ASDA Little Angels Organic Carrot & Orange Flavoured Biscuits 12+ Months review

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ASDA Little Angels Organic Carrot & Orange Flavoured Biscuits

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ASDA Little Angels Organic Carrot & Orange Flavoured Biscuits at a glance:

Our little Angels biscuits are full of wonderfully organic ingredients and yummy carrot and orange flavour for a super tasty snack time for your little ones. We also know that you'll love them because we've used orange oil and carrot purée to give them their terrific taste, so you know exactly what your little angel is enjoying! And for a little extra fun, our biscuits are made into loads of great shapes and cute characters, helping to encourage you little one's imagination while satisfying their tummies too!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Becky Ackerman says: "Having something on-the-go is really useful. My kids love them they kept him happy until dinner time. I popped them in a nappy bag and was able to have them whenever we needed one. I had to have another bag to put them in though because they weren’t resealable and they would’ve dried out because you can’t eat the whole bag in one go."

Emma Burgess says: "I always need to have snacks with me when we’re ‘on the go’ and these biscuits are organic, with added vitamin B1, as well as having vegetable and fruit content so they are a good ‘go to’ snack for my little boy. They are a good size so my little boy won't fill up on them too much ahead of his main meal (as long as I limit them!)."

Latanya Chamberlain says: "The product makes my life easier as it is a great little healthy snack for in between meals. It kept my hungry baby at bay, while trying to cook a meal or doing a quick tidy up. They are great If you are out and about, and they can be easily popped into a small container to put in the baby bag. I’ve had them for about 2 weeks now, and the package has not finished, so you get a lot for your money."

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Selina Chan says: "I would recommend this product to other mums as these biscuits are a nice snack with organic ingredients and taste good. They smell delicious too from the orange oil and the biscuits are great sized for finger food. The different shapes and characters of the biscuits are fun and captivate my toddler's attention. Design of packaging is cute and appealing for little ones."

Samira Choaibi says: "The Organic Carrot & Orange Flavoured Biscuits have a lovely orange taste. The ingredients are all organic (hence the name), with natural flavouring. The biscuits are made into different shapes, which was a way of encouraging him to talk. We even made up little stories around the different biscuit objects, which was fun."

Gail Crawford says: "The Organic Carrot & Orange Flavoured Biscuits were fun for playing with the different animal shapes. However they didn’t make my life easier as my children didn’t like the flavour. So I had to take other snacks along too. The box can easily be split up into little containers so for children who do like the flavour, they are easy to transport around and use as snacks."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Amy Dissanayake says: "If I could get my children to eat them I would definitely buy them happily. I am not sure what has put the children off them - they are very cute shapes in an interesting box. The flavour is excellent - but couldn’t get them get that far. I would be more likely to buy these as well because they are good value."

Samantha McCourt says: "I would choose this product over others because the price is generally cheaper than branded alternatives. It comes in an eye catching box, which makes it attractive looking towards the children. It has cute shapes that my children enjoyed choosing, so much more interactive that having all the same shape as some alternatives. The natural flavourings made the biscuits sweet enough without having to add sugar."

Sahar Parvizi says: "Value for money of the product, and the quality of the organic ingredients, along with the taste and the crunch of the product which my baby seems to enjoy. Also loves cars, and loves seeing the little wheels on the biscuits and saying "car" before eating them. Seems to enjoy seeing the box too. Mess free quick nutritious snack."

What changes would you make to this product?

Becky Ackerman says: "One thing I would improve would be to include a resealable feature, because there are quite a few biscuits in the bag you don’t eat them all in one go. Therefore I needed a container or a bag to keep them fresh. When I put them in a container quite a few of them broke just being shook round in a nappy bag there for a bag or receivable sticker would’ve been better."

Emma Burgess says: "I think the sticky consistency once wet is intentional to make the biscuit easier for little mouths and those toddlers who may not have many teeth yet, but you have to be mindful of this and potential mess. However, one thing I would change would be to have the biscuits in 'fun size' bags with a few biscuits in each for easy transportation on the go rather than having one main bag, and to maintain freshness."

Latanya Chamberlain says: "The only thing I would change would be the packaging. The box is quite big. Great to store in the cupboard, but if you want to take it as snack while out with baby, then you have to take out a portion and put in a container. Not sure if there is anything to do about keeping the biscuits from getting broken during delivery. A lot of my biscuits arrived in pieces, which was a shame because the little animals design was very cute."

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