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What if I told you you could get your hands on a great quality Graco pushchair, carrycot, car seat and rotating seat base all for just £500? You'd probably think it was too good to be true, but it isn't.

Graco, one of the most trusted names when it comes to baby products, has just launched the incredible value Near2Me DLX travel system bundle. It includes the much-loved, height-adjustable Near2Me DLX pushchair which has a stylish new frame design, giving little ones even more seat room, while keeping them close when out and about. You'll also get the SnugLite i-Size R129 infant car seat and the SnugTurn i-Size R129 rotating car seat base, which make it simple and easy to get a child in and out of the vehicle, plus the stylish Near2Me DLX carrycot, all for the incredible price of £500!

But don't just take our word for it, we put the Graco Near2Me DLX travel system bundle to the test, read on to find out what our real parent testers thought.

How easy did you find it to attach the different elements of the Near2Me DLX travel system?

Elinor: "The travel system was easy to put together. Removing and changing elements are super easy with a simple click of a button. The different elements are lightweight making it easy to lift and swap over. I found the adaptors for the car seat and bassinet slotted in without any difficulty."

Maria: "I found it extremely easy to attach all three elements of the travel system to the chassis, this is extremely important especially when out and about when you want to transfer the car seat onto the chassis without disturbing baby's sleep."

Emma: "This was very easy and didn't take long at all which is great when you are in a rush or your baby is upset."

Did you find the Slide2Me technology useful, for example when sitting in a café, or when allowing your child a closer viewpoint when out and about?

Elinor: "I found this incredibly useful. I am rather short and my husband is tall so having this technology not only meant we could adjust the handlebar but could move baby higher or lower so we could see him.
Our changing bag is also on the larger side and it meant we could slide the carrycot up to pop the bag in the basket much easier than other prams we have used."

Sarah: "Yes, I love the Slide2Me feature so my child can be closer to me and always comfortable if we are at a café or I need to feed them. I love the fact I can see them easily too and they can face me. I can easily move them closer to me for that extra connection without having to lean in so much that my back hurts. This is a really innovative feature that has been carefully thought about."

Megan: "The Slide2Me technology is very innovative and one I have not seen before. This enabled my toddler to see through a gap in the fence at the zoo which she might not otherwise have been able to do in another pushchair."

Did you find the turning car seat attached to the SnugTurn i-Size R129 base a useful addition to the car seat? And why?

Megan: "It is extremely helpful to have a base which rotates for ease of getting in and out of the car. It helps with a new baby so you don't have to twist yourself into an awkward position in those first few weeks of giving birth. I've also found I don't have to open the car door as wide so it is easier when the parking space is a bit tight for getting the baby in and out of the car."

Elinor: "It made putting baby in the car so much easier. It was very smooth to turn and made lifting the car seat out simpler than trying to reach over the handlebar and lift. A simple turn and lift saved my poor back!"

Maria: "I didn't own an isofix base with my first child as I thought I didn’t need one and this is absolutely a game changer. The car seat feels so much more secure and safe being on the base and the turning feature makes it so easy to place baby in and out of the car."

Did you find the whole system (Near2Me DLX frame, seat unit, carrycot, SnugLite i-Size R129 car seat, SnugTurn i-Size R129 base) good value for money at £500? And why?

Maria: "I’ve had a much more expensive travel system in the past and I'm not sure if I could ever justify spending that again much after trying this lovely Graco one. It has everything you need and more. It feels a lot more expensive than it is and the design is lovely. Me and my baby love it. I would definitely recommend it!"

Megan: "I think the whole system is very good value for money. When I was shopping for my first child I found most travel systems to be around £1,000- double the price of this one. With the various attachments the system will be used for many years, from birth to toddler so is a great investment. There are also great features such as the Slide2Me technology, large basket, stylish design, spinning car seat base and good size canopy which I would not expect to see on a budget travel system. You really do feel like it should cost more."

Emma: "Excellent value for money, all the units felt strong and not cheap. Fantastic price for all this."

What features of the travel bundle system did you like most and why?

Megan: "I particularly liked the size of the basket and hood, along with the lie back option in the stroller seat which was easy to use. The system was easy to manoeuvre and very lightweight which was essential to me when looking at travel systems."

Emma: "The SnugTurn base as it's so much easier to get baby in and out of the car. I also loved how it had a lock when the pushchair was folded down, sometimes they spring back open so this was a handy feature to have. I also appreciated the massive basket at the bottom to be able to fill with shopping."

Sarah: "I liked the easy self-standing fold that allows parents to keep the forward-facing seat on when folded for out of the way storage. I also like the multi-position recline to lie-flat, adjustable calf support and 5-point harness for maximum comfort. I know my little one is safe, secure and comfy and it gives me piece of mind."

Would you recommend the travel bundle system to another parent and why?

Elinor: "Yes. It's great value for money. It’s lightweight and the bassinet folds flat making it great to store when not using or transporting it. The turning car seat makes for easier and quicker transitions in and out of the car and saves my back. The hood on the car seat and toddler seat extends very far keeping my child covered on sunny days."

Maria: "Yes, I would 100% recommend. I can imagine most people loving the travel system, the colour and design is very neutral and goes with everything. It’s amazing for the price point. I have never owned anything from Graco but now knowing the quality of their products and the thought that goes into manufacturing them I will definitely have a look!"

Sarah: "Yes absolutely, I cannot rate this travel bundle highly enough. It's premium but a great price and comes with everything you need, so no extra costs. All my mum friends have complimented me on it and I feel like a real 'yummy mummy' when out pushing it. I know my little one is comfortable and I can access them easy and adjust them quickly too. A really well thought out and designed travel system. I wouldn't be without it now!"

The Graco Near2Me DLX special bundle is available to buy now at the incredible price of £500 in the contemporary Ash colourway.

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