Baby Stay Put Suction Bowl and Spoon Set

from Bamboo Bamboo
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by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

This all-natural bamboo and food-grade silicone bowl and spoon set has a powerful suction base which grips the high chair tray or table to prevent spills, flips and throws. The cool-touch bamboo deters burns to baby's delicate fingers if they reach out for it during feeding and the removable suction bottom lets you transition bowls to regular use when your child outgrows them. The set comes in six cheery unisex colours to suit any child.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lauren: This bowl and spoon set is perfect for baby led weaning. The spoon is the perfect size for little fingers and helps with getting that first grip on utensils. It is high quality and looks and feels like a high-end weaning product. It is not a product you could take out easily but the feel and build quality are excellent.

Nicola: I absolutely love this bowl and spoon set. Not only is it beautiful, but it is practical and lovely to use. The suction disc on the bottom of this bowl is excellent. No matter how hard my daughter pulls at it, she has never once managed to pull it off the highchair. This set feels really well made and I love the fact that it is environmentally friendly. The spoon is a lovely size too - not too long like other weaning spoons. My daughter likes to hold it and has greater success with feeding than other spoons we have tried.

Zoe: I would definitely recommend this to my friends. The bamboo material is lovely and smooth and looks much nicer quality than the standard plastic bowls that most competitors seem to be advertising. The spoon is a good shape for your little one’s mouth so it easy for them to use for self-feeding.

How did this product make your life easier?

Laura: The suction bowl makes life easier because it sticks firmly to the highchair so I can be confident that it will stay put and not make a mess. Before the suction bowl arrived I was following a more traditional puree/mash weaning approach and I would avoid letting my little girl have the bowl of food too close to her. With the suction bowl, I am happy for her to dip her hands in and explore the food in a more baby led way. I liked the suction bowl so much I have since purchased one of Bamboo Bamboo's suction plates.

Kirsty: It means that we can do baby led weaning whilst out at restaurants or on a plane without worrying about our baby eating off of unclean surfaces. It also makes cleaning up after meals slightly easier and it’s a good size for easy transportation.

Helen: My son is nine-months-old and currently throws everything onto the floor at meal times. The suction bowl is a game changer as it stops him from launching his bowl with food in it. I'm trying to encourage him to hold food and feed himself and using this bowl really helps with this as he can't move it! I can fill it with snacks and he enjoys helping himself from it which keeps him occupied and busy while I run around after my other two children.

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: I would choose this product over other similar ones as we have tried others and found our little girl could still pull it off. These are a little bit pricier but come with a nice little wooden and silicone ended spoon that isn't hard on your babies little mouth. It has not stained like our plastic ones have and it is very easy to clean. I also love the simple design.

Lauren: As a high-end weaning product this item hits all the marks. It is perfect for mums who like natural feeding instruments. In respect to baby led weaning and for a child who is feeding themselves, this item is ideal and I would thoroughly recommend it to everyone. However, if you're a mum who is on the go, who eats out regularly or who uses a dishwasher for everything then I would not recommend this product.

Nicola: I definitely think this product should win. I have tried a few bowls and spoons previously and none of them is as practical or good quality as this. I have been so impressed that I have now purchased one of the Bamboo Bamboo plates. There are a few things that make this product stand out - it is so stylish, the suction base is excellent (it stays in place no matter what), it is environmentally friendly and the bamboo is hygienic and won't release nasty toxins into the food.

What changes would you make to this product?

Zoe: I would want the bowl to be dishwasher proof to make it easier to clean. The instructions are not clear regarding this and simply state it is the high temperatures which could degrade the bowl. I think the handle of the spoon could be slightly slimmer to help a little one grasp it more easily.

Laura: There are a few things I would change. I tend to batch cook food and reheat food in the microwave but this bowl cannot be used in the microwave. I would make the instructions bigger and clearer on the box as knowing that you cannot microwave the product or that you should not leave water standing in the bowl are important to preserve the life of the product. My daughter loves the spoon and enjoys chewing both the handle and the rubber head. However, the spoon is too big for feeding so could be made smaller.

Elizabeth: Apart from being able to put in the dishwasher which I understand is impossible with the material used. I think possibly making it more transportable, by having a sealed lid. This would allow me to use it more often and not just at home. I think also making it stackable would make it a little better for smaller storage spaces. The spoon is also quite large so not good for smaller babies.

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