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Splash About Happy Nappy Sunsuit

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Splash About's Happy Nappy Sunsuit is a baby travel essential; it's a unique combination of lightweight soft, stretchy Nylon Lycra body and reliable, reusable swim nappy. Offering UV 50+ sun protection, 3/4 sleeves and a high neck, young skin is protected from the sun's harmful rays. The close-knit fabric protects against wind and sand and in water, the form-fitting neoprene Happy Nappy swim nappy provides maximum protection against faecal leaks. Perfect for travel abroad, a staycation or day out; no need for bulky disposable swim nappies, space-saving in a suitcase/change bag. Back zip for easy dressing and quick drying too!


  • Easy to put on and pull off
  • Protects from the sun
  • Dries quickly


  • Small sizing

Splash About Happy Nappy Sunsuit Awards

Our testers loved this baby swimsuitthat much, it won gold in the 2023 Mother and Baby Awards in the Best Travel Product Under £30 category and it also won Gold in the 2024 Mother&Baby Awards for the same category.

Testing the Splash About Happy Nappy Sunsuit

There are a few things us parents worry about when heading off on our holidays. Firstly that our little ones will be protected from the sun and also that there won't be any embarrassing accidents or leaks in the pool!

One mum commented, "I have used happy nappy swim nappies before so was looking forward to trying this product which has an integrated swim nappy as little one often gets cold in the pool. There were a number of lovely bright prints available so picking just one was difficult. The nappy part is of the same design as the stand alone nappy so I felt confident in it's reliability and the wetsuit top helped my little one to stay warm."

While some mums found the fit to be perfect for their tot, others felt the sizing wasn't very accurate, with some mums feeling the fit was a little too snug, particularly around the legs.

One mum said, "The swimsuit was easy to put on and fitted well everywhere however the leg cuffs were a little tight on her and left red marks after, she seemed comfortable in it at the time though the bright colours did catch her attention."

Anyone who has ever been to the pool or beach with their little one knows that you want the experience to be as hassle free as possible, that's why our testers loved how easy this was to get off and on.

Another mum tester said: "I thought this product was such a good invention for little ones. The long sleeve design was perfect for days at the beach as I was reassured that he was protected from the sun. The zip at the back was perfect and ideal for quick and easy putting on and off. I used this product on a few occasions and it did not disappoint. I usually struggle with two kids at once but this takes less time to prepare. There is nothing that needs amending or improving in this product."

Mums also loved how well this suit kept their tots warm especially on breezy days.

"Really impressed with this product, really fantastic quality and great for our holiday abroad for our nine month old baby. It provided warmth for the cool pool but still insulated, alongside shade with the long arms. Great to quickly pull on and off and no need to also have another nappy on underneath."

There was very little our mum testers would change about this product other than some more designs to choose from and a better fit. Some mums also would have loved the addition of a sun hat to protect them even more from the sun.

"I don't think I would make any major changes to this product, it works really well for young children and gives peace of mind of not having any nappy leaks! Useful for swimming or other water activities and offers the added sun protection. It would be great if there were a few colour/design options that were a little more muted or gender neutral, or simpler designs. I have the pale blue whale design which is a good choice for boys or girls, but some of the designs appear to be designed more for boys or for girls. The waistband is not as fitted as the thick bands at the top of the legs, but we haven't experienced any leaks at all while using it."

Another mum tester said, "Generally. I thought the product overall was fantastic. But as mentioned I did think a matching sun hat would have really made this product that much more fantastic. Especially as we mainly used this product abroad (even though I took multiple swim outfits for my baby this was my preferred item of clothing)."

Final thoughts

Mums loved this as their go-to swim suit for their tot whether they were heading off on holiday or out to the pool. They loved out it protected baby's delicate skin from the sun, how easy it was to take off and on and also how they could rely on it to protect from leaks.

Although some mums found the sizing to be a bit off for their tot, there was very little overall that they'd change about this swimsuit.

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