Kinderkraft HUGGY baby carrier review

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Kinderkraft HUGGY baby carrier Review

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Kinderkraft HUGGY baby carrier at a glance

Ergonomic baby carrier that ensures comfort for both parents and children. It provides the closeness the child needs, ensures an optimal position and supports the child's healthy development. The carrier panel easily adapts to even the smallest babies, and the wide range of adjustment (six different points) is a handy feature. You'll find HUGGY great both at home and on walks in any weather, because it has a convenient detachable hood and breathable mesh for warmer days. In addition, thanks to special soft cotton protectors, the baby carrier is easy and quick to clean, especially if it gets dirty during feeding or from the toddler drooling.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Daisy: My son had his immunisations at the start of last week and since this carrier came it has made the school run so much easier! Not only the school run but making dinner... try cooking a meal for a family of 5 with one hand!!! Since using this carrier, I have been able to do so much more than I would have been able to do without it! My son loves it just as much too, I've not seen him so comfy in a carrier before.

Shelley: This is my 3rd baby and the first time I've used a baby carrier. I wish I had tried them before. It is so helpful to have your hands free and your baby safe, especially when you have other children to look after. It's also great for trips where the Pushchair isn't possible. It's adjustable too, so your partner can swap with you.

Sarah: The Huggy baby carrier definitely makes life as a mum easier as you can pop baby in and have two free hands to get on with whatever you need to do. It allows me to get jobs done around the house whilst still having cuddles with my little boy. It is also fantastic for getting my baby to sleep as the motion and being so close to me seems to really calm and settle him. It is really easy to put baby in and the hood is fab for keeping the wind off baby and will withstand a little shower of rain.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Hannah: I loved how portable this was, and it performed better than others on the market in this regard. I thought the design was really attractive. It was a little more pretty/decorative than others I have seen, and my husband agreed it was a better design from a style point of view than our other option. It is comfortable and lightweight, and my baby seemed comfortable too. He is quite a heavy baby and fitted well. It was a warm day and the meshy breathable fabric was a good feature to keep both myself and baby as cool as possible in the weather. It also had a handy pocket for carrying small items such as your keys. The price seems fairly reasonable.

Amy: I would recommend this product as it is so easy to adjust to the correct size and to pop on quickly while holding a screaming baby! It is a very attractive design which I have had compliments on, and packs down to be stashed in the bottom of the pram or in a cupboard easily. The baby seems to be very comfortable and secure in the carrier for a decent amount of time. There is a useful pocket at the front.

Lauren: I would definitely recommend this product, and I have done, to my friends. I already own a Ergobaby Embrace and I prefer the Huggy baby carrier. My daughter is always comfortable and falls asleep every time she is in the carrier. It is really easy to put on by yourself (unless wearing on your back where you need a second pair of hands). The feature I love the most is the vent – my daughter gets warm very easily and this feature enabled me to prevent her from overheating. I really liked being able to use the hood and detach it when not needed. The pocket at the front was handy to keep the hood and any other small items. It was really handy to be able to remove the shoulder pads for washing rather than having the difficulty to wash/ hand wash the whole carrier.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Annis: I absolutely think this product should win. For me it excels in three areas: functionality, design, and price point. It does exactly what I expect it to do very well, with added features that make it super useful (hood and back cooling panel). The design is lovely and I happily wear it - also a good unisex design so good for second, third etc babies and it is at an excellent price point... particularly when compared to other similar products on the market.

Roisin: If it’s a priority to have the option to carry your baby on your back then I would pick this carrier, although you’d need to always have help to be able to get baby on. We have an ErgoBaby 360 carrier with an adjustable front which means that baby can face in or out, but not on your back so we’ve been able to work between the two. However, neither do all the above which means that we have to take it trip by trip.For single parents or parents who are often alone this potentially isn’t the best carrier, however if you’re going on long walks then the option to have baby on your back is fabulous.

Daisy: I have used various other branded and non branded carriers and I honestly feel that this carrier has gone above and beyond the other ones I've used! I didn't have an opinion of kinderkraft until now and my opinion is extremely positive! I do believe this should win, it appeals to all the new mums and already mums, this carrier has given me so much more freedom that I wouldn't have had if I didn't have it!

What changes would you make to this product?

Shelley: I would perhaps like to see it available in different colours or designs. The grey is nice and obviously suitable for both boy or girl but I would be much more tempted by some cute designs. The functionality though, I wouldn't change at all. Perhaps spare shoulder straps to use while one set is being washed.

Amy: The hood can’t be tucked away and has to be removed completely which can be an issue if I haven’t taken it out and then suddenly need it. Although the fabric is lovely, it does show up stains quite easily which means it needs a fair bit of wiping down. It is at the more expensive end of slings and carriers which might put some people off, but I do think it is very high quality.

Lauren: If I had to suggest one thing for an improvement for this carrier it would be to have the option to wear baby forward facing like other carriers on the market. However not having this option would not put me off buying this carrier because of all the extra features it has that makes it great value for money.

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