HYGIENE AQUAINT® sanitising water from Vital Baby review

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HYGIENE AQUAINT® sanitising water from Vital Baby

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Vital Baby AQUAINT sanitising water is a revolutionary 100% natural cleansing spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds. Made from a unique mix of water and Hypochlorous Acid, a completely natural acid which is produced in the human body to fight bacteria and germs, and safe to use on baby's skin. Tasteless and odourless, it can immediately neutralise bacteria on any item including teethers, spoons, soothers and teats. Having passed stringent UK drinking water tests to prove it's safe to swallow, it's also endorsed by Allergy UK as suitable for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin. Our mum testers loved this product, which is why it won bronze in our 2023 Mother and Baby Awards in the Best Travel Product Under £30 category.

HYGIENE AQUAINT® sanitising water from Vital Baby
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Overview of the HYGIENE AQUAINT® sanitising water from Vital Baby


Easy to use

Safe for baby

Great for travelling


Lid can easily fall off

Testing the HYGIENE AQUAINT® sanitising water from Vital Baby

HYGIENE AQUAINT® sanitising water from Vital Baby awards

"Too good to be true" said one of our mum testers about the HYGIENE AQUAINT® sanitising water from Vital Baby. Our testers loved how easy this product was to use, especially when it came to using on the go.

"A sanitising product which is safe to use in baby? I am always aware of hygiene with my little ones, especially since COVID but don't want to use any products which may contain alcohol. This product has an ingredient that is safe for babies so that you can use it to sanitise baby products and does not require rinsing! Such a great product for travelling!"

Thanks to the small bottle size and how easy it is to use, our testers thought this was great for holidays and days out, particularly for those moments when baby drops their dummy or teether.

"The product is amazing for on the go, we took it with us on holiday and it has been a lift saver. The bottle is small so it’s so easy for storage, it’s easy to use and my baby has had no problems with it. My daughter is always throwing her dummy’s and bottles out of the pram so it’s just so convenient to grab it out of the bag and spray it onto the dummy."

Although our mums loved the size of the product, many thought the packaging overall could be improved with a better fitting lid and also clearer, more child friendly packaging.

"I liked the size of the bottle but maybe, did not love the design. Given that it is such an innovative product, it could have more eye catching and maybe children friendly packaging?"

Another tester said, "I think it would be useful to have a bit more information about how it works and what sort of germs the spray is effective against, and how much of the spray to use each time. Also with regards to the packaging, the bottle cap seems to fall off relatively easily and is easy to misplace. I would prefer a more secure bottle cap."

Final thoughts

This was a real favourite amongst our mum testers, and it was perfect for sanitising on the go, while giving parents peace of mind that this was safe for baby.

Although testers felt some aspects of the packaging could have been improved, the product was faultless, and they loved the small size of the bottle to easily pop into their changing bag or handbag.

Full product specs

100% natural ingredients

Kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds

Endorsed by Allergy UK

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