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Red Castle Babynomade

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Red Castle Babynomade
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Red Castle Babynomade at a glance:

Babynomade is an ergonomic, preshaped blanket designed to bundle baby up quickly and easily. So convenient wherever you go, it adapts to fit baby from day one.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Meereen: This does seem a nice product in the sense that it wraps and encloses the baby and keeps them nice and warm. It is easily transferrable to the car seat so it can go in there easily.

Emily: This product is great so that your baby stays snug in their car seat or buggy on a cold day. Instead of tucking a blanket into the car seat that they will kick off. It is really quick and easy to pop on the car seat and use. Baby looks cosy and warm and you wouldn't have any worries about them being too cold.

Rosie: It is brilliant to have a blanket that wraps round my baby and doesn't keep falling off. I can wrap him in it and move him from the pram to the cot and he still stays lovely and snug. It's the perfect thickness to keep the cold out and means I don't have to worry about him getting cold. It's also lovely and soft on his skin.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Orlagh: Having a newborn is exciting and challenging especially if you have older children, The Babynomade is handy in size storage and functionality! Easy to store as its not big and bulky and can be stored in a drawer. Perfect for the bouncer or pram as the straps fit easily in and around the Babynomade keeping baby safe and secure.

Emma-Louise: While it feels lovely and soft, I think it would be too easy to overheat in this and I would be worried about using it for long periods.

Lisa: The babynomade is very versatile in that you can use it not only in the car seat for an added layer of warmth but also in the pram. The material is very soft and the use of Velcro fastenings make it easy to take baby in and out of the wrap. It also comes in two different togs, ideal for winter and spring and also different sizes.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Meereen: Functionality wise it seems to do the job that it is supposed to however looks wise I do not particularly think amongst the competition that it would catch my eye enough for me to go out and buy it specifically for this.

Emily: The price point on this product compared to others on the market is really good. I like that it feels so soft and warm. My only worry with this product is if baby was to overheat in their car seat or buggy. I know advice in recent years is to make sure baby doesn't have a load of layers on when sleeping in their car seat or buggy and I worry this would just make them too warm.

Rosie: As far as I know, I don't know of any products on the market that are the same. I have used similar blankets that wrap round my baby but this fastens securely which, in my opinion, makes it far superior to others that I've tried. It's a good thickness and very soft - I think it's a must for any mum during winter.

What changes would you make to this product?

Orlagh: My baby was only 4lb 6oz and she loves the Babynomade, but I did find it quite big on her. It still kept in place when strapped in to the pram, if I could change anything it would be having a size small, medium and large for the tiny babies right up to the bigger babies - maybe not a snug fit but snug enough that they feel swaddled with a bit of room to grow with.

Emma-Louise: While the material itself was very lovely and soft, I think the design was a bit boring. If there were more exciting prints or colours, I might be more inclined to buy as a present. I think it would need to look a lot nicer to justify such a big price tag for a product that can only be used on the coldest of days.

Lisa: It would be great if the smaller tog wrap was available in darker colours (navy and black) similar to the heavier tog wraps as the grey one tested does get dirty very easily. Also I found the sizing on the small side as we tested a 0-6m one which we received when my son was 5 months old and he outgrew it very quickly.

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