Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet (+3 years) review

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Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

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At a glance:

The Fire Kids Edition Tablet comes with one year of Fire For Kids Unlimited, a Kid-Proof Case - available in Blue, Pink and Yellow - and a two-year worry-free guarantee (for all those drops from the highchair!). Best-in-class parental controls allow you to manage usage limits, content access and educational goals, while entertaining children within a safe kid-friendly environment.

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Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jackie: I would absolutely recommend this product to family and friends. It can be educational and keeps the little ones occupied. It is well built and comes with a handy protective case. The tablet does get grubby with little fingers but can be cleaned easily. I've cleaned the screen and case with no problems at all. My children have been downloading games and all sorts by themselves so they definitely find it easy to use.

Paige: I would recommend this product for a mother’s sanity. That five minutes knowing your child is safe, happy and entertained puts so much ease on a parents mind, all while you're having a break. They have some amazing learning apps and lots of entertainment for the children. The children absolutely love it.

Victoria: I would recommend the Fire HD 8 Kids edition to other parents as an easy to use tablet with many great features. Before the Fire had even been linked to the internet my three-year-old had mastered how to take photographs and videos with no guidance from myself. The camera is good and seems to take account of movement and wobble. It comes with one year free Fire for Kids unlimited which is well worth subscribing to. It is easy to set up parental controls and time limit access to the internet.

How did this product make your life easier?

Samantha: This product makes my life easier as it gives me free time without worrying as I know they can only access the children’s content. The parent dashboard also allows you to set a bedtime, daily goals and time limits to ensure your child does not use the tablet too much. This aspect is brilliant as my children love this tablet. They love playing the games, reading books or watching series available on Amazon. My children love this tablet so much that we bought another one so they could have one each.

Gabriella: We got to test out the Fire HD as a travel product straight away as we were off on our family holiday. Usually, our daughter is the typical ‘are we there yet’ but she was fully entertained for the whole journey! She loved being able to use her own Fire HD and was really enthusiastic with some of the apps she was playing. Its battery life from being fully charged lasted the whole four hours with lots of charge left in it.

Sarah: We are busy and always looking for something to occupy our child's time. The Fire HD is a transferable item which can be used not only when travelling. It helps when getting ready in the morning before work or nursery but can then be taken in the car. I don't mind my child using this product as I know there are various easy to use applications, some of which are educational. It keeps my child interested which allows for smooth transitions when we are on the way out.

Would you choose this product to win?

Bethan: Yes. My daughter has had two other tablets and hasn't been able to work either independently. I was always worried she was getting on things she shouldn't be. With this, she doesn't ever go on the internet and if she does I have turned the search function off so she can only click on the sites recommended that are all suitable.

Angela: Yes as this product is great for travel. You can download hours of kids programmes and films through the unlimited Amazon pass. You don't need an internet connection to watch them. There is also a two year 'no quibble' warranty to secure against accidental damage which sounds great. I think that this product is the best on the market for its trade-off between accessibility and security. My daughter can access numerous entertainment options without stumbling across anything unsuitable.

Emma: I have previously had a Kindle and would choose these over other devices. You can link other accounts including your Amazon account and it can back up your photos to Amazon photos. It is extremely easy to use for adults and children which is always a must when buying something more expensive.

What changes would you make to this product?

Jackie: I really can't complain about the Kindle Fire HD 8 as the children get so much use out of it. The only thing I can think of is that I struggle to switch between the profiles but maybe that is me needing to use it a little more and become a bit more tech savvy! Overall, I really can't fault it. Well done Amazon I say.

Paige: I don’t think I’d change anything, I’m very happy with the product and so are my children. Only thing I’d say is if you have two children, get two! Because with different ages there are so many different age appropriate things for them to do.One very happy parent!

Victoria: Although the case is very solid it is slightly bulky to hold particularly for smaller hands. Having an inbuilt stand would improve its usability and mean that it wouldn't have to be propped up if watching a film which would prevent arguments over who holds it. The other thing I worry about would be a direct blow to the screen which a flip cover might help prevent. Although reassured by the two-year warranty, I think that a couple of modifications to the cover would probably decrease the requirement for this.

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