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Baby Jogger city tour 2 double

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The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double Stroller makes getting around town with two kids easier than ever. Designed to fit through a standard doorway, this lightweight double stroller also folds compactly for easy transportation and storage. This fully featured stroller includes 2 comfortable padded seats with multiple recline positions and adjustable calf supports, as well as UV 50+ canopies with extension panels and peekaboo windows. The City Tour 2 Double Stroller can be easily customised with add-on accessories (sold separately), so you're equipped to carry on with your day, wherever it may lead you.

Price: £459.00

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Rebecca: This buggy is a lot lighter compared to other double buggies I have used, plus it looks more stylish and is much, much easier to fold up and down. I also think the storage basket underneath is great as it's a good size to fit a changing bag. Another great feature is the large hood as it completely blocks the sun from getting to the children. I'd say the best thing about this buggy is how little space it takes up when folded, great if you have a small boot.

Clare: This product is fantastic - I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old baby and this pram has made going out so much easier. The pram is light, narrow (so fits through our front door), folds down easily. It is perfect to go in the boot of the car for holidays or day trips. The bassinet attachment is easy to use and comfortable for my newborn. Really excellent product which we are now using practically every day!

Emine: A very sturdy, narrow double buggy. It fits through my front door, fits in my car boot with plenty space left next to it. I haven’t tried on the bus but I am sure it will go very easily. The babies look comfy in it and I even used for my toddler too, so he was comfy. I love the added bonus of the foot rest for the toddlers. Very easy to fold and put up again.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Alice: This product has made me much quicker and more confident at taking out my toddler and my newborn baby at the same time. I had been put off other double buggies by their bulkiness and the fact I couldn’t comfortably get them through our front door; however this pram is very compact whilst also comfortable for them both. It also fits comfortably into the back of my small car which means going out on trips is much easier. This pram has also made packing the car to go on holiday easier as it is very compact when folded so means that we have more space for all the other bits that come with having children!

Zara: As a mum to twins I prefer a pram that is side by side and allows both children to view the world equally which this stroller does. The baby jogger city tour 2 is light, easy to fold and unfold, is compact and space saving and provides enough room for babies whilst still fitting through a standard size door. You are able to buy different components such as carrycots, rain covers, belly bars etc to customise the pram to your need. I used the carrycot but found it a little snug compared to other carrycots. I would say the carrycot would last until baby is 4-5 months for average size babies. The material is UVA 50+ and easily wipeable. It has a footrest that can be flat or extend so baby can lie down more comfortably. Moving from lying to sitting is easy to change with a pull cord and clip mechanism. The hood is a fair size but could do with a zip compartment to extend when babies are lying flat. The handle is sturdy and comfortable.

Clare: Absolutely yes. The pram folds down easily and is fairly light and small for double pram, meaning it is easy to chuck in boot of the car. I love the colour, sophisticated grey, which cleaned easily when my toddler put muddy shoes on the seat! There's a big shopping basket, cosy bassinet with easy attachment for my newborn, plus easy steering and doesn't feel too heavy or cumbersome to push even with children in. The two hoods to cover the bassinet are excellent for keeping sun off the baby. The pram is narrow and easily fits out of our (fairly average sized) front door. I do not feel stressed trying to get it in and out of shops or onto a bus etc.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Emine: I would definitely choose this product when looking for a pushchair for siblings, because independent seats are important for young siblings. You can put bassinet one side and the other seat could stay without. Seats recline easy and almost flat. But if I was a first time mother of twins I would choose a pushchair that was car seat compatible.

Zara: I think this product is a great, value for money, space saving, double side by side. I would use this without the carrycots, as I believe they are a little snug and I personally don’t like the way they look when attached to the pushchair. I prefer a carrycot that is interchangeable with a seat. As a stroller, I would buy it, it’s a great side by side product and is an easy and small alternative to our larger pram. It’s great for smaller trips out e.g shopping, appointments etc as it’s quick and easy to set up. It has a great 5 point fastening harness which is easy to put together and unfasten. I think this product is great value for money.

Alice: I think this product is an excellent double buggy for use around the city and it is incredibly compact. The fact that it fits with ease through doorways whilst maintaining comfort means that it is incredibly useful for people who have minimal space but need a double buggy. It folds up much smaller than other double buggies that I have seen before (both side-to-side ones and ones that sit behind each other). Because of this narrowness it does mean that the carrycot (which was also incredibly compact and easy to put up/put down) is small and although it is marketed to be suitable for up to 9kg, my 8 week old was too big for it. This buggy is primarily marketed for city living so it is no surprise that it is not designed for off-road walking. However, it has surprised me by performing fairly well on walks around the local park routes. I think because it has been designed to be compact, things like suspension aren’t great, however neither of my kids minded the bumpiness.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rebecca: If I could change anything I would have bigger/all terrain wheels which would make uneven paths a smother ride. All terrain wheels would make it better for all weathers and paths. I also think the buggy needs a clip on either side to keep it folded when compact as one clip doesn’t seem strong enough.

Clare: A waterproof cover should be included in my opinion - considering the cost of the pram. I had to buy one myself, ended up buying a universal one (which doesn't fit well) because the Baby Jogger company seemed to be out of stock. Otherwise, I have no negative feedback - it really is an excellent product particularly for those with a toddler and newborn baby, and worth the cost I think.

Emine: I would say it could be car seat compatible. It is a slim pushchair, that’s why the bassinet is a little bit narrow and small. I found the basket difficult to reach. There is no rain cover and you need to buy it separately. And the seats are almost flat not completely flat.

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