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Cbx Leotie Lux

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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The Cbx Leotie Lux is a modern stroller and carrycot loaded with all the features you will ever need on your days out. Highlights include the reversible luxury seat unit with its own matching carrycot unit and superior suspension on its wheels.

How did this product make your life easier?

Kirsty: The Cbx Leotie Lux product is a well designed and attractive travel system but the main way it makes your life easier as a mum is in the pocket. It is an exceptional travel system for the money and I wish I had bought it before my son was born. It really was an excellent system that made my life easier in every way.

Stephanie: The frame is lightweight which makes lifting the product in and out of the boot easier, something that we mums have to do several times a day! It folds down neatly as well which was a bonus as it didn’t take up too lots of space in my boot. The shopping basket underneath is large which means I was able to do a small shop at the supermarket and walk home so I didn’t have to worry about taking the car.

Lucy: This pram was very comfy for my son, he fell asleep immediately and seemed very happy in it when awake. The system was easy to use and did not need adapters for the car seat (one less thing to remember). The carrycot folds down nicely making storage easy, a good perk when you have so much baby stuff!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Stephanie: I would recommend the Cbx Leotie Lux if a friend/fellow mum was on a budget and wanted a decent looking pram for an affordable price, and they wanted a pram primarily for city strolling. A lot of prams in this price bracket can look quite cheap and I don’t think this one does. As it is black it means that it can be used for both baby girls and boys, ideal if you haven’t found out what you’re having. In terms of a feature I particularly liked, it was the peep window. My current pram doesn’t have this so this was good to check on my baby when he was facing outwards.

Alexandra: I think the Cbx Leotie Lux is a great travel system for someone on a budget. It was relatively easy to use with the different pieces being interchangeable. It was nice to have the different options of forward or rear-facing and it was easy to adjust the height of the seat. I quite liked the suspension on the back wheel is making it easy to “bounce“ my baby back to sleep when he woke up briefly.

Natassia: I would choose the Cbx Leotie Lux pushchair if I was looking for a travel system from birth. It really is quite light for a large-ish size pushchair, it comes complete with all the things you need. For the price too it’s excellent, to include the car seat, frame, seat, and carrier. The material is lovely and a nice colour. It’s easy to wipe down and the seat has multiple reclining positions so it looked really very comfortable.

Would you choose this product to win?

Mark: It’s not just for the mums out there, as a 6ft 2, 15 stone man I felt comfortable pushing this system and wasn’t proud to be out and about with my little one. I felt it was sturdy and well designed with easy transfer from the different elements of the travel system. The height of both the handle and the unit itself meant I wasn’t hunched over. It still folds well and it’s easy to get all the necessary equipment underneath.

Julie: I would choose this product if I was looking for a travel system that was affordable but also stylish, as I feel the price tag warrants what you get, so I feel it is good value for money with it having the cot, pushchair, and car seat system. I feel if it was on weight alone I would choose the Leotie Lux! I feel like the manoeuvrability could be improved when comparing against others, as when pushing it could be smoother along pavements and when turning.

Lucy: I would not choose this travel system above others on the market. Although it is a good price and there are plenty of good features, it does not steer very well. The front wheels lock up and it does not take corners well. I would rather pay more money for a system that has better steering since that is the main purpose of the system! The straps on the car seat are also fiddly compared to other car seats on the market.

What changes would you make to this product?

Faith: The one thing I would improve on this travel system is the pushchair. The design features and fit of the pushchair didn’t seem that great. It actually looks very smart and high quality but it is more the functionality that I had issues with. The hood which you pull over the pushchair does not extend far enough to provide enough shade or protection from the sun. It needs to be able to be extended further via a zip or to have a reflective sunshade that you can pull out further when you want to. The footrest is a bit like a bucket seat and is therefore very fixed. You are unable to able to extend it when the baby is in a sitting position.

Alexandra: The hood! The hood of the pram/carrycot is quite small and is not extendable. This meant that the sun was in my son’s eyes quite a lot which he found annoying. I felt that in the chair my son looked quite exposed, there is very little padding around the sides and I almost felt like he could throw himself out! The straps were quite difficult to adjust for some size. However once size they stayed in position.

Kirsty: The only thing I would change would be that I could keep it! The Leotie Lux was the travel system I was expecting the least from as I hadn’t heard of the name and the price point was low compared to competitors, but it was the travel system that delivered the most. I would have loved to have kept the pushchair in particular as it looked good, rode great and was comfy for my son. An excellent pushchair and a winner for me!

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