Dingly Dangly Clip Clop

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Dingly Dangly Clip Clop at a glance

The Playgro Toy Box Dingly Dangly Clip Clop toy provides hours of fun for baby. Soft and safe, this popular baby toy features a squeaker and rattle feet to stimulate baby's hearing.Sensory PlayClip Clop has colourful rattle beads in his hooves, encouraging baby to reach, bat and grasp. This sensory baby toy has a fun squeaker, bright colours and varied textures for sensory play.On the GoThe Playgro Dingly Dangly Clip Clop baby toy loves to play on the go. Attach the clip to prams, strollers and car seats for take-along play.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Katie: My 7 month old hates being in the car and this toy really helped to distract her on car journeys and the clip means it can be attached to the car seat and not thrown across the back seat. The clip also clips well onto the bumper bar of the pram so prevents it getting lost/dirty by being thrown out of the pram.

Sophie: It distracts my baby girl when I’m driving and she is awake in the car seat as the toy dangles above her head and so she is able to play with it, without potentially dropping it and not being able to the continue playing and so it helps her from getting bored, and so I turn means she doesn’t get upset in the car seat when she is awake.

Pamela: It makes life easier because it occupied my daughter for a while giving me an extra five or ten minutes of quiet at times! It is a good size for her to feel all the different textures and shapes and try all the different rattles and the mirror. On the other hand it is quite floppy so it was not easy for her to hold until quite recently. She is eight Months old.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Sarah: I would recommend this because my little one really enjoys playing with it. It i just the right size for a baby. Not too heavy or large for tiny hands. The clip is easy to use and when my baby as you meant it could be hung in the pram hood so they could see it and now I can attach it to the bumper bar so it does not get lost on our travels. Because it is easy to use and my baby likes it I would tell my friends.

Helen: Yes, I would definitely recommend this product. Not only does the clip make it easy to use and move, the item itself is also very cleverly designed with a mirror, different textures and a rattle. My baby also loves grabbing the donkey's arms especially whilst he is teething. It's also a really good size and my toddler loves shaking it for our baby.

Pamela: It is a good toy in that it has lots of different components to it, like a mirror, a rattle, other bits that bang together. It has lots of different textures and shapes. So it’s handy for a car journey because you can take just the one toy and it keeps the baby occupied for a while. The clip is a big one so would fit on a thicker handle, unlike Freddie firefly. But this meant it also fell down more easily when clipped on to fabric e.g. the pram hood.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Katie: I would choose this as a gift for friends' babies in the future as free seeing how quickly it became a firm favourite toy of my daughters. I definitely think this product should win the category as I find the clip feature really useful compared to the normal hook attachment that is on other similar toys.

Helen: In a market which is saturated with so many baby toys it is rare to find something which is truly different which you'd recommend. Having something as simple as a clip instead of a plastic circle makes such a difference. I will definitely be buying this as a present for other friends who are having children. It is also great for the price point too when you compare it to the leading brand for this kind of children's toy.

Sarah: If I saw this in the store I would buy it over products. It is very reasonably priced and attractive to my baby. It's colourful and rattles. The clip makes it stand out as often baby toys have a loop rather than a clip and this makes it much easier to attach to a pram or move between things, like from car seat to pram to highchair.

What changes would you make to this product?

Pamela: I would make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing for the parents. At the moment, it is not primary colours or black and white, so it doesn’t appeal as much to babies, but it is also quite ugly. If perhaps it wasn’t such an ugly donkey (it reminded me of the wonky wonky donkey) I might have encouraged my daughter to play with it more than I have.

Katie: The one thing I would change about the dingley Dangley clip clip would be making the front feat of the horse more interactive in the same way that the back feet are. I would also maybe change the soft material to a more wipe clean one if possible but I know this may affect the softness which was a characteristic that my daughter likes.

Sophie: How much noise it makes when it dingles down as you walk it makes a lot of noise, it’s fine when it’s been played with bit the rest of the time it can be a bit distracting, it’s helps when my baby is awake but when it is left dangling when she’s asleep I don’t think it does help and actually decreases her being able to get to sleep.

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