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Joie i-Spin Grow

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The latest spinning seat from Joie will take your little one right the way through from birth to 105cm rear facing and from 100-125cm forward facing. The i-Spin Grow™ packs in all those must haves including i-Size certification and a handy 360° spin that twists and turns with a one hand to make buckling up easier than ever. It's extended rearward harness mode and belted booster mode will ensure your growing passenger has the safest seating arrangements while life is made super simple for you thanks to the fuss free one-time ISOFIX and top tether install.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review..

How did this product make your life easier?

Heather: The best thing about the i-Spin Grow is the ability to spin the seat 360 degrees. My son has moments where he doesn't like going in a car seat, therefore it was a lot easier to have the seat facing me while I was stood up. When it was raining I could climb into the seat next to it and neither of us got wet. Also, when he was upset, I could spin him so that he was front facing, he loved this.

Claire: This car seat makes it sooooooo much easier for Mum's & Dad's. Being able to spin the car seat round means no awkward angles to get baby/toddler in. Baby looks comfy in the seat. It is easy to tilt when baby is sleeping without waking. Definitely one to recommend.

Kelly: This product makes my life easier by being incredibly quick and easy to fit my child into her car seat. The spin stops any unnecessary leaning over and prevents hassle when in a rush. The fact it is suitable for up to 7 years old saves me having to search for another car seat for a while and the recliner means she can nap comfortably on long journeys.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Kelly: I’d recommend this product for many reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t take long to fit the car seat and is incredibly straight forward. Secondly, the comfort and adaptable headrest is perfect for long journeys, along with the recliner for naps. Thirdly, I love the design and colour. As my child grows it’s a perfect colour to hide any stains and easy to wipe clean.

Gabriella: Yes I would recommend a 360 car seat to anyone looking for the next stage up for all of the reasons above, but specifically to this one it has a really handy feature of magnets on the side of the car seat where you can place the five point harness rather than digging around underneath your baby trying to pull the straps through. What a handy little design and add on to the car seat.

Claire: I would definitely recommend this car seat to other mums. It is very easy to move and install. The design is lovely. I personally love the black seat with a tanned trim to the seat. This is all round a genuinely brilliant car seat with the added bonus of the side impact on it. I would really recommend it.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Heather: I'd chose this because of it's features and the fact that it can be used from birth. Initially, the cost sounds high, but I'd purchased a stage 0/1 seat and then an older seat, it worked out more overall. I love the features such as side impact protection and the many recline positions. I definitely think Joie deserve an award.

Kelly: I would choose this product on affordability alone. Although the initial price tag may seem expensive to some, in the long run it’s cost effective as you don’t have to buy multiple car seats as your child grows. The ease of the spin when you’re a busy mum also makes it stand out as majority of the car seats on the market don’t have this feature and it saves so much time!

Laura: I love that this long lasting seat is fantastic value for money, which is always a winner when it comes to parents decision making around purchases such as car seats. I also love the simple installation process, so even the most cautious mother could feel confident she has got her little one securely fastened.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kelly: If I could change one thing maybe you could add a removable cup holder or a side pocket for any snacks. This would suit a toddler that is able to feed itself milk or as the child grows, somewhere to store it’s bottle of water or snacks would be perfect for long journeys and give it the edge to other car seats on the market.

Laura: If I could change one thing it would be that the seat is only rear facing until 18kg. If it was designed to be rear facing until 25kg I would have gone out and bought one the very next day. I would love to have an option to use this seat but still keep my daughter rear facing until she reaches the 25kg mark.

Heather: The only thing I'd really like is a video to accompany the guide. It almost felt as if it was installed too easily and because the isofix doesn't have the big leg, you wonder if you've installed it correctly and safely. If you had a QR code which loaded a short video I think this would provide a lot of reassurance

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