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Cosatto Wow

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At a glance:

This feature-packed award-winner is a walk in the park. The from-birth carrycot, (suitable for occasional overnight sleeping), converts to a pram. Then swap it to reversible pushchair unit when they're ready to sit up - facing you first, then the world. Compatible with Car Seats too to make a travel system.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Ritienne: I would recommend it because it's easy to fold and put in the car. It is not too heavy like some other products. The design is nice and colourful and works well from a functionality point of view. It feels strong and durable and it is also very easy to clean. It's easy to switch from the carrycot to the other pieces.

Kirsty: I would recommend this travel set to anyone on a budget. It is such good value for money. The prams carrycot for younger children was very strong and robust. I felt that my youngest was very safe and comfortable in it. He is four-months-old and slept very well in it. The build of the pram is very strong. It has a good sturdy frame.

Sarah: I would recommend it to my taller friends as the handle was not only adjustable, it also felt higher than most handles when not extended. The hood coming down so far was a huge plus and would be another reason I would recommend it to a friend. It shaded my daughter completely and would also be great in the rain. My daughter seemed very comfortable in the buggy and slept well when she dozed off.

How did this product make your life easier?

Amanda: The product was a joy to use with my ten-month-old son. It was easy to use, lightweight and folds down with ease to pack it away or fit it into the car. When walking with the buggy, the frame feels solid and doesn't jerk with the bumpy footpaths allowing my baby to continue to sleep. The main concern for me using this buggy was that I found the harness in the toddler seat hard to link together.

Paulina: The travel system comes with a great number of features - the pushchair, carrycot, seat unit, changing bag, adapter, car seat, Isofix base and the foot muff for cold days. All in nice bright colors and a super cute pattern. This is great as it brings colour to your day. The seat unit can be inclined into a couple of different positions which make it possible for the baby to sight upright, look around, lean back or even have a nap. The pushchair folds together in one piece which makes transportation fairly easy.

Katja: The pushchair is easy to fold, easy to steer with one hand (which is very important for a busy mum) and the break is easy to fix and release. The wheels are the best of the pushchairs I have tested. It has a lot of extras. The basket is big and fits a lot in. It can be rear or forward-facing. You can use this pushchair from baby to toddler. The pushchair is lightweight but still sturdy.

Would you choose this product to win?

Nicole: I would not choose this above other product. I did not feel it was luxurious enough. The pattern was far too bright and garish. I didn't think the car seat was as safe as others I have tested or used. The frame was sturdy but tricky to use. I think if it came in a neutral pattern or colour it would be more appealing.

Penny: I do think this travel system should be considered to be a winner. However, the price of it is very high. The frame is painted so does scratch very easily. The rim on the hood is scratched just from moving it in and out of the car. Other than that, I love everything about it. Any mum who wants an eye-catching trendy travel system would benefit from this if it was affordable to them.

Penny: I would choose this over others on the market if the price was a bit more reasonable. One thing that stands out to me is the attention to detail on the design which is fantastic. Anyone spending that kind of money on a travel system they would expect. However, it is great how the material is used on the rain cover and the pram bar for the seat which pulls everything together. The finish is beautiful and really does stand out against other travel systems on the market.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lucy: The only thing that I would change would be the frame and how much it marks when moving it. They could coat the frame with a thicker coating so that it doesn't scratch easily. Other than that, I think that this is a brilliant travel system and should be in with a chance to win the best travel system!

Véronique: I couldn't think of anything on this whole set that I wasn't happy with or that I felt that was vitally missing something. Even the colour matching changing bag included a changing mat. On the inside of the large hood/canopy, there are little loops to attach a mobile for your baby to look at or play with.

Penny: I would change the chassis to something that does not scratch as easily. You expect knocks and bumps with any pram but because the paint is black and the chassis is silver underneath it is really noticeable. Other than that, the whole system is beautiful and very well designed for mums who want something eye-catching and super comfortable for their children.

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