipe. Unlike some similar products they are made of one material with no lining which while possibly a little sweaty in summer months does mean they stay intact and don’t catch on things.

Katie: I definitely think they should win. The products are all excellent value for money. Not only do they look attractive but they're super soft and comfy, but still strong/durable. Wipe clean for ease of use and hygiene. They do the job they're made for with ease. I have tried other similar products before and been disappointed but I am obsessed with these, they're used at every meal. The bibs come out with me. I particularly rate the bib that covers the highchair, in this current pandemic I have taken that out and used knowing its 100% clean and gives me peace of mind.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nikita: On the bibs, rather than having Velcro as the attachment, but rather use a pullover using elastic around the head/neck area. As with Velcro after time it can stop sticking together. With elastic this can last longer and can be more comfortable. Also by using the elastic instead of Velcro, depending of the age/ size of the child the elastic could have an adjuster at the back so it can either be slightly tighter or looser if the child is older/bigger.

James: I don't think there's anything that could be improved, it's a very simple product with only one part... The material works well, the design is great, it's really easy to use, contains spills of food or paints, wipes clean, and makes life a lot easier. I'm not sure what could be changed to make it better than it already is. It's not the prettiest item in the room, but it really doesn't have to be. Maybe some other designs, but I don't really need them.

Rebecca: I don't think the design is particularly child friendly. I would typically go for something brighter with a more attractive print for a child on it. Brown is good for hiding food stains but not the most fun. Think cars, animals, trains - ask the average 2-year-old what they think is cool and go with that!

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