Yummigo2 Feed & Go Booster Seat review

from Benbat
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by Catriona Watson |
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At a glance:

This 3-in-1 lightweight portable booster seat acts as a high chair and doubles up as a storage space for your child's daily essentials. It then folds down into a trendy travel bag complete with adjustable luggage shoulder strap. You'll love the simple set-up, cleanup and portability and your child will love sitting at the table like one of the grown-ups! If you would rather use it at home - this booster seat is a great space saver.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Victoria: Yes I would recommend the Yummigo2 to family and friends. The improvements made from the first version (removal of fabric to seat and the sidebars) are a great and welcomed addition. It is easier to clean and stops my daughter trying to launch herself sideways off the seat if the is having a tantrum. I found the fabric seat on the original version difficult to keep clean.

Natasha: Yes I would. The design is very simple, nice and modern. It is something that could be used for a girl or a boy. It's easy to use and easy to wipe down if your child creates a mess (which is something that every mum needs and wants). A few of my friends have actually looked into buying one of these after they saw the one I was using.

Louise: It is easy to just throw everything in and put it over my shoulder or on pram for a lunch or dinner. If you didn't need to take food with you, then you wouldn't need a second change bag as all you need would fit inside with a bit of spare room. It's hard exterior means things would be safer than in a material bag.

How did this product make your life easier?

Katie: You don't have to worry about ringing and asking if a restaurant has a high chair. It is an easy place to store your babies toys. It is easy to use and there is less time needed to get everyone sorted when you go out to eat. It is comfortable, easy to clean, lightweight and easy to carry around.

Annmarie: I love this product! It is easy and straightforward to use. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. It has lots of great features. The non-slip rubber 'feet' are genius meaning it doesn't slip even when the baby is wriggling about. I used it in a variety of places and the straps were always long enough for a variety of chairs. I LOVE that the box is so big. It easily holds everything you need. The two-handed clasp means toddlers can't open it. The elastic loops make it easy to open the back of the chair.

Angela: This is a very portable travel booster seat. It has the added bonus of having foldable plastic sides which make baby feel much more secure. The storage compartment is perfect to use now my baby is bigger. I can just take this seat with nappies/wipes and a spare outfit inside. It saves me taking a separate changing bag. It is a great height to boost baby up from a normal dining chair but is very lightweight. It folds easily and is very compact.

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: Having shopped around for similar products, I would definitely choose this. The product is so lightweight and compact that I can leave it in the back of the car and then just slip it into the bottom of the pram in case we need it while out and about. We’ve previously used similar products and this one is by far easier to transport. The booster doesn’t offer much support to wriggly little ones so I did feel a bit on edge using it. Perhaps the straps could have been sturdier, with padding and shoulder harness strap.

Dominique: This is an excellent travel item. I’d definitely recommend it to friends and would like to see it win. This multi-purpose storage case has that little bit extra as you’re able to use it as a high chair. When travelling with children, especially abroad, you can’t always guarantee that they’ll be suitable high chairs. This is so easy to use and really practical. It is small enough to carry around and it is a lot lighter than I expected.

Jillian: I think I would buy a soft chair harness overall. The storage function was not really functional for us for two main reasons. Firstly, you have to remove anything from the storage you might need before the baby is sat on it. Secondly, it was not quite enough space for all the baby items for a whole day out. Perhaps it was intended for a quick trip out. Overall I don’t think I’d use it as my main childcare bag as it was just a bit too functional looking!

What changes would you make to this product?

Victoria:  I think several improvements have been made from the previous version. The fabric seat has been removed which saves hours of scrubbing pasta sauce out! The only thing I would suggest is longer straps for fitting to large dining chairs like I have at home. I love the product.

Louise: It doesn't have the ability to be insulated to keep food fresh for a full day out. If that could be addressed it would be a good product. Even if it was a removable lining or something so you could choose to have it to keep food fresh and remove if not needed.

Katie: I would improve the straps. Although they are good quality, they are still quite flimsy. I have a big baby, and he doesn't feel as secure as I would like him to. However, we had no problems with safety. Overall the design is absolutely fine and we were very pleased with the product.

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