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PKS Personalised Bottle Bands at a glance

Personalised bottle bands are an inspired way of naming your baby's bottle! Ideal for nursery or days out, our bands are made from BPA free silicone and stretch to fit your baby's bottle. Bands are marked with your choice of lettering and icon with a range of 3 different attractive fonts to choose from. Easy to wash by hand or machine still on the bottle, our bands help stem the spread of germs by minimising mix ups with other bottles! Our bands come in a wide choice of colours from pastels to brights. Stylish, simple and practical for baby's bottle!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Helen: Great to put on bottles or cups for nursery or playgroups to prevent any mix ups. They are easy to put on and take off the bottles. Made from durable material they appear to be long lasting and won't rub off. They are quick and easy to clean as can be washed, boiled, dishwasher safe or put on the steriliser.

Tiffany: I love these bottle bands.My son would only drink from a bottle or cup with handles, i put the band on the middle of his bottle and it gave him the confidence to hold the bottle without handles as the silicone gave him extra grip for his little hands so although not designed for this it was a handy little extra!

Charlotte: These bands are brilliant. We haven’t been able to go anywhere or mingle much due to the restrictions but these bands are going to be a lifesaver when we do and when my LO starts nursery. I got one with my son's name on and one with mine so we can go to playdates and not have to worry about who’s bottle was who’s.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Victoria: I would definitely recommend this to a friend as it has made life so much easier. The product is of a good enough quality to be used over and over again for years to come as your child grows and moves on from a baby bottle to a sippy cup or water bottle. It is easy to wash and the name won't fade or come off over time or multiple uses as it is engraved into the rubber. My son had lots of fun helping to personalise the product for his water bottle as he was able to choose the colour, font and logo on the easy to use website.

Fiona: Time saver for busy mums in particular if they have more than one child as the name bands being easily removable mean you can swap them onto different bottles easily. Also, they are dishwasher proof, whereas stickers and marker pens eventually fade, so you only ever need to replace the bands out of choice, not because they have failed.

Lucy: YES I would highly recommend the bottle bands to other mums, and in fact I already have! They make naming water bottles so much easier, once on the bottle I leave it on and don't have to worry about rewriting my son's name. Both look great, I ordered two different colours and they were exactly as described on the website.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Tiffany: I'm unaware of anything similar available on the market place. It is a great alternative to sticky labels and markers that always fall off or rub off after a few washes. The bottle bands are well designed and offer a range of personalisation options and colours which is perfect if you have multiple children.

Charlotte: Yes- the product is made extremely well, is dishwasher friendly and is also baby friendly. We have used ours daily and they still look good as new even with a 1 year old that seems to throw and bite everything. I loved how there is a range of icons to go on the band adding that extra bit of personalisation that a child would absolutely love.

Victoria: I have never come across anything quite like this before but I think it is much better than anything I have seen like personalised bottles or name stickers. At just £5 per band it is also a much more cost-effective way of labelling one bottle as it can be transferred to different bottles as your child grows. I also think that these bands are a much neater way of personalising a product than handwriting a child's name or using a sticker that may peel off over time and multiple uses or washes. I like the fact that it can be personalised with a colour, name and a picture as this makes it easy for younger children to identify when they are unable to read their name.

What changes would you make to this product?

Fiona: More icons to choose from, although I found a suitable one for each child. The price point/value for money, quality and appearance are all great. Above all they are a practical and useful product which meets a gap in the market- truly reusable. I would like to know more about how they could be recycled if they broke in time.

Charlotte: The sizing - I found the band was really tight, especially on my insulated bottle. The option to be able to choose specific sizes would be a good idea so that they could be used on a range of different bottles. Adding patterned options as well rather than plain colours- animal print, Dalmatian prints etc are really big at the moment so there would be a market for them especially for older children and parents.

Victoria: I think it would be great to see a multi-pack or multi-buy option that is slightly cheaper as, when my daughter starts nursery, I will need to take in around 3-4 bottles per day which will all need to be labelled. This would cost me around £20 which is quite a high price to label just one element of a child's nursery kit.

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