Dani Dyer Fawn Leopard Lightweight Stroller

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Dani Dyer Fawn Leopard Lightweight Stroller

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Dani Dyer Fawn Leopard Lightweight Stroller square
Price: £169.99


Dani Dyer Fawn Leopard Lightweight Stroller at a glance

Tough enough to take everywhere with you and use every day, the lightweight aluminium umbrella fold stroller is packed with features to make using it as comfortable for you and your little one as possible. Suitable from birth, the seat reclines right back and has an adjustable leg support so your little can sit, or lay back in total comfort, shade from the sun and elements by an extendable 3 position UPF canopy. Suspension all round and single front wheels means the ride is super smooth, and adjustable handles mean you can push in comfort too. The basket is large and there is a handy pocket at the back of the hood for your phone (or snacks!), and a viewing window so you can maintain a visual on your precious cargo. This lightweight stroller comes with a free cosy footmuff, cup holder and rain cover so that if you are strolling and it starts to rain, we have you covered!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Megan: It makes life easier as it is very practical to use, it folds up easily. It is a comfortable ride for my children. It has good space and a large hood to protect from the sun. It's fairly easy to manoeuvre when out and about. The drinks holder is handy, though could be larger to fit wider bottles. It came with all the accessories which was good.

Annique: I don’t feel that this product makes my life easier as a Mum. I don’t feel it was easy to put together nor do I feel that the picture instructions were clear in having to put the stroller together. Written instructions would have been better. I feel It’s a bit of a bulky stroller and not as lightweight as it claims to be.

Emma: This product was actually really good. It made my life a lot easier not only as a mum but as a mum with disabilities. I have had other strollers and pushchairs over the years but due to being able to only use one of my hands I have struggled to find one easy to push. This buggy was very easy to use one-handed. I thought it would be heavy but it really wasn't.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Gemma: I definitely would recommend it to people. The design is absolutely stunning and I’ve had lots of compliments on it. The handles are comfortable to hold as well. The hood comes down far enough to block out any sunshine when my baby is trying to sleep. The shopping basket is a great size as well. The stroller is slim so fits through doorways easily, unlike my JOIE Litetrax!

Suzanne: For the price, the design is nice (although brighter than photos) it’s easy to assemble and move. Easy to fold down and put in the car and doesn’t take up much room when folded. It seems comfy although my toddler would still prefer and sleep longer in our current stroller. Easy to clean up after my little one spilt his drink and snack in it!

Megan: What I particularly liked about this was:

-it was easy to put up and collapse down

-it had a great hood for sleeping/sun protection

-the rain cover was adequate

-the adjustable handle size was good for me and my taller husband

-the basket was roomy to fit my shopping/essentials in

-love the pouch on the back to put my phone and purse in (I haven't seen this feature on a buggy before)

- it was comfortable and versatile both my 4-year-old and 19-month-old had turns in it. My 4-year-old said it was really comfortable and she liked it a lot.

-I love the teal colour (though I wouldn't choose leopard print personally, but that's personal taste).

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Emma: I would choose this buggy for multiple reasons it is fantastic value for money especially against competitors. It comes with lots of accessories and the colourway is just gorgeous and really stands out. The sun hood is massive and has a clear viewing area. The basket is large and easily accessible. It pushes easily and doesn't buckle when going down steps like some of its competitors.It also folds up small and fits easily in the boot of my van and my partner's Corsa. It also lifts in easily.

Gemma: I prefer this stroller to my JOIE Litetrax, the only negative is the harness, it’s just a bit too fiddly putting all the points together, it took me a while to figure it out. That’s the only negative I have. It should win this category because of the ease of use, the comfortability for my baby and the gorgeous design. I love it!

Suzanne: I don’t think I would say it’s better than others. I have used better that push easier especially on uneven ground. The design is nice but a lot brighter than pictured and I wouldn’t class it as navy. It's a good price point but again think you can get better/similar of the same amount of money or slightly more. Although feel comfortable I don’t think my toddler has been that comfy in it as always wanted to get out compared to our current stroller. The clips I found quite fiddly and stiff. They got better after a few uses but still not as quick as I would like.

What changes would you make to this product?

Megan: If I had to prioritize the adjustments I would have to go with safety being the ultimate aim and so: The shoulder straps were still too long for my average-sized 19-month-old baby, and she could wriggle her arms out of them, even when fitted to the smallest size option, these should urgently be adjusted to allow them to fit to a smaller size. I had to keep a constant eye on my wriggle monkey to make sure she wasn't trying to launch herself out. I didn't have enough room in the section above to say that I didn't like the material the handles were made of, it had a slightly sticky feel to it, I would have preferred foam or smooth texture material.

Annique: If I could change one thing about this product I would change the foldability and weight, but I’m assuming that it easier said than done. I just don’t feel it is easy enough to transport around and I don’t particularly like the styling on the fabric either, which I think really narrows down the target market.

Emma: There isn't really much to change about this buggy. I scored it an 8 on design as I think if I really had to change one thing it would be the bumper bar. The bumper bar has a zip-off cover so it can be washed easily. While this is a brilliant idea it is also really easy for children and toddlers to remove. Within half an hour of being in this buggy, my little girl had mastered the zip and was attempting to pull it off. I think a cover over the actual zip would be a good idea.

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