ASDA Little Angels 5 Microwave Sterilising Bags review

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ASDA Little Angels 5 Microwave Sterilising Bags

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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Just like full-sized sterilisers, ASDA Little Angels Microwave Sterilising Bags are a quick and convenient way to sterilise bottles, teats, soothers, and other microwave steriliser-safe accessories. Each microwave sterilising bag can be used up to 20 times and kills up to 99.9% of pesky germs. The only difference is that these sterilising bags take up a fraction of the space making them perfect for when you're at home or on your travels!

How did this product make your life easier?

Lisa: This product sterilises quicker than my conventional electric steam steriliser so I can use it at home for small items or when in a hurry which is a great help for a busy mum. It’s small, foldable and easy to store so doesn’t take up room on the work surface which is great when there’s already so many baby-related devices taking up room!

Clare: The Little Angel Sterilising Bag is fantastic, a brilliant thought out product that makes my life a lot easier, particularly when you only have dummies to sterilise throughout the day. The instructions are clear and they are quick and handy to use. I love the fact that these sterilising bags are convenient to take with you, I keep one in my changing bag and it is useful when out and about and even at grandparent’s houses when it is not suitable to take a sterilising unit. The tick boxes were a great addition as it was difficult to remember how many times the bag had been used, definitely a product that I will continue to purchase.

Nicola: I think these microwave sterilising bags are really good for when you're on the go. If you're travelling, they don't take up much room at all, and you can probably find a microwave to use in most places - even service stations these days tend to have them. So they're great for an 'emergency' situation when travelling.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Lisa: They're small, lightweight, and the product that can be used when out and about as well as at home. They're particularly ideal for days out and holidays when you don’t want to take a big bulky steriliser. They're extremely easy to use with full instructions printed on the product to remind you every time you use it. Compact and foldable too, which means it fits very easily into a changing bag without taking up much room.

Clare: When I received this product for testing I was exciting to get using it because of the convenience factor. There are always items to sterilise and this makes it so handy particularly for dummies - it is the perfect product at home or when away travelling. I will certainly be purchasing these again and recommending them to other mummies.

Nicola: I'd recommend these microwave sterilising bags to any parent to keep in their change bag, and maybe to keep a few in the car or at a grandparent's house for example. They are small and compact and can be stored anywhere. They can be reused up to 20 times which is handy, and they take a maximum of 5 minutes. They're easy to use and all the instructions are written on each bag too which is great as I threw the box for mine away!

Would you choose this product to win?

Lisa: The main plus of this amazing product is that it’s made by a major supermarket retailer, a brand I can trust and the convenience of being able to pick them up with your weekly shop is a big bonus too. As a busy, time-strapped mum of two under two, I don’t have the time or energy to spend visiting different shops. It’s even available to order with your online shop which is even easier!

Clare: I think this product should win as the instructions on how to use are clearly laid out on the box and then repeated again on the back of each bag step by step, making it very easy to follow. The sterilising bags are so convenient not just at home but also when traveling. Also, the packaging is very eye-catching. I love that I can just slip one of these bags into my changing bag and it can be used up to twenty times and with the tick boxes on the front, it makes it very easy to keep track of the bag usage. Overall, a fantastic and useful product.

Nicola: I don't think I would choose microwave sterilising bags over other sterilisers. I think these bags are a great additional steriliser for on the go and to keep in your change bag for travelling.

What changes would you make to this product?

Lisa: The box the product came in is widely recyclable which is great, but the product itself isn’t. Being that, it is a convenient product and needs disposing of after twenty uses, it would be nice to know that it can be recycled and won’t be sitting in landfill for thousands of years. I would chose the environment over convenience every time, regardless of the product or price.

Clare: This product is great the way it is and I have no changes or adaptions to improve the sterilising bags. The instructions are simple and easy to follow and the tick box on the front allows you to keep track of how many times the bag has been used. It is also priced competitively. Overall, it is a fabulous and extremely useful product for any parent and I defiantly rate these microwave sterilising bags very highly and will continue to purchase.

Nicola: I didn't quite seal the bag properly the first time, and as I was carrying it to the microwave, water leaked out. You have to press really hard on the seal. User error, but just something to watch out for! They also don't hold very much. I have one bottle and a formula powder pot in a bag and that fills it up pretty much (it's a 7oz bottle). I think they could do with being a little larger.

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