Car Shades – Rear Passenger Door Set review

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Rear Passenger Door Set

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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At a glance:

The Rear Passenger Door Set from Car Shades is a set of tailor-made car shades of highly impressive quality. With a straightforward fitting process, and made specifically for your car, this innovative product means business and takes security seriously, as it prevents people from being able to see directly into the car.

How did this product make your life easier?

Victoria: As they are made specifically for my car (Toyota Yaris) it cuts out as much light as possible. This is particularly important now my baby is getting older and fighting sleep more. If there’s too much light she refuses to rest or sleep so this allows a bit more peace whilst driving. This is invaluable for safety and for a nicer driving experience!

Kirsti: I do like this product because they are designed to the windows of your make and model of car. This makes it better for the children and it fits the windows Better than generic car shades. I wouldn’t say they have made anything easier for me or saved me any time but they are good because they cover the whole window. I also like that you also are provided with shades for the rearview window!

Caroline: These car shades let less sunlight in compared to conventional car shades, therefore they create a cooler environment when travelling with my children. They also allow the rear windows to be rolled down. So rather than risk trapping the car shades which stick to the windows within the window mechanism and causing them to jam open, these allow additional airflow through the car if required.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Gemma: They look great. They give you the use of your rear windows back. I also think they are an improvement on my previous traditional shades which adhered to the window in terms of safety for driving. My previous shades would not fill the entire window and I would find myself trying to look round them when checking my blind spot whilst driving. With these shades, because they fill the entire window I don’t seem to do this and checking my blind spot is easier.

Shannie: I would definitely recommend these shades to fellow mums. It is so easy to install with the fitting instructions. As it fits all rear windows perfectly, it covers the sun from all angles. I can still wind down the window as the shades are clipped on and not stuck to the window. This helps to keep my baby cool on hot sunny days whilst still being shaded. The cool breeze also helps make the journey more comfortable for everyone. It also comes with a handy storage bag to keep those shades when it's not in use.

Natasha: Yes, I definitely would recommend to those with the budget to spend on these. You no longer have to blast the AC to keep cool all the time in the summer months which is great, as you sometimes just want a big of cool, refreshing air in the rear of the car as well as the front. My son loves being able to see the window come down for a change too as we could never do that with his standard car shade before. So it’s good for distraction and entertainment value too! We always used to forget that we had a car shade on his rear window with our old cheap one and kept putting the window down, so we now have at least two suction suckers stuck in the window cavity of our car! This is not an issue at all anymore, so that definitely makes your life easier with one less thing to think about.

Would you choose this product to win?

Sophie: The rear windows can still be opened with the shades in place which is good for hot days or when a bit more ventilation is needed. In addition to this, they provide an added layer of security for the car as people are unable to see into the rear of the car when it is parked up with the sunshades up. The UV protection is another good reassurance which isn't always provided with other brands of car sunshade.

Victoria: Yes if the price was not too expensive. As I said before it is a huge bonus to have them custom fit. The previous shades I used were not custom fit and as such a lot of excess light got into the back of the car distracting baby from rest or sleep. I’m really happy with these particular shades because of that.

Gemma: Definitely. I don’t think I would have chosen these shades have not tested them as I would have viewed them as expensive for car shades. However, now that I have tested them, I would definitely buy them if I were to change my car. The fact that you can open the rear windows with them in place is fantastic and they look great.

What changes would you make to this product?

Kirsti: If I could change anything about this product I would change the amount of sunlight that they let into the car. They need to be looked at to see if this is possible. I also would say the fitting instructions you receive with the product need to be clearer. There weren’t really any instructions with them. A few pictures that didn’t really make any sense. I had to go on to the website and watch a video to help me fit them correctly.

Caroline: The instructions for installing the car shades could also be clearer. Although the instructions contained the car make and model, the pictures were not the same as the windows within my car. Some text along with the picture instructions would also have been useful to help clarify the fitting to the windows.

Shannie: The shades are perfect as they are tailor-made to the car. I can't think of anything that needs to be changed. The one small thing that might make the installation process easier is probably presorting the clips into different paper bags with the code, instead of having all of them in one single bag.

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