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At a glance:

The BabyHub SleepSpace travel cot is the perfect cot to take with you on trips, to family and friends and anywhere where there are mosquitoes or other worrying insects. It comes with a mosquito net cover, elasticated around the middle, and a cotton canvas tepee cover!. It weighs only 6kg so is easy to carry from place to place. It comes with its own stylish carry bag and includes an extra padded mat to provide a thick, seam-free base for comfortable sleeping.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Laura: The design of this product is excellent. It is so easy to put up and take down. You can use one hand to set it up making it a product that is easy to recommend to other mums. It was easy to find a sheet for the travel cot mattress as it fits a generic size. The product is easy to wipe clean and when set up as a “teepee” it is a fun place for your baby to spend time. It is a versatile product which would suit a family who enjoys spending time outside. It is ideal to take on holiday.

Karly: Yes I would recommend this to other mums. It is a quirky design and the multiple uses are perfect for those with children of different ages. It is super easy to put up which is important when you have your hands full! Putting it down can be quite tricky and it is quite heavy to transport. It fits perfectly in its carry bag and fits into the boots of the cars we have. It is safe for children to use and it is really well padded and protected.

Natasha: I would recommend this product to mums who travel frequently as it is extremely light in comparison to similar products. The bag and strap make it really easy to transport. Once you know how, it is easy to put up/down. It doesn’t have fiddly bits to worry about. The design is contemporary. It comes in a range of colours and has smart clean lines. It was extremely comfortable for naps and playtimes while on a weekend break. My toddler loved that it turned into a tepee meaning it has a longer shelf life.

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma: This product provides a safe and simple space for my little one to play in. The gimmick of the cot becoming a teepee is awesome. My daughter enjoyed playing hide and seek with her cousins from the inside of the teepee. She also used it to put all her toys into her own little personal space away from the bustle of a busy house. As a travel cot due to the top of the teepee style roof on the cot, I found it a little difficult to wrangle a sleeping toddler down to lie inside it.

Nicola: I have to admit I was rather excited by this product. We have already used it as a play tent in the garden and as a travel cot on holiday. It has been great. The strap on the carry case makes it easier to transport and I really like how has multi-uses. My kids haven’t slept well in travel cots before but I think the fact that they can play in it too helps to make it feel more familiar to them.

Vicki: I would recommend the travel cot to a friend as it is versatile. The travel cot was easily transported in its zippable storage bag. The padded mattress fits in too. You apply pressure and it folds up/down easily. This makes life easier when your hands are full. The design makes it unique. The teepee look is bang on trend. I loved that my elder daughter could decorate it. The cot was securely built and I didn't worry about it collapsing. The zip down front means it looks less like a jail and more like an accessory.

Would you choose this product to win?

Alice: I think the design of this travel cot really stands out. The choice of colours is brilliant as it gives you more choice. I love that it comes with a mosquito net which has been very handy on holidays this hot summer! The ease of putting it together also make this travel cot stand out from others on the market.

Laura: The thing that stands out with this product is the design. The ease of use is amazing, it takes seconds to set up. The fact that it is a safe place for baby to sleep but adapts with your child makes it stand out as a good product. The teepee is fun, but large and would need a big room to have set up for longer periods. This product is excellent for older babies or toddlers.

Karly: I love that this comes in some great colours. The fact it can be used as a playpen and comes with a mosquito net and tepee add-on is fabulous! The design is modern, quirky and looks really good. It is comfortable and easy to put up. It is a solid design and everything is padded! I like the feature of the side unzipping but only from the outside. A great feature when it is used as a tent but it is great to know that it can't be undone from the inside when our baby is napping!

What changes would you make to this product?

Claire: The one thing that I would change about this product is its very unique selling point of being a tepee. A travel cot does not need to provide anything more than a safe place to sleep and, while this product does do that, the overall design and resulting size footprint actually compromises its usability. It makes you wonder why this feature was included in the first place. While it may appear to be a fun addition to your travel cot, the novelty soon wears off once you actually try to use it.

Natasha: When using the product while going away with a small baby I found the upper legs rather annoying. Having to reach down and unclick the leg each time my baby cried become a bit tiresome. If they could find a way to incorporate a higher tier that could be used for smaller babies that can then be removed when the baby gets bigger that would have benefitted me especially in the middle of the night when you need to feed a small child and do not want to turn on the lights.

Emma: I would suggest making the product easier to unfold so that it can be used with better ease as said on the adverts. I would suggest finding a way to make access from the top of the cot easier. Apart from these two points, the product is fantastic.

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