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mama qucha nappy backpack

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The functional and unique Mama Qucha Nappy Backpack/baby beach bag is designed to make baby changing easy on days out - whether it be to the countryside or the beach! You can fit all the essentials you'll need in several compartments provided, and it has a mesh base so any crumbs (or sand!) can fall through.

How did this product make your life easier?

Lauren: This bag is brilliant for me as a mum of two! I have a two-year-old and a 6-month-old so I need plenty of space for nappies, clothes, milk, you name it and this bag has helped me so much. I now no longer need two separate bags to help me carry everything I need for our days out. It’s handy having lots of different pockets for easy access. I also love the claps they have uses for the straps to go on to the pram. They are SO much easier than normal clips.

Rhiannan: It makes my life easier because unlike other bags where you have to pick and choose what to take because they aren't big enough, this bag is deceptively large and very spacious inside and also outside as there are a lot of pockets including some very deep side pockets. I can attach it to my pram a lot quicker than my existing backpack changing bag which saves a lot of 'faffing' when the baby is getting restless.

Anna: For a mum who likes to be organised, this is the perfect bag. There are many thoughtfully designed and well laid out compartments, with designated spaces for drinks bottles, nappies, keys, dummies and plenty more. This makes it easy to quickly grab the item that you want and know where everything is, and the bag fits plenty in. The mesh base to the main compartment is useful for shaking out sand and smaller crumbs to help keep the bag clean.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Stella: I would recommend this bag because the large size means it is perfect for beach days or days out such as swimming or the park. It has so much more space than a standard changing bag so you can fit towels, spare clothing, snacks, and drinks in it easily. We were able to store it in our pram basket or carry it and found it comfortable even when full. I loved all of the separate compartments and pockets and used the water-resistant one for wet swimwear.

Lucy: I would definitely recommend this bag! The straps for attaching the bag to the pushchair are particularly user-friendly, as they have a clip rather than Velcro to attach to the pushchair handle. No more nappy bag falling off as I’m crossing a road! Although it is marketed as a beach bag, I have used it every day since receiving it and I am able to take everything I need for a day out with my little one. If you are the kind of parent who likes to be prepared for every eventuality, then this bag allows you to carry everything you could possibly need as it has all sorts of useful pockets inside and out and, although it is roomy, it is easy to find everything you need. I usually use the pushchair straps but have also used this as a backpack. The straps are padded and very comfortable, even when the bag is full. The bag is made from thick canvas and feels very good quality. The zips have leather tags, which is a nice touch, and they open and close easily.

Charlotte: Yes I would definitely recommend the bag to a friend or fellow mum. I think most people have a leather bag that they use for their day –to –day baby bag and that really isn’t suitable for a holiday. This is a perfect holiday bag that can be used year after year. I particularly liked the insulated bottle holders at the side as it made feeding really quick and easy and kept the milk warmer for longer.

Would you choose this product to win?

Meera: I would choose this product above others on the market due to its large size, multi-functionality and it’s eco-friendly fabric. With this bag, I got more than a changing bag out of it. I found that I could use the same bag for me and my baby every day no matter where we were going. The design is fantastic and it meant that I could organise the bag to suit my needs and have everything separated for easy access in just the way I like it. I could access things even whilst I was carrying the bag or without opening the bag which I thought was very handy. The bag is attractive and durable. It doesn’t look like a typical baby bag and therefore I know it will be value for money as I will be able to use the same bag for a long time without it getting worn out. The bag saves me a lot of time and stress. It is also practical and comfortable to use every day.

Charlotte: I don’t think there are really many other bags like this in the UK. The fabric makes it a great choice for a summer bag. They have clearly gone to a lot of trouble to ensure that there are all the various compartments that you need for a baby. It's also a great price for a bag that could be easily used for many years.

Lucy: This bag is the kind of bag that you never knew you needed, but would find it hard to live without if you spend a lot of time at the beach or in sandpits! It !s not the most stylish around, but it is definitely a case of function winning over fashion here. The ability to shake out sand etc through the mesh lining at the bottom of the bag is a stroke of genius! I think it would appeal to parents who spend a lot of time outdoors. As it is intended for use as a beach bag, I think the style reflects this use perfectly. It is only available in 3 colour options at the moment. A beautiful bright blue, which I have, pink and cream. I am not sure how practical the cream would be, but it looks gorgeous.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rhiannan: Initially I thought the bag was going to be too heavy because there is quite a weight to it when it is empty. However, this isn't the case because once you are wearing it, it feels comfortable and not heavy. There is a feature whereby you can open a pocket at the bottom to release sand etc. I personally didn't use this, so if it wasn't there, I wouldn't miss it. Perhaps the option of more colours would be something I'd change, but that's minor.

Anna: Certainly making the bag lighter would make it faultless in my opinion. Some parents may opt for a lighter bag for example if they have had a Caesarean section and are struggling with carrying heavier items. Perhaps it would be worth sacrificing a couple of compartments to reduce the overall weight.

Stella: I misunderstood the definition of 'water-resistant' pocket and when I used this to store wet swimwear in, it leaked out and through the cotton bag at the bottom. I am not sure if it would be possible but it would be good if this was somehow improved so that the water did not leak straight through the zip onto the cotton.

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