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Aptica XT

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Aptica XT at a glance:

Inglesina exists to ensure the wellness and comfort of babies. With all-terrain capabilities, a complete sleep system with patented Welcome Pad™ and an easy one-hand fold, the Aptica XT is ideal for parents looking for the best for baby without compromising on style.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Ellen said: "This is a fantastic product. It makes life easier in many ways. Having the bassinet as part of the travel system means there is no need to buy a beside me cot, and the baby can sleep in it from birth, and it can be transported on top of the buggy too. Same with the car seat-love how easy it is. The one-handed set-up and pushing also makes life much easier."

Harriet said: "The best feature of the project is how easy the pram can be folded and unfolded. This can easily be done one-handed which is perfect when you have your hands full. The second best feature is the carrycot which can easily be transformed into a next - great for easy transportation. This also means you can take the carrycot straight off the pram and onto the stand without waking the baby! Finally, having experienced other prams I have to say how easy each of the attachments works with the pram. I struggled to get the car seat on and off with my previous and this is so simple. No extra attachments are needed either as these are often forgotten! The pram also comes with a large storage basket as well as a handy universal coffee cup holder - both a must!"

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Harriet said: "The build is of very high quality. Easy to use with a button to fold and unfold. The fabric of the pram is also of great quality and is not only stylish but easy to clean down. The pram is built to last up until your baby is about 4 years of age and so there is plenty of room. There are multiple height settings for your handle bar - great for me and my husband who differ in height quite considerably. The car seat easily attaches and detaches from the pram, which is ideal for short trips. Our baby was safe and comfortable and slept well on car journeys. The carrycot goes up to 8 months of age. My favourite feature of the travel system is that you can incline the cot mattress, which is amazing for babies who aren't so keen on lying flat all the time (like mine). Both the pram and cot have airflow vents to keep the baby cool and a great hood to block sunlight."

Ellen said: "It has everything you need from a travel system, and is stylish to match. The suspension can be altered easily, and the handle too (for tall husband) and switching between car seat/bassinet is so simple. The sun cover and ventilation is ideal on hot days as many don’t shade the baby well, but this one does and it just looks great."

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Ellen said: "Yes. I initially chose my first buggy for travel (babyzen yo-yo) and this remains great for that-but this system is much much better for everyday use as it is sturdier, with good storage space for shopping and can be used well into later toddlerhood. It is bulkier than the yo-yo but can be used for travel."

Harriet said: "The overall look of the pram is what stands out the most to me. It's stylish and the material is good quality. The carrycot design is something I have not come across before. Having a multi-purpose use saves money (and car space) on taking extras such as a travel cot when you go away with your little one. One negative about this product is the overall size of the pram structure and its accessories. Everything is on the larger side than other prams/carrycots I have come across. Unless you have a large car (we have a 4x4 and struggled) and storage space in your house then I wouldn't recommend this pram to you. If space is not an issue, then this stands above the rest in terms of quality and multi-purpose use."

What changes would you make to this product?

Ellen said: "Possibly for travel, it could be more compact, but then that would take away from its other great qualities. It would also be great as a double stroller as I have two now! But otherwise, it doesn’t really need improving. It looks good and functions well and is an overall brilliant travel system for new and older babies."

**Harriet said: "**There are two things I would change about this product to make it stand out above the rest. It is a large pram so if it could fold down a little smaller this would be extremely beneficial. It's a bit of a faff to pick up as it's so heavy and bulky. You also have to empty the pram basket before it can fold down fully. There are also some problems when it comes to lifting onto pavement curbs etc. The pram is difficult to tilt and you have to put a lot of effort into manoeuvring the product. This has got easier the more we have used it but at first, this was a bit of a problem. I also kept walking into the bar across the back wheels. Again I don't know whether this was just because I was used to a different pram. Secondly, the coffee cup holder, whilst universal, it's massive - plus it's in a bit of an odd place. My daughter who is 7 months can reach this, so from a safety perspective, this is not great."

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