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Babiator Sunglasses

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Babiator Sunglasses at a glance:

Babiators are on a mission to protect kids' eyes while they're out exploring this awesome world and encourage their sense of adventure with our safe, stylish and durable children sunglasses (0-12years). Our sunglasses combine safety with a focus on style too, with 100% UVA/UVB protection and virtually indestructible frames and shatter-resistant lenses for those inevitable bumps and drops. Lose or break them in the first year, we'll replace them for free. 2021 has seen our best collection yet with 2 brand new frame shapes to add to our already large collection of stylish frames.

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How did this product make your life easier?

Rachel: The Babiators children’s sunglasses make my life easier as a mum because they fit really nicely and comfortably on my daughter. This means that chances of her taking them off or fiddling with them were so much lower as she was comfy wearing them! This means that we are able to stay outside in the sunshine without having to worry.

Naivette: This product makes life easier as a mum by being a fun product and my daughter really liked wearing the sunglasses. The soft and flexible frame meant that my daughter could put the glasses on herself independently. The ‘lost and found’ guarantee also makes life easier where the glasses are replaced free of charge if lost or broken within a year (you just pay postage) offers peace of mind

Jasmin: It’s easy for young children to misplace or accidentally damage sunglasses so to have a 1-year replacement guarantee for breakage and loss is a huge bonus and a reason why I feel like it makes my life easier as there’s one less worry for me. Also that they have 100 per cent UVA / UVB protection puts my mind at ease for my kids' eyes not to get damaged by the sun. They’re super lightweight and come in a beautiful slip-in sleeve so are easily stored for whenever they’re needed.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Katie: They are such a lovely design as well as how lightweight they are. They are also really durable so no matter how many times they have been taken off her face and thrown, or in her mouth, they still look brand new. Also with the purchase for the first year if anything does happen to the glasses you're eligible for another pair which I think is amazing when they are a children's item. They were also such an easy clean if anything was to get on them as they are a really soft material perfect for cleaning.

Gemma: I would recommend these for the variety of designs that are available, there is something for everyone on there. The guaranteed replacement is also a massive bonus so I would recommend for this reason too. I love how they look and feel - they are easy to use and really durable which is a bonus for us too.

Rachel: I would recommend the Babiators children’s sunglasses to a friend or fellow mum because of their design and fit. They fit my daughter really well and have saved us going through numerous pairs like we did with my eldest to find one that didn’t fall off or weren’t too tight! It is so important to me that my little one is comfortable so they would get my recommendation.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Naivette: Yes I would choose this product above others and I think it should win this category. The product was robust and the frame was flexible, so didn’t seem like they would break easily. The “Lost and Found” guarantee is also a big bonus and the choice of colours/design is really good. Overall a great product!

Jasmin: I would choose to buy his product above others in the market as they have many beautiful designs to choose from and the lenses offer 100 per cent UVA/UVB which is important to me. The added 1-year guarantee for breakage and loss is a huge bonus as we have had many broken sunglasses in this household. They’re comfortable, lightweight and come with a case which is great when you need to take them along in a bag or store them away for not so sunny days.

Katie: I would choose this product before all other types of sunglasses this is because of the way they are made they are soft and gentle with no sharp screws to be seen and perfect for a little one to wear. I would also choose these because of the value for money I think for what they are they are really cost-effective. Also, I absolutely love the design I think they are such a beautiful design.

What changes would you make to this product?

Gemma: I think I would be inclined to add the option of a strap attachment on the back of the smaller designs so that it makes it easier for them to stay on babies face as we are at the stage where everything has to come off and gets put straight in the mouth. A strap may make this more difficult to do for little ones

Rachel: If I could change one thing about the Babiators children’s sunglasses it would be the material that they are made with. A gap in the market is having a slightly more durable pair of sunglasses suitable for little ones! My little one did get hold of them at one point and if I hadn’t have noticed she could have very easily snapped them. Potentially using a slightly more flexible plastic would make them even better!

Naivette: One (very small) thing I would change/improve on this product is that the part of the frame which hooks over the ears didn’t seem to sit quite right over my daughter's ears and could have done with the arm being a little bit longer. It may just be that she has a bigger head than other children of the same age!

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