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Smart, universal and user-friendly, the Lascal BuggyBoard fits to more than 99% of pushchairs. The easiest way to travel on foot accompanying more than one child with no need for a double buggy, and your toddler will love the ride! This clever board positions your child between your arms for on-board security with a large anti-slip surface, side protection, comfortable platform, and reflective paint. Big wheels and suspension system ensure a comfortable ride, with the wide platform making it easy to walk behind. When not in use, just lift and hook the board up behind your stroller or easily disconnect.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

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How did this product make your life easier?

Fiona: Great little invention – with two little ones (one year old and three year old) it means i only need to bring out the one buggy and not worry too much when the older one gets tired. it packs up fairly easily on the back of the buggy when you're walking but don't want to use it so does a pretty good job

Natalie: As a mum of three children (four and under) The Lascal mini is a life saver! For children who want the independence of walking, but still like having the option to jump on the buggy board as and when needed, makes life a lot simpler and safer especially when near busy roads and car parks! My two year old now refuses to go in a pushchair, so now i have two children walking out and about, i know that this will come in handy for one of them when their legs tire and the tantrums are near!

Claudia: It was quick to set up and I like that it’s universal to fit our various buggies. Was very easy to switch between prams. The compact size was good as easy to store and didn’t obstruct getting through any doorways etc. I also liked that you could tuck it up out of the way when not in use. The only thing is to make sure it is properly secure as it falling down on your shins is not great!

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Nicola C: Definitely, it was so handy and easy to use. Great when you have toddlers and younger children. I love how this is universal fit so it can be taken off and other pushchairs easily which means my parents can also use it on their pushchair. It seems to be a comfortable ride for my son. Great value for money as it is very affordable with the bonus that it fits multiple pushchairs.

Kate: The buggy board is lightweight and although tricky to assemble, it is easy to attach to the stroller pram designs. It would be handy to take on holidays as it is lightweight and easy to pack and very compact when folded away and detached from the pram. I think this was a much needed product and has been well designed for the middle phase of young children's development when they may want to walk for part of a journey but not all.

Nicola J: I would recommend the Lascal BuggyBoard as it feels of really good quality and the mini version in particular, is small enough to tuck away when not required. We have bumped it over a range of surfaces and it has withstood them all with ease. For me, the perfect thing about the mini is it’s compact design. Buggy boards can be very big which is fine when in use but not very practical when you have to load into an already full car. This one feels light to literally throw in and go making it much more practical. Lascal may not be the cheapest on the market however they do fit most pushchairs / prams out there, they are very sturdy quality, and hold their value well. An all round good investment.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Sophie: This is definitely the most known brand for toddler walking aid, many of my friends have this product and also use it regularly. It is one of those products you can probably get away without having but once you have one he realise how much easier life is, like a quick release isofix car seat base!

Natalie: The price point is a great focus of this product. A lot of other branded buggy boards come with a much more expensive price tag to do the exact same purpose. The mini buggy board costing £49.99 is an affordable product to make a mum's life with multiple children a lot easier, with the fact of price and design un-compromised.

Fiona: The lascal buggyboard is the most well known brand we're aware of for buggy boards. im sure there are others you could buy but there's a sense of trust coming from a reputable / well known brand like lascal. consider the price of your pram and you don't want a buggy board that might potentially cause issues / damage to your pram, and more importantly your little one!

What changes would you make to this product?

Claudia: It wasn’t great on our Joie Nitro stroller and the board position meant my 3 year old was between the handles and so kept banging her head over our rural pavements. If I moved it further out to stop that then I couldn’t reach the handle bars anymore so not massively practical for long trips but fine round a shopping centre.

Kate: The assembly instructions were a bit of a nightmare and in the end I just got stuck in putting it together which ended up being easier! Using the buggy board does make you take slightly smaller strides but I am only 5'1" so this is not a huge problem. If there was any way of adding suspension/improving the rideability then that would be better as it is bumpy and noisy, especially when my daughter is not on it.

Nicola J: I love most things about the Lascal buggy board however one thing I often think could be improved is how it stores away when not connected to the pram. Although small and lightweight compared to others on the market, it is still a cumbersome shape to store in the boot. Perhaps the wheels could fold in or the arms fold flat to making packing away more easier.? It would also be great if the space between the wheels could be altered. Whilst I find it ok my partner regularly kicks each wheel as he walks and often ends up pushing the pram from the side.

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