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The All-new fire 7 allows your kids to enjoy up to seven hours of reading, watching videos and gaming on a crisp 7-inch display with 16 GB of storage. If you invest in one of these, you will get 1 year of Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited and a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

How did this product make your life easier?

Leah: This product makes my life easier as a mum, as I know the content my son is using is child-friendly and aimed at his age range. This is great for long car journeys as he can play his downloaded content offline without the need for internet for certain apps to work, so less of the moaning! I haven’t got to worry about any of the apps costing anything, as the unlimited really does mean he can choose to download whatever is available for free! I also have peace of mind knowing that there is a 2-year warranty on this if my son should break it & it will be replaced with no questions asked by Amazon! There is also the screen time which means fewer arguments as I don’t have to tell him to come off, the tablet turns itself off!

Lisa: This product is set up perfectly for children - our son is 4-years-old and he is able to use this item without any support from us. He has previously used a certain fruit company's tablet and he switched to the fire without issue. We have Amazon Prime already and so the ability for him to link into our account through the tablet also made life easier for us and this was a quick and easy thing to set up.

Charlotte: The Kindle Fire is great for little kids to get used to playing with a tablet in a safe way. I really liked how you could easily set it up to allow kids access to their own profiles (which they could pick characters for!) It also came with a brilliant case to help protect it from being dropped. I have two kids and they picked up how to use it really well, and loved being able to play games and download books that they liked. The price is reasonable for a tablet and was great for occupying the kids while travelling. I also felt safe that they couldn’t just browse and see things unsuitable for their age, so I didn’t need to be watching over their shoulders the whole time, which, in turn, gave them a bit more freedom.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Cherie: It’s so easy to grab and take out if need be, ideal for long car journeys or going on a plane. I would recommend a mum/friend for a Christmas or birthday present as there is so much to do on the tablet. It’s also very sturdy and I love the kid-safe case. Also, an extra bonus that you have the kids content free for 1 year.

Emma: As I said before I would recommend this product to any friend as it's easy to hold, has a beautiful design, it even has a stand and on the case, so you can put it on the side and watch a movie with it which my daughter does a lot. Also it's easy to take out with you as it's very light if it's in most bags.

Rebecca: I would recommend this product to a friend. It is well designed, easy to set up. It has great parental controls that mean we should control what is downloaded, and how long the children can have access to it each day. It has a great protective cover, but also Amazon will replace if broken in the first two years. Each child can have their own profile, with age-appropriate apps suited to them.

Would you choose this product to win?

Nicole: Yes, whilst it might be down to Amazon's marketing I don't know of another reliable, well-built tablet from the main name supplier which is child-friendly and has parental controls. The tablet hasn't been dropped yet so we don't know how it'll hold up to that but the case looks superb. The only downside is it makes access to power and volume a bit harder.

Kate: Personally no. We have iPads in the house, and they are superior products. The screen on the iPad is more responsive and is generally of a higher quality. The operating system of the iPad is also more intuitive with our toddler having no problem using it, whereas the fire was more cluttered and not as easy to use.

Laura: I would definitely choose this product over others that are on the market. Firstly due to the brand. We already own other Amazon technology products and love them. Secondly, the price is great. The controls and settings are brilliant and the choice of apps and games are abundant. My son absolutely loves both the educational programmes and the fun games that he is able to play by himself, which has helped him gain a bit more independence.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nicole: It would be good to have slightly easier access to the power button and maybe a slightly harder to press home button as our son keeps catching it mid-game or mid-book. The price compared to the standard Amazon fire tablet is quite high for just the kid's case. However when it is on promotion it is better value.

Leah: The thing I would change is the settings should be hidden when in child mode, the main ones are, but my son keeps turning the screen brightness down by pulling the notification menu down from the top. Also, there should be an option to keep the screen on, as it goes off and whereas you can tap the screen to wake other tablets back up. This one you have to press the button on the side which my son gets quite frustrated about as he can’t quite feel it through the case.

Cherie: To be honest there isn’t much I would change. I think there could be more choice of colours. Also, if there were some kid safety headphones you could add to the tablet, (my son is always breaking his), I think it would be nice if you could connect other tablets together in the same household so your kids could play together.

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