Apramo Flippa Dining Booster review

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Apramo Flippa Dining Booster

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Flippa Dining Booster at a glance:

The Apramo Flippa is the perfect travel companion for when you're out and about with your little one. It can be safely attached to almost any chair whether you're in a restaurant or visiting friends.The seat has a supportive back a fully adjustable harness and a large tray that is ideal for dinner and play time, and can easily be removed so baby can come closer to the table.The Flippa can also be used for picnics and days out and comes with a handy carry strap so when it's time for home, simply fold up and carry away.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Constanze: This chair is lightweight, folds up flat (with it's own travel bag) and easily fits into a suitcase, making it the perfect item to bring along when traveling. Once set up, it has a comfortable seat (with removable seat liner), cute little tray and straps to keep baby safe inside the seat. The tray can be removed for better cleaning which is always a plus.

Ellie: The chair was easy to assemble, there is a handy travel bag to put it in which is great and the size when folded down means that it can be stored in small spaces. The seat comes with a cushion which can be removed and cleaned and the design of black and rose gold is striking and attractive. The chair has harnesses to be able to secure it to a chair and is small enough that our baby could sit at the table with us while we ate, whilst the straps to hold her in were adjustable and she was very secure in there. The addition of the table meant it felt like a proper high chair and the rubber feet means it doesn't move about if you are using a table or floor and they can be adjusted which is great for when they get bigger. Putting it up and down is a breeze, it only takes 5-10 seconds. Overall, this is a product that we didn’t think we needed and now we can't live without!

Savannah: This product is something I never knew I needed until I received it. The seat came with its own bag to use when travelling or for easy storage. It can be attached to a chair at the table which means the baby feels a part of dinner time. My child actually uses it to watch TV or when they want to sit down for a snack. It's very sturdy which means it's less likely to cause any unwanted accidents. It's easily wipeable as the black material doesn't show mess as often as a lighter seat would. I think it's helped in my everyday as I no longer have to use a big hefty highchair.

Would you recommend this product to other parents?

Amy: I would recommend this to mums who enjoy travelling with their infant and want to be able to stop and give their baby/toddler somewhere safe and clean they can give them something to eat without having to worry about finding somewhere. It folds up nice and neat in a little bag so you can easily open it out when needed.

Nikki: The ease of use of this product is a big bonus. The fact it folds up, you can take the tray off, use it just as a chair, attach it securely to a adult chair to use as a high chair and it comes with a carry bag for travelling. It's just peace of mind 'can do it all' sort of product. My child loves it and won't eat anywhere else. It's her big girl chair. The design of it with rose gold and colours makes it very appealing rather than just a lump of white plastic we are used to with some products.

Jennifer: Easy to set up and lightweight to carry around, this chair was very useful in many settings. The carry bag and removable tray were really helpful for taking it places and keeping it clean. It was handy to keep my energetic little one still while he was eating both at Grandparent’s houses or at picnics. It also saved lots of stress when going away somewhere where they didn't have a highchair.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Lucy: The design and style of this chair is what makes it stand out, also the added features such as a soft to touch cushion support. It is also sturdier than most products in this market and the tray was easy to clean and wash down after use. My main criticism is that it can be difficult to fold down if not done properly and there’s seems to be a certain way but there were times it took a few attempts and help from others to fully fold it down. It is slightly bulkier than other products in this range but I feel this is what gives it the sturdiness that other portable chairs lack.

Natalia: I loved the colour: black and gold which suited our décor more than standard blues and pinks. The chair is light but sturdy, folds easily, takes up little space and comes in a handy bag. It’s easy to store and take around and can work as an extra chair or even the main baby dining chair if you are short of space. The chair is easy to clean. It has fasteners that keep a baby secure in its place when this chair is used as a booster which was really important for my active and wriggly baby.

Laura: I haven’t used any other products that are similar to this however I would say this product is durable and easy to use. It’s a great design and the colours are very trendy as well. It has good functionality in that it folds up into a travel bag as this makes it easy to get around and also doesn’t take up much space in the car.

What changes would you make to this product?

Constanze: If I could change one thing it would be to add versatility to the chair function so it can be used as a standalone chair as well as attached to a normal chair. The look of it is great but the price tag less so. For a price tag like the current one, the chair needs to stand out more in versatility and safety.

Ellie: The only change I would make would be to put a cover over the rose gold sections to prevent any scratches as I have noticed a couple and feel this takes away from the look of the chair. On occasion, it was tricky using both hands to push in the tray buttons, especially if you are alone and don't have anyone to hold your baby while you do it.

Savannah: If I could change one thing about this product, I would work out a way to hide the straps that are attached to the back of the seat especially if you don't want to use for a chair at a table. The straps could be dangerous if a child plays with them so its definitely something that could be considered if the chair is redeveloped in the future.

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