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nuna sena aire travel cot

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Transform any room into baby's room in seconds with this clever baby cot. Whether it's a family get-together or baby's first holiday, SENA aire is your indispensable travel cot companion. Its clever zigzag leg design pops open easily into a soft, sturdy dreamland, and then refolds with just one hand for a quick getaway. Its revolutionary design is also evolutionary: growing beyond newborn through toddlerhood, and even doubling as a playspace. The air permeability of the Nuna SENA aire travel cot and its fitted sheet are 4 x more permeable than standard mattresses, providing ultimate rest and relaxation for baby and you.


  • Easy to set up and fold away
  • Comes with travel bag
  • Grows with baby


  • Two person job to get back in the travel bag

Testing the Nuna SENA aire

Our parent tester Rosie tried out the Nuna SENA aire with her newborn, here's how she got on.

Fold mechanism – very easy to use, just open up and push down the centre. There’s a bit of back and forth when doing this as one person but it’s still really easy to put up, you just have to go from side to side to get it to open up properly. Then to fold it really does take one hand! Just remove the mattress and pull the tab in the centre, it concertinas all up together. It's still a little fiddly to get in the travel bag after this, but with two people it’s much easier. It fits in the car well too so you could take it on trips away easily.

nuna sena aire in room

Fabric – Feels lovely quality, nice amount of padding, lovely grey colour with black mesh around the sides. Nuna products are always so sleek and stylish in my opinion and the SENA aire is no exception, it looks great. The zip for the newborn insert is very well hidden and neatly tucked away beneath the grey padded edge. The mesh allows for airflow and it’s reassuring to still be able to see baby, the newborn insert is at a good height for next-to-be sleeping when away from home. The mesh fabric provides great peace of mind knowing baby is less likely to overheat and also promoting safer sleep with a reduced risk of the baby suffocating if their face ends up against the sides of cot.

Mattress – The mattress seems more substantial than other travel cots, while still being easy to transport. I like how it wraps around the frame when folded and all fits into the travel bag. It also feels like lovely material.

nuna sena aire unfolded

Usability – Good amount of space for baby/toddler, feels like it will last them a long time. Once up the cot looks very sturdy. The cot can be used for newborns as it has a removable insert with zip panels, which can then be taken out once your little one figures out how to roll over, plus it doubles up as a playpen too. I really like the fact that you can use it in bassinet mode for a smaller baby.

Wheels – The SENA aire doesn’t have any wheels but it’s not particularly heavy to carry and is so easy to fold you could simply pop it up and down if you needed it out of the way for a while, or to move it to a different location. It has a compact fold so you could easily fit it on a luggage trolley in the airport too and the fact that it comes with a travel bag already makes it a lot easier to transport here there and everywhere!

nuna sena aire in situ

Bedding – Organic cotton sheets for the mattress are included, plus the travel cot is a standard size so is easy to purchase.

Final thoughts

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this travel cot, it's spacious and comfortable and is so easy to fold away and transport. I think it's great that it will grow with baby, and for use I will get out of it, I think the price is very fair. You can get cheaper travel cots but if it's going to get a lot of use and be folded and unfolded again and again you need something that is going to last well. This feels quality and like it will last a long time. I would give this 5 stars, but have knocked off a half just for needing a second person to get it back into the travel bag, otherwise it is perfect.


What comes with the SENA aire?

The SENA aire travel cot comes with a bassinet attachment, mattress sheet, and carry bag. The SENA aire does not come with the changer but that can be purchased separately from Nuna.

Can I add a mattress to my SENA aire?

Never place any additional mattress, pillow, comforter, or padding in the SENA aire travel cots. Please only use the mattress/pad provided by Nuna. Using a thicker or a different sized mattress/pad may allow a child’s head to get between the mattress/pad and side of the travel cot.

I misplaced my travel bag, can I order an extra?

Nuna do offer replacement carry bags for the SENA aire travel cots, contact them to find out how to order one.

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