Venture UK Airpod Baby & Toddler Travel Cot review

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Venture UK Airpod Baby & Toddler Travel Cot

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The Airpod by Venture is a great baby and toddler travel cot for those who enjoy overnight getaways or just having greater flexability at home. Designed to provide little ones with a place to rest and play no matter where you are, the Airpod is assembled in 3 easy steps with no tools required meaning it's ready to go in less than a minute. Almost featherweight for a travel cot the Airpod weighs just 6kg! And can be folded into a bag no larger than a big shopping bag, talk about compact! It's no surprise this won silver in our 2023 Mother and Baby Awards in the Best Travel Product Over £30 category.

Overview of the Venture UK Airpod Baby & Toddler Travel Cot




Comfortable for baby


No raised bassinet

Testing the Venture UK Airpod Baby & Toddler Travel Cot

Venture UK Airpod Baby & Toddler Travel Cot awards

From how easy it was to assemble and how easy it fit in the back of the car, our mums found this travel cot very easy and simple to use.

One tester said, "Really liked how small it folded and how light it was. Super portable and barely took space in car boot. This meant we were able to pack all our other luggage without worrying about space. Also not too heavy so easy to lug around up stairs when we stayed in hotels without lifts.

One thing all our testers agreed on, is that a bassinet option would have been great, especially for parents of younger babies.

Another tester commented, "Our baby is five months and therefore would have benefited from bassinet option. It simply wasn't useful overnight with his wake-ups having to bend. I could barely reach him and resorted to giving up using it and ended up having to co sleep in our bed. This defeats the point of a travel cot."

Another thing our parent testers were very impressed with was the quality of this travel cot. Despite how lightweight it is, this cot felt sturdy and secure.

"There were easy instructions to check and follow and I was able to set up quickly and easily without any trouble. I was impressed with the materials used and quality feel of the cot once it was up. Felt steady and secure when lifting child in and out of the bed. Child was able to nap well, good ventilation through the sides."

Final thoughts

For parents of young babies aged 6 months and under, this travel cot probably isn't what you're looking for as without a bassinet, you'll find your self having to bend over a lot to see to baby which isn't ideal.

For little ones who don't need a bassinet however, this travel cot is excellent. Our testers loved how lightweight, easy to assemble and compact it was, especially when trying to fit it into the car.

They also loved how sturdy and secure it felt to, and they found that their little ones were able to easily get comfortable in their cot.

Full product specs

Dimensions: 60L x 50W x 15H cm

Suitable from birth to 36 months

Weight: 6kg

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