UPPAbaby Vista Travel System (inc Mesa i-Size Car Seat) review

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UPPAbaby Vista Travel System

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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At a glance:

Not only does this UPPAbaby Vista Travel System double buggy look beautiful it has a huge shopping basket to make life on the go with two in tow easier. It comes with Maxi-Cosi car seat adaptors which is handy. That said, a few of our mum testers found it harder to steer in double mode.

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma: The UPPAbaby Vista Travel System pram looks great and considering the size and it didn’t feel heavy to push about. The usability of putting it together was quick and easy and it felt very sturdy and durable. The big wheels meant that I could easily go up and down curbs without worry, so I felt like mine (and the babies) journey was smoother!

Mia: The UPPAbaby Vista travel system made my life easier as a mum as it has lots of design features that make it simple to use. The pushchair glides well over all terrains and the brake system is handy with its push feature. I loved the large basket at the bottom which had space to store my bag and shopping! The handlebar was easy to adjust.

Jenny: This product arrived in good packaging which was easy to set up. It's great to have an additional bag to store the pram or carrycot in when not being used to keep it clean. It's very easy to switch between the different items (carrycot/pram/car seat) all with excellent quality and easy to use. It includes lots of useful systems such as adjusting the straps on the pram. I really liked that it was possible to store the carrycot in a flat position so it took a Less room than my own product when in the roof.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Felsa: I would recommend this pram to friends as it is a light pram to use with a lot of space for your changing bag and shopping. It’s also easy to put up and fold away and it doesn’t take up too much space. It’s also a nice colour for either a boy or a girl! I also like the reclining option on the seat as you can move your baby to a lying down position or sitting up.

Curstain: This is a lovely UPPAbaby Vista Travel System buggy to use. It is lightweight stable and maneuverable all at the same time. The best bit is the storage area underneath. I was able to have nappy bags, boxes for the post office, and shopping from the grocers in it all at the same time. It was both comfortable for my toddler and my 6-month-old baby. The straps were really easy to adjust between the two sizes of the child.

Sarah: This product nails it on both usability and design. Often, I feel that you have to compromise one or the other with products. For something that's used multiple times a day, you really want to love both elements. With this travel system, I didn't feel I had to compromise functionality or style - it looks great and scores extremely high for me on usability. Many of the positive points about this pram are things you would not consider or even think about considering before you've used one - its beauty is in lots of little features that just generally make life easier. The design is also suitable for girl/boy so this product would have longevity if you were thinking about another child in the future.

Would you choose this product to win?

Rebecca: This was a great travel system to use with lots of great features. The large basket and adjustable handle go very high for tall parents, and the brake was really nice. I think this is great if you walk a lot and use the pram for shopping and long journeys for your little one to nap in. However, for me, it doesn't fold down small enough for our car and there is no one-handed fold so I wouldn't choose it over a more portable model.

Alexandra: I really do think that this product should win! It is a fantastic travel system in which you can easily transport a baby safely and efficiently. All sections easily interchange without the need for additional adapters. I found the Vista to be very smooth and easy to push, even over bumpy or muddy ground. I especially liked the design of the car seat with bumpers around the head to hold my little one safely in position. He seems to find it reassuring having the head bumpers. There is also a fantastically large hood on the car seat which kept my little one fast asleep when we went out for lunch, where he normally would have woken up! I like that there is the possibility to convert it into a two little person pram if needed in the future without having to buy a second pram.

Mia: I would choose the UPPAbaby Vista travel system above all others on the market as I felt it was really worth the cost from a usability and quality point of view. There wasn’t just one thing that stood out for me due to the number of practical features, for example, the carrycot folds down to store compactly.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alice: I would make it a bit narrower. I nearly bought this pram and didn’t as we live in a town with lots of old buildings and I had been warned off it as it doesn’t always fit through narrower doors. Also, my baby is just under 4-months-old and he was almost at the end of the bassinette but felt much too small for the toddler seat. If the bassinette was longer or the straps in the toddler seat came lower that would help. I’m not sure why there are two rubber bumps on the handles but they restricted where you could hold the handle a bit. I'd also make it a bit more affordable.

Lauren: The VISTA is a great system, with my knowledge now I definitely would have wanted to purchase this before having my first. It is not quite as shiny and pretty as some of its rivals so I think if this was improved it would definitely be the best product on the market (or would have been when I was looking to invest a few years ago).

Emma: The brakes on the pram were on occasion a little sticky, so I would have to put my foot down a good couple of times to actually get them to go on. When I then realised this was an issue, it made me a little paranoid, so I then felt I had to constantly check if I was out and about. Also, the hood on the main pram attachment could do with being bigger for more cover-up on the baby. A zip extender like on other prams would be very handy, as when the baby was fully horizontal, they didn’t get much coverage from the sun. We have a very small boot on our car and the chassis didn’t break down very small, so it took up the whole of our car.

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