Aldi Mamia Organic Apples, Carrots & Parsnips Fruit Pouch review

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Mamia Organic Apples, Carrots & Parsnips Fruit Pouch

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These soft and smoothly blended Aldi Mamia Organic Apples, Carrots and Parsnips fruit pouches are perfect handy snacks when on the go or at home, for when your baby is starting their weaning journey and great for when your little one is introduced to feeding themselves.


  • Tasty
  • Organic
  • Affordable
  • Vegetarian
  • Easily stored due to screw cap


  • Big portions- could have different sizes for different ages.


Mamia Organic Apples, Carrots & Parsnips Fruit Pouch

The Aldi Mamia Organic Apples, Carrots & Parsnips Fruit Pouch won Gold in the Mother&Baby awards 2024 for Best Feeding Product for Weaning.

Aldi Mamia Organic Apples, Carrots & Parsnips Fruit Pouch key features

  • Vegetarian

  • Organic

  • Soft

Testing the Aldi Mamia Organic Apples, Carrots & Parsnips Fruit Pouch

Useful packaging, squeezy pouch and small funnel. Means that you can easily squeeze on to spool without any mess. Easy to store because of screw cap so no concern about spillages. Baby loved it Good value for money, although my little girl didn't need quite so much Easy to transport / compact down due to flexible packaging.

Pouches are so easy to transport when out and about. They easily mix with yoghurt etc too to flavour it for older babies. Its organic contents take the worries away compared to non organic. Gets fruit and veg into babies with no effort required as they love them! They’re nice and cost effective as well as convenient.

The Mamia Organic Apples, Carrots & Parsnips Fruit Pouch is great for food on the go for my baby. It’s practical and easy to carry around as a go to back up if needed or as a meal. With it being sweet and savoury ingredients it feels like it can be a meal for any time of day. My baby really enjoyed this meal.

The pouch looks very appealing with its colourful design and fun cartoon food characters. The ingredients were very clear on the back and this is helpful for a mum of a baby with allergies. The age suitability is also very clear on the front of the pouch. The pouch is easy to open and the top can be put back on for storage in the fridge for later.

These pouches are perfect for on the go/travel. My baby enjoyed the purée, I’ve since purchased the other flavours which she likes as much. They are easy to feed from, can squeeze directly on spoon or onto a bowl. It’s reassuring knowing my child is having organic fruits with no added sugar. These are great value for money compared to similar products on the market.

I was impressed with the value for money, it’s very affordable. The pouch was easy to squeeze and the fact that you can screw the lid back on is handy because my baby couldn’t finish it in one sitting so I was able to save the rest of it in the fridge for the next day. Also meant that it’s easy to seal back up and put back in my bag with no leaking.

Final thoughts

Aldi's Mamia Organic Apples, Carrots & Parsnips Fruit Pouches are a perfect snack or meal for your little one. They are sold individually in screw top pouches making them easy to just throw in your bag for on-the-go. It also means the lid can be screwed back on, if your little one becomes full and can be finished off later, reducing food waste. Although once it's been opened it then has to be stored in a fridge and consumed within 24 hours.

They are a good source of nutrition and are organic whilst also being vegetarian, which gives you reassurance that you know what your child is consuming. It also allows more children to enjoy the product as they accommodating.

Also the soft texture of these fruit pouches, allows your little one to feed themselves when the time is right, helping with the weaning journey.

Full product spec

  • Organic Apple Purée (68%), Organic Carrot Purée (22%), Organic Parsnip Purée (10%), Organic Concentrated Lemon Juice.

  • Per 120g serving Energy (8400kJ/2000kcal) 265kJ, 63kcal 3% Fat (70g) 0.6g <1% LOW Saturates (20g) <0.5g <1% LOW Sugars (90g) 11g 12% MEDIUM Salt (6g) 0.02g <1% LOW

  • One pouch is 120g

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