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Cybex Gazelle S

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Cybex Gazelle S at glance:

Suitable from birth in most configurations, Gazelle S offers your family the ability to adapt and change with ease thanks to its ability to upgrade to a duo stroller that comfortably accommodates a second child using an additional seat unit (sold separately) - making it perfect for parents thinking of expanding their family in the future.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Georgina: I like how quick it was to assemble; it took about 20 minutes of unwrapping from the box to first use (compared to 2 hours for my other pram). I like that it is lightweight and has a high handle, which makes it easy to push and manoeuvre. I like the easy wipe clean nature of the outside material- even baby vomit didn’t stain. I like the large basket underneath the pram, for all the twin essentials. I think it looks simple, sleek and stylish.

Julia: It's a really high quality product that is sturdy and comfortable for both of my twin daughters to sit in. It's super practical, and unlike other tandem pushchairs I've used, surprisingly light and easy to manoeuvre, particularly around corners which has always been a problem with other tandem pushchairs I've used.

Zumra: Lovely buggy for use with one child, easy to assemble and folds up nicely. Lots of room underneath and useful shopping basket. However, if buying for siblings be warned that the second seat (purchased separately) is not interchangeable between the top and bottom. It is also very heavy with two kids and difficult to manoeuvre up and down curbs. We have nearly tipped it over dangerously twice going downhill and I have to practically jump to get it up a curb when both kids are riding in it.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Hannah: I would recommend it to other mums, firstly it’s design means the pram looks great, the frame and seats can be customised to your personal taste which gives it an advantage if you want to buy a pram that you can add your own style to. The pram frame is modern and understated which is a great look but also feels strong and well made. I think Cybex is acknowledged generally as a brand that produces well made items that you can rely on and this is certainly true for the Gazelle S. The pram has the option for carrycots which are really soft and comfy, perfect for newborns! I understand you can also attach your car seats with the right adapters. I was unable to test this as I didn’t have the adapters but being able to put the car seats on a pram makes life a lot easier. The Gazelle S is easy to set up from the box, there are videos to follow online which I found really helped. Once the Gazelle S is set up it is easy to adjust and configure, it’s lightweight and doesn’t take ages to change from a single pram to a double. Folding the pram frame down is very easy and with practice you could definitely become fast at folding the pram down. It has a good amount of storage under the pram so you don’t have to load bags and shopping up on the handlebars. As a mum of twins the storage element is so important, you want to be able to quickly grab something easily and this pram enables that. The pram is very easy to keep clean, the pram frame can easily be wiped down as and when needed and the wheels can be removed. The carrycot fabric can be detached and washed which is great for sicky newborns and sticky fingers! Its design means the pram can grow with your baby from them laying in a carrycot to forward facing in a seat, this means the pram should be suitable for a while which is a real bonus when babies grow out of things so quickly!

Katy: I would recommend the Gazelle S based off its ability to fold with the seats on, most double prams you have to completely remove the seats for it to fold. It takes ages getting in the car as it is with children and the fact you can just fold the pram and put it straight in the boot is brilliant.

Roberta: The Cybex Gazelle S stroller is perfect for city life and a growing family, one of the greatest features for me is how much can I fit in this stroller and how compact it can be then you do not use it. The design of stroller is super stylish and have very good quality fabrics. My 3 year old daughter is big for her age and still fits perfectly. It is perfect when I go shopping, I can fit my toddler and whole bunch of food inside because of the extra basket. It is very manoeuvrable, does not matter how much or how little you put in it.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Georgina: Being quick to assemble is a major plus, and being lightweight - especially combined with the weight of two children, which is perfect for the early stages, but as it is so lightweight it doesn’t feel as sturdy or safe in an impact as my other pram. It has a higher weight limit that my other twin pram, so it will be useful for longer, making it better value for money. I really like the appearance of the pram, and the usefulness of the large basket.

Roberta: I think this product must win because it is perfect for growing families or families with baby twins or even if you have just one but love to shop. From my side this Gazelle S stroller is really great because of our growing family, now we use it for our toddler but in a month or two we will use it as a sibling stroller and whats even better that there's still plenty of space for shopping!

Julia: I definitely think this is the best tandem I've ever used. I think the design of it really makes it stand out, as not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it's also designed really well from a safety point of view and ease of use. Plus, there are lots of different seated variations, more than I've seen on any other tandem model.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katy: I would have to change how far out the second seat pokes out, I feel it’s quite dangerous and also quite low especially if both children are really young, when crossing the road I wasn’t able to stand and lean and look out to see when to cross as my eldest was hanging into the street! I had to stand in front of the pram and then go back and push it.

Julia: I'd perhaps say to have the seats a little bit further apart. My twin girls prefer to be seated both facing out away from me but I found that the space between them was really tight. Whoever was sitting at the top height was constantly kicking the back of the head on the one who was lower which did result in tears a few times so I had to reconfigure positions for them.

Hannah: I did find the pram difficult to manoeuvre and steer when set up as a twin pram. I felt that the front of the pram would pull me in a different direction which left me clinging onto the pram. I believe if this issue could be addressed and when you pushed the pram it felt the same as it does when it’s set up as a single pram, then this would be perfect. I think it would also be useful to have car seat adapters included, I already have Cybex car seats so I would have expected them to fit the pram but they didn’t. Unfortunately you need the adapters and these would have made my life a lot easier.

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