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At a glance:

The Baby Uma Buggy Clips are the award-winning pushchair accessory that every family needs when you have too many bags to count. Simply clip the strong, sturdy clips on, fasten the strap, and you're good to go. These hooks have also been used on bicycles, wheelchairs, walking frames, and shopping trolleys!

How did this product make your life easier?

Michelle: The Baby Uma Buggy Clips are an added bonus to your pram if your pram basket isn't very large, as you can carry extra shopping but keeping your hands free to push the pram. There's no more having to try and juggle bags on your shoulders. I found you could also attach your dog lead so you can still keep your hands free while walking the dog.

Sarah: These products make my life easier in a variety of different ways and in many different settings and occasions. I use them frequently to help me when walking, in the car or whilst shopping with either the buggy/pram or the car seat. I can store an array of necessary items, such as toys or changing essentials, and it really makes things easier for me in difficult or “baby emergency” situations.

Sian: We received some buggy clips with our change bag; these were very flimsy and really put me off buggy clips. However, when I received the Baby Uma buggy clips, they were so different. They are so robust and can hold a lot of weight, meaning that I can hang my changing bag or even shopping from my pram. Because of the Velcro, they really grip the pram handle, and when you put them on tightly they stay in place. I leave them on the pram all the time and you do not even notice it is there, but I always know it is when I need them. The pack came with two clips, I’m not sure that I would want to have two on the same pram but it worked for us as we have one on our pram and then one on our lightweight buggy. These are excellent value and I think they are something that every mum should purchase.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Chloe: I would recommend this product to a friend as it’s so handy with the extra shopping bags. My pram does have a brilliant amount of storage underneath, but some prams have terribly small storage so they would definitely benefit from a helping hand with their shopping bags! They are very strong and discreet, and they don’t damage the handle of the pram, even though I did worry about this as my pram has a lovely leather handle and I didn’t want it dented /marked permanently. I wouldn’t recommend shopping with too heavy bags as it might tip the pram up, but everyone should be aware of this. I love the leather look of the Uma clips - it blends in with my black leather pram handle perfectly. The stitching is great quality and I’m so impressed with the look and how expensive they look on the pram. I am very happy about recommending this to a friend.

Emma: I would recommend these to a friend or fellow mum as they are so versatile and useful. As they are velcro, I switch them between our smaller and larger pushchairs. They have been useful for not only for the shopping but clipping on the swimming wet bag and dirty cloth nappy bag which wouldn't fit in the pushchair basket.

Sabiha: Convenient and easy to use with multiple uses. You could use these on luggage to clip things, for example. They are very strong and robust. It would hold a lot of weight and items. Most mums have changing bags and this would make it attach nice and securely to whatever pram or buggy they may be using. A very useful product.

Would you choose this product to win?

Laura: It's easy to use, durable and compared with similar products that we have used and is much much better. The velcro strap can be adjusted to suit a variety of different buggies meaning it's versatile too. Other similar products work best on stroller pushchairs, rather than buggies with a single handle, so we adore using this as it stays in place securely and offers the opportunity to be more hands-free.

Stephanie: This is a difficult one, as realistically some normal carabiners would likely achieve the same effect for a cheaper cost. I guess these look slightly better on a pram handle and will not dig into the fabric design so much. I'm not sure, therefore, if they should win a prize as such, but they were good.

Kerstin: I don't have enough knowledge about all other comparable clips on the market, but from those I know about, it is definitely standing out because of the easy handling. I never hurt my fingers when using them, which I did with other clips. Also, they are big enough to put more than just one item onto them without worrying that the clips might break.

What changes would you make to this product?

Michelle: The Baby Uma Buggy Clips are simple and straightforward and really do what they say they do, but the thing I would change is to have the clip slightly larger. This would make it easier to add or remove bags from the clip. I didn't have any issues with plastic bags, but if you use a bag-for-life with a larger handle it is a little more fiddly.

Sarah: There isn’t really much that I would change on this product at all. Obviously, if it could be cheaper, then that would be great - but they are already very well priced. A later array of colours would be nice as then they could be more fun and possibly match prams/car seats etc. Otherwise, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Sian: I think if I could change one thing it would be for the underside of the strap to have some rubber on it. I have noticed that when you have something very heavy on it, it does slip down the buggy handles, if there was rubber on the underside it would make it grip a little better and stay in play with even the heaviest load.

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