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Car Shades are vehicle specific car sun blinds that cover all rear windows of a car - even the boot! The simple, home-fit solution can be installed within 10 minutes making these a fantastic travel accessory for families who like to be out and about. It’s easy to see why parents awarded Car Shades the Gold Mother & Baby Travel Accessory for 2022.

Being a tailored fit means they leave no gaps, which prevents dazzling sunlight getting into the precious eyes of your little ones resulting in a stress-free journey for the whole family.

A perfect edge-to-edge fit compared to alternative sun blind solutions, they fit to the window frame instead of the glass so that they don’t fall off and still allow full operation of the rear passenger window to get fresh air into the car when needed.

Mum Jessica agrees: “These car shades are an absolute must for babies and children. Being custom fit to your car windows means there are no worries about sun coming through the gaps unlike generic car window shades. They are super easy to fit with clear, simple instructions to follow. The fact that these are fitted to the inside of your car's window surround rather than the window itself means you can operate your window as normal to allow fresh air in, while keeping the sun out of the kid’s eyes.”

There are two different types of set available, the Rear Passenger Door Set priced at £44.95 and the Full Rear Window Set priced from £65.99 including free UK delivery.

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The Full Rear Set covers all rear windows of your car, including any small load area windows you may have in the luggage area to give your car a similar exterior appearance to window tints – an often desirable look for both Mums and Dads who want to look cool as well as stay cool!

Mum Anna adds: “They really do look great, and they take away the stress of the suction-type car shades. They look sleek and quite chic. When the window is open, they look good from the outside – plus my little ones can get fresh air and shade at the same time. Because they’ve been fabricated to fit the windows of my car’s make and model exactly, the back of the car looks very stylish. I’ve had lots of compliments!”

Manufactured in the UK to fit over 800 of the most popular vehicles, Car Shades are the UK’s leading car sun blinds that even come with a 30-day money back guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.

Tester Stevie said: “It is very clever design and it does exactly the job it needs to do. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to friends and family, and if I ever change vehicles I would most definitely purchase Car Shades again to fit the new vehicle.”

Here’s why you’ll love Car Shades in 90 seconds

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