Muddy Puddles Puddlepac Lined All-in-One review

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Muddy Puddles Puddlepac Lined All-in-One

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At a glance:

Puddlepac's all-in-one is made from recycled fabrics to make the perfect all-in-one keep your little one nice and dry. The Puddlepac all-in-one will keep them cosy and warm when it's windy and wet while folding up easily into its own pocket.

How did this product make your life easier?

Sarah: I was able to leave my daughter happily splashing in the puddles and playing outside in the garden wearing this knowing that she would be dry and warm when she came in. With the English weather being so unpredictable it was handy to have it packed away into its pocket to throw in the bottom of the pram when going to the park just in case required. My daughter was happy to wear it as she liked the colours and found it comfortable to wear due to the soft lining.

Alison: Going out in the rain is a breeze now and it means that my daughter can have a great time splashing around without me worrying about her getting wet or cold as she would if she were wearing a normal mac or waterproof. It also means there’s a lot less washing and drying afterwards – the only product that needs to dry is the Puddlepac and it does so in less than half an hour in a warm room.

Naila: I really liked the Puddlepac lined all in one. It was lightweight and easy to carry around in my buggy and therefore handy when you get caught short in the rain. It was not restrictive and I could see that my son was able to freely move and play with this on over his clothes. The long zip allowed me to put it on and take it off easily. The cuffs at the arms and also the stirrups meant that my son was dry despite him jumping around in big puddles. Overall, it made me more relaxed that he wasn’t getting wet and cold in the rain and made my son happy as he was able to play freely.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Megan: I love the bright design, I love that it is made out of recycled materials and I love how comfortable this looked on my baby with the cotton lining and taped seams. The ease of packing it away and carrying it made a huge difference too. We tested it quite hard and it seemed to be really tough and durable and washed well.

Alison: We used the Puddlepac this week during some really wet weather and it was absolutely fantastic in keeping my little girl warm and dry. You can immediately tell that the product is of the highest quality and it survived quite a few huge downpours without letting a drop of water inside. The Puddlepac fitted well (tight enough around the ankles and wrists to not let water in) but was roomy enough that it could fit easily over my daughter's normal clothes without it being too tight or difficult to get on.

Jenna: The pack-away design means it's so portable and easy to have tucked away in the car buggy or changing bag. It really is completely waterproof and the elasticated ankles mean it offers great protection around the ankles, so soggy feet are a thing of the past. Finally, the most important thing about this product to me and many mums I know, is that it's made from recycled plastic bottles. I know that this product will be handed down to my younger child (and any others who may come along), it's a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Would you choose this product to win?

Libby: One particular feature I would recommend to other mums is that the waterproof is made from recycled plastic bottles, not something I have seen in many other high-quality brands of children's clothing but a fantastic idea! This helps my conscience when having to buy lots of new items of clothing, and this would certainly make me pick this over other similar items. I love that it is fleece-lined yet breathable, meaning that I can be reassured my son will be kept warm but not overheat when running around in it.

Pamela: Yes I would choose this product above others on the market. I really like the muddy puddles brand - it wasn’t an area I had really looked into before but I think they are head and shoulders about the others. I like what they stand for, the way they promote their brand, they are trying to make life easier for parents and know what is important. All the little details have been thought of, such as the elasticated parts of the suit - the product is very impressive. It’s very breathable which I think is so important for little ones as they are always on the move!

Lauren: I would definitely choose this product over others as its built from quality products. It isn't bulky so is safe to use in car seat, it really works. My son couldn't take it off and be able to play without any restrictions. Other products we've tried have been bulky and he struggles to walk around. Or, they don't fold away and take up lots of room. I like how the design works for all ages. It's not too babyish and is neutral for either gender. And the quality hasn't been the best. They would rip or come up on the legs. This one doesn't do that.

What changes would you make to this product?

Clare: The only thing I’d like to change on this puddle-suit is the size of the pouch opening. It does pack up nicely but felt a bit of a faff pushing it back in especially when packing away for the day. I only worried that I might tear it when trying to pull it out of the pouch. Although this wasn’t a major issue, it was a bit time consuming if you were trying to get it out and in quickly or pack it away. The pouch opening only needs to be a few cms wider. I did like the Velcro fastening though.

Alison: There's honestly very little I would change. The only thing that I can think of is to offer the suits in very bright/florescent colours which would make the suits safer for children when crossing roads etc - especially on dark rainy days. Or could add fluorescent strips to the sleeves which would do the same.

Jenna: When I use this product, I put the elasticated stirrups on the outside of my son's wellies to make sure his feet stay dry. On a previous muddy puddles puddlesuit we have, the stirrups were fully detachable so that you could "spot wash" them if they were really filthy without washing the whole suit. On the puddlepac, these stirrups aren't detachable and whilst we got around this by just being a bit muckier than normal, I would have liked to be able to clean them more easily.

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