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car shades review

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These Car Shades are manufactured in the UK and are made to fit your car make and model exactly. They're easy to fit as these car sun blinds are fitted by using clips to the frame of your windows and not the glass – allowing you to still wind the window up or down while the shade stays in place.

Unlike conventional sun shades these cover the whole window, which means they block out bugs, keep children and pets cool, and offer an extra level of security. They also feature UV protection and anti-glare, are alternative to window tints and won Gold in the Mother&Baby Awards 2022 and 2023.

Car Shades overview


  • Easy to fit

  • Keep children and pets cool

  • UV protection and anti-glare

  • An alternative to window tints

  • Block out bugs, as they can be used with windows up or down


  • Made to measure so can't use on multiple cars

Testing the Car Shades product

Our parent testers put the Car Shades product to the test and here is what they thought.

Philippa said: "Generally I was very, very impressed. They are custom fitted to your cars windows and I liked that they offered shades for the boot, triangle windows and passenger windows too. They were really easy to fit and I was able to do this in about five mins before we had planned to leave. They have lasted a whole summer without needing any adjustments etc. so I feel like they are definitely hassle free! The quality of the product felt nice, good material, and not cheap. They are sturdy and effective and offer the right amount of visibility ratio."

Lauren said: "Other Car Shades I have used in the past have fallen down, and have not been big enough (or custom fit) to completely cover the window and protect from the extra sunlight, therefore they do not compare to these shades at all. The Car Shades are reasonably priced and they are well worth investing in as they are custom fit to your make and model of car which I really like."

Nicola said: "We have been reviewing the full set of car shades which includes rear windows, rear windscreen and those little windows in between, where the sun can peak annoyingly though. I am very impressed with the quality of the product and what a difference the Car Shades make to the rear of the car. Once installed they can stay in place and you can even still open your windows, for some fresh air, without removing the shades. When driving around in a heatwave over the summer, I was happy and confident that my daughter was safely out of the suns rays and even a little cooler in the back, thanks to the protection this product offered."

Jessica said: "A fantastic product! It did the job required, it kept the sun off my daughter's face, from all angles, as it covered the back passenger windows and rearview window. It fit my car perfectly and I didn't really notice that the screens had been fitted. They blended into the car, plain black, so if you are after patterns on your screen for the kids, this is not for you. You can still open your windows and boot, depending where you have the Car Shades product fitted, with no need to take the screens off or adjust them."

Dawn said: "It’s great! Actually makes the back of the car shaded. Other shades cover the main window but these shades give all round cover so it doesn’t matter which way you're travelling as the children are always protected from the sun. In particular, I really like that it’s specifically designed for individuals cars so it’s tailored to suit everyone."

Chloe said: "I loved the fact the car shades are custom made to fit the make and model of the car ensuring that they provide maximum cover to the car. The Car Shades remained in the correct shade they didn't bend or twist like other car shades on the market, the frames where sturdy and durable without damaging the car windows."

Car Shades specification

Protection: UV protection and anti-glare feature

Custom-fit: Tailor-made to the rear windows, including the boot. Covers all the window, not just part of it

Features: Reduces light into the car by 72%

Installation: Easy to install

Other: Cost-effective alternative to window tints, manufactured in the UK and 30-day money-back guarantee.

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