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The Micralite GetGo at a glance

Suitable from birth to 22kg, the GetGo is the latest pushchair from Silver Cross sister-brand, Micralite. The GetGo weights 10kg and comes with multi-terrain, puncture-proof tyres and four-wheel suspension. It includes an integrated sunshade and spacious Buggy basket.

How did this product make your life easier?

In a nutshell, it’s stylish, easy to manoeuvre, my toddler likes to nap in it and the under seat 'Buggy basket’ is super spacious.

Ways that the GetGo made my life easier though? Well, I’m used to using aSnoozeShade on previous strollers, carefully folding/unfolding and ensuring the Velcro straps don’t wake my son up while we’re on the move. As much as I genuinely love the SnoozeShade, it’s not aesthetically very appealing and can cause me anxiety when not wanting to wake up my toddler. However, the GetGo has an integrated, pull-out sunshade, with ventilated sides. Easy to pull out when the sun is around and if you want to mask your little one while they’re snoozing. It then folds away, under a nifty magnetic fastening, in a panel just at the top of the hood, keeping it clean and out of sight when not in use.

The GetGo’s extendable hood, made from UPF50 fabrics, is fab and actually does most of the job the sunshade would do. It unzips to extend across the front seat. Just at the back of the seat there’s an extra, zipped, storage pocket. Although I didn’t need to use it, it seems like an accessible spot for essentials, like dummies perhaps?

Let’s talk brakes – when in place they kept the travel system put. I love that the brake sits on one side and I don’t have to fumble under a buggy basket to get to it (like with previous pushchairs I’ve used). The only downside was that if you got too close you could accidentally flick the brake on with your foot whilst walking! Not ideal, but easily avoidable by extending the handle a bit further, creating more distance from it.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

From the moment the GetGo arrived, it impressed. The vegan leather telescopic handle felt sturdy and the anti-bacterial bamboo fabrics were super soft - visually it blew me away. I honestly couldn’t believe it’s only priced at £495. Aside from the impressive look and feel, the Buggy basket was my next focal point. This is one spacious pushchair! I can fit a backpack and a medium-sized cooler bag underneath, plus there's extra room for my son’s dino-toys. Other pushchairs don't seem to have enough storage and they're generally placed at a slant, so I’ve always feared things falling out. However, the GetGo’s is fitted in a straight position, meaning even when I had to chuck in a loose hat or whatnot, I knew it wasn’t going anywhere.

Now I don’t know about you, but my toddler is one messy chap. So, the reversible, machine-washable liner was a godsend. Any snack-related mess which occurred was easily hidden by reversing the liner or popping it in the washing machine. No one would ever know.

Things that weren’t useful for my two-year-old was the footrest. My son was just too tall for this pushchair, despite its adjustable calf support function. The bumper bar (also made from vegan leather) which looks gorg, was a bit restricting. So, I gave that a miss too. Although, for those with younger children, the bumper slots in and out easily. I know I’ve had to fight with a few of those on previous pushchairs/buggies/strollers in the past.

The five-point safety harness was a doddle to use, it matched the colour scheme of the rest of the GetGo and other than the short footrest, my toddler seemed comfortable. He even took advantage of the seat’s lie-flat position for an afternoon nap on our stroll one day.

The suspension helped on country lanes, through our plentiful field walks and on the city pavements. The GetGo isn’t fazed by kinks and bumps in the road, meaning less disturbance for the little ones.

And if you’re interested, a cup holder is included! We appreciate the little things in life, plus coffee is important.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

This mid-range travel system looks just as plush as some of its high-end counterparts (in fact, it feels better-made than most).

I love that this folds in one piece, surprisingly quite flat and can live in the boot of my car. Some travel systems on par with the GetGo, require removing the seat before folding, who’s got time for that?

Micralite claim it folds in 'just a second', and I can confirm, it really does! It free-stands when folded and you can move it around a tad easier with the two-tone black and copper carry strap.

So while I wouldn’t choose this for my toddler, it will definitely be my go-to pushchair with my second child (who's on the way).

What changes would you make to this product?

I would love to see more of an extendable leg rest so slightly older children, who still fit within the 22kg weight limit, can be seated comfortably.

The rain cover is a little short of disappointing. Ideally, this would be a larger design to fit over the front seat. I simply couldn’t use this with my toddler. Not useful for UK-living. Again, I imagine with a smaller child this rain cover works a peach.

Product Information

  • Suitable from birth – 22kg

  • Reversible seat

  • Integrated sunshade

  • Bumper bar

  • Multi-position handle

  • Adjustable calf-support

  • Dimensions: L72cm x W59cm x H89-105cm

  • Folded dimensions: L76CM x W59cm x 38cm

  • Weight: 10.8kg

  • Buggy basket capacity: 5kg

  • Cup holder and shoulder strap included

  • Carrycot option available

  • Winter packs (in tree colours)

  • Silver Cross Simplicity car seat option available

  • Silver Cross Dream i-Size car seat option available

  • Universal car seat adaptors available

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