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SnoozeShade Original

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The award-winning mum-invented SnoozeShade fits all singular prams, carrycots, pushchairs and travel systems with hoods. The SnoozeShade can protect your baby from the sun, acts as a sleep aid for when your little one wants a snooze, and safe enough for newborns.

How did this product make your life easier?

April: This product has been lovely during warm sunnier days. The cover allows my baby to sleep without the sun casting over his eyes. They can stay cool under the shade which gives me peace of mind that my baby is safe. This shade allows my boy to go to sleep quicker during sunnier days as he is cooler, darker and less distracted by the world around him.

Bazga: I was looking forward to using this item over the recent sunny Easter weekend, however, although the product is lovely, sturdy and well made, it was not very compatible with my buggy (city mini gt baby jogger). Because there’s not much frame on show and the child's seat is very large. It was tricky to attach the snooze shade as the frame is relatively inaccessible in this buggy. I can see however it would be very useful, for example with a stroller with easy to access frame and a small built-in sun hood.

Pamela: My daughter loves being out in her pram and loves to see everything around her. This is brilliant but it makes it difficult sometimes to get her to go to sleep. The SnoozeShade makes it much easier to shut out the world for a little while and makes sure she gets a good amount of sleep and rest while getting some fresh air.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Nichola: I would highly recommend this product to other families. I love the privacy and the shelter from certain weathers that it provides in particular. It is so easy to use, has lovely soft fabric, looks stylish and fits comfortably. It folds away small and also comes with a small pouch too which is handy and more transportable. This product can be washed on a normal wash too, not that I have really needed to.

Poppy: I would recommend this product to a fellow mum as it allows the baby to nap in the pram or pushchair on the go! It is very easy to use, and folds up really small so can easily be stored with a rain cover under the buggy. The fact that it allows great visibility while allowing good airflow means I have no concerns about overheating, this makes it so much safer and draping a muslin over the pram!

Maryam: The thing I absolutely love about this product is that it is so versatile and it fits on any pram. It is also very lightweight and easily fits inside the pram basket. It's also suitable for all seasons as it protects and shields the baby not only against the sunshine, but also the wind and rain... and possibly snow but not tried this yet!

Would you choose this product to win?

Sarah: Yes, I would definitely choose this product over others mainly due to its affordability - it's much cheaper than the larger brands and products. The fact that it blocks UV but can protect your baby not only from sun but from the wind, insects, etc, is fantastic. The fact it also is far safer than using a blanket or similar usability and can fit even the most awkward prams and buggies means that anyone could use it.

Imogen: I have not seen or tried other products that do the same as this and so I can't really comment on whether it's the best out there, but I think it's cleverly designed, simple to use, has good quality material and pleasingly effective so far. I think the retail price is fair for the product you get. I tend to be of the view that the fewer bells and whistles involved the less there is to break or go wrong so this definitely appeals in its simplicity.

Iffat: YES! It does the job it's advertised to do. It's reasonably priced, easy to attach, folds up small and comes in its own bag which will fit into your changing bag or can hang it from your buggy. It fits onto both my buggy and stroller. It means that I just need to buy one product rather than 20 different ones!

What changes would you make to this product?

Nichola: It can get a little hot inside the pram if covered by the snoozeshade so perhaps the fabric could be thinner or more lightweight. This could affect its overall effectiveness though. Ultimately though there is nothing I would change about this product. I think it is very good and would highly recommend this product.

April: I would possibly lengthen the zip to ensure good coverage for all stroller/pram styles. A long zip would ensure good visibility in all styles of pram/strollers. I do love this product and use it most days when out walking, due to my baby sleeping mainly while on the move. This product will be increasingly useful in the summer months to keep him cool.

Bazga: In general, I think that the product is very well designed and constructed. If I have to pick one thing about the product to change, I would consider having the front access zip made a little longer. This would make it easier for access, especially with babies who like to be in and out of the pram a lot. The front zip is great for access such as passing things to the baby and it is too small to lift the baby out through easily.

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