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The Kura organic baby wrap is a stylish way to keep baby comfortable, warm and safe in car seats and pushchairs. These travel wraps are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and the ergonomic design makes getting from A to B as stress free as possible. The safety of children and parents peace of mind is paramount to the brand, and the wraps have been crash-tested based on the same type of testing performed for UN Regulation 129.

The baby car seat blankets come in a range of designs, with three new colourways added in 2021 - Cinnamon, Charcoal and Clay, adding to the existing designs of Pebble, Sorbet and Sky stripes.

The wraps are super soft, gentle against baby's skin, and we're big fans at M&B. The outisde is a basket-weave knit, while the inside of the wrap is a soft jersey with a cute Scani design. There are Velcro fastenings at the back where you loop through the seat belt - suitable for 3- or 5-point harnessess. The wrap buttons up at the front with big, wooden buttons.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Susan: The wrap was very easy to install in my buggy and I didn’t need to worry if I had put enough clothes on my baby to keep them warm. The poppers are also very easy and quick to fasten and unfasten, saving me time. I loved the colour. The pastel blue could be unisex and also the cream hides any vomit stains!

Callie: I wish I had this when my son was first born as we all have that challenge as to how to keep them warm but know the advice against suits in car seats. After I got this we had a huge heat wave and it was just too warm but then it cooled again and he looks so snuggly and warm without excess blankets that brother can fiddle with just a cute little bundle that can’t be kicked off or dropped. I haven’t used in the pushchair as he is still in the carrycot.

Katy B: The Kura Organic Baby Wrap means that I can get out of the door very fast! It’s so easy to pop my baby on the wrap, do up the big press stud buttons quickly and put him in the pram. It’s also brilliant for when you have a sleepy or sleeping baby and you don’t want to wrestle with a cardigan or coat sleeves, and can just wrap them with minimal fuss and on most occasions without waking your baby! The wrap also has holes positioned in the back and Velcro openers so that you can have it readily positioned in the pushchair or car seat with the straps through the holes, and again just pop your baby in position, wrap and do up the big press studs. Great idea and means it stays in position ready for your baby.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Mohammed: I will definately recommend this product to other mums, dads even grandparents as it is just another great comfort product for babies. The design was great with different options available the colour suitable for different genders and the ease and durability of the use helped alot too Its easy to wash and the fabric is good quality

Gina: The wrap is extremely easy to use and extremely convenient as it can be used as a pram liner also as well as a car seat liner so not had to store it. The wrap was so easy to fit and instructions on the box were clear and very simple to follow. It rolled up very easily to allow me to put it into my bag when the weather turned very warm, but I only did this on one occasion as my babies were so comfortable in it it has been in constant use. It has made taking my baby out easier as they are safe and secure in their car seat but also super cosy and warm. The wrap is machine washable which makes life easier. The material is so soft both babies fell asleep instantly in it.

Alexandra: I would recommend this product to a friend who was having an autumn or winter baby as it keeps a tiny one really snug with out the need for bulky outdoor wear. Its great to be able to just pop them inside it in their normal clothes and be able to put them into the cold car and not have to worry about the temperature. Then be able to take them back inside and out of the seat with minimum fuss. Its great for little ones as the arms are kept securely inside as we all know tiny gloves are useless. It was also easy to remove entirely from the seat if you wanted to transfer them still wrapped into a carry cot. Also easy to remove and wash.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Katy C: If they changed the size yes I would! If they did 3 sizes 0-6 6-12 12-24 it would widen the range. But its a fantastic idea and product, beautiful material and so soft – perfect for babys who love to be snuggly but not so good for the longer babies (even tho shes average size for 20 weeks).

Samantha: The quality of the product really stands out and would make a very impressive gift or purchase for new mum. The packaging is greats and sits with the ethos of organic. I think the price point for the product is fair, if pushing a little expensive. My concern with this product is the size, specifically the length. My 4 month old son was too long for the product to tuck his feet into a wrap as designed and intended. I would very much advise to size up on this product, in order to get value for money in the time you can use the product. I would also like to see a range of colour options for the product. This product comes with a strong recommendation, from me – a mum of one 4 month old – but due to feeling I would need to size up to get a full value for money, I wouldn't necessarily choose this over other similar products. I also feel this product is seasonal and best suits a new mum with a winter baby.

Rebecca: I think if I was buy a gift or I had a baby that was due anywhere between September and January then I would be more likely to choose the Kura wrap as it looks beautiful, feels really high quality and comes packaged ready to gift. However if I was just buying one for myself for Cooper who was born in March then I would probably go for one that wasn’t quite as think as I felt like I was constantly taking it in and out of the seat depending on how cold it was.

What changes would you make to this product?

Mohammed: I would not change anything about this product as I believe it does exactly what it needs to however if I had to change something then perhaps adding more designs, make the patterns more modern and stand out to make it fit in with current trends, and matching bedding.

Susan: I am struggling to think of anything that I would change about this product, I am really pleased with it. The quality and appearance of the packaging and the quality of the product made receiving this wrap very exciting! It is something you would see in fashionable baby magazines and really want! One thing I would say is take care when undoing the poppers so as not to stretch/undo the knitting, best to use your fingernail to separate the poppers rather than just pull.

Katy B: The one thing I would potentially change is to add arm holes. That would mean that you have the option (for a baby that likes waving their arms) to feel a bit more free. It would be good if the arm holes had a Velcro bit so that you still get you baby out of the wrap without disturbing them. Apart from that, brilliant product.

Product Information

Safety tested 
100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Quick and easy to use
Comfortable, safe and breathable
3 and 5 point harness friendly
Fits most travel systems
Machine washable

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