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Unicorn suction plate

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Unicorn suction plate at a glance:

This little bamboo unicorn is sure to put your toddler under its enchanting spell. Once your young one sees it, we doubt they'll want to eat on anything else. Some of this plate's magical powers stem from the 100% natural bamboo material that it's made of. Bamboo is antibacterial and toxin free, and it grows at unbelievable rates, so it's also eco-friendly. The powerful food-grade silicon suction base also means no more flips, spills and mess. Making mealtimes truly magical!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Arfa Ahmed says: "I like this product because it makes my life easier. I do not have to worry about the plate being thrown and broken, or thrown with food in it, creating mess for me to clean. feeding time has become more pleasant, easier and faster. I do not have to constantly watch her while I am in the same room. It means she does not walk away with a plate of food, she remains sitting as she knows she cannot take the plate away."

Chantelle Corcoran says: "I love this plate. It makes meal times less messy! No more plate being flung across the room with dinner on it. I can nip across the room and grab something without finding a pile of mess on the floor when in come back. It is really easy to clean too. You ideally need a brush just to get in all the corners properly but it comes apart and back together easily."

Geetika Kumar says: "The suction element of the plate is really great. I have a baby who loves to fling things, and previously this has included other 'suction' plates, but not this one! The plate also has a lovely design. Although it seems silly, I like that the compartments are rounded inside. It makes it easier to get the food out for the baby when self feeding, and when cleaning - no nooks for food to get trapped in."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Lauren Lancaster says: "The bamboo plates have become a real hit amongst mums and babies, and I think knowing that they have very little plastic in them is important to so many people. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family. Size wise it isn't too big to take out with us, as I prefer my baby to eat off a plate rather than a highchair tray when out and about, and the suction element is fantastic. The suction base does detach to assist with washing up which is helpful."

Edrianna Lansiquot says: "I would recommend this product to a fellow mum because the product is not too heavy, and is very handy with different sections for putting different food groups. This is a way of teaching the toddler about them and about healthy eating. As the sections are not too deep, my toddler could feed her self with the different foods I had given her."

Lucy Lavener says: "I would recommend this product to a friend or an other mam because it looks very attractive, the suction on the bottom is extremely strong and the material of the product is very good. It is very easy to put into my child’s bag too so if I was going out for dinner I would be very likely to take this with me."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Elizabeth Lee-Smith says: "I wouldn’t pick this product over others on the market. It is very expensive for just one plate. I could get a set for the same price. I also find the compartments are less useful as the baby gets older. I couldn’t fit sandwiches on it. The sucker was one of the best I’d tried but I don’t think that makes up for the things that I didn’t like."

Gemma Lees says: "I would definitely choose this product above others on the market. I do think it should win the Best Toddler Food range/product. What really stands out is the quality of the product at an affordable price. I have bought other sets like this from other manufacturers and the quality does not compare. In fact some of them have broken in a short time of using. Again I think the suction on this plate is much better than a lot on the market. It holds in place."

Sara Lightowlers says: "I like the fact that the plate is made from bamboo which is a sustainable material. It's also seems very well made and the design is very cute. The suction cup suctions very strongly, but also is removable so when she is older and won't throw it on the floor I can remove the suction and she can use it as a normal plate. However, the fact that it can't go in the dishwasher or microwave is a big downside, so because of this I don't think the plate should win."

What changes would you make to this product?

Arfa Ahmed says: "If I could change something, I would make it deeper, so food does not come out so easily. my daughter likes to roll the food to the edge of the plate and then pick it up, and if the plate is deeper it would be easier. I have not tried cereal in this plate because I don't think itsmade for the purpose of cereal. I thinks its good for dry solid foods."

Chantelle Corcoran says: "The one thing I would change about this product is when you press the plate down and the suction takes hold, the plate slowly rises up and comes unstuck. The surface is the plastic highchair shelf and is clean, dry and grease free but it still slowly pops off. I also wish they could be dishwashed but totally get that to be bamboo this isn’t possible."

Geetika Kumar says: "Food can get trapped under the plate, which is still slightly raised when the suction is on. It is a little bit frustrating then to clean underneath, and some escaped food always appears when I remove the plate from the high chair tray no matter how well I think I've cleared the zone. So I guess if there was a way of reducing the space between the plate and the surface below to reduce the chance of trapping food that would be ideal."

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