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Child riding and testing Woom 3 bike

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The Woom Original 3 is a super lightweight 16 inch bike that's designed for children aged four to six years, and is a great first bike to help them start their two-wheeled cycling journey, free of training wheels.

An ergonomically formed saddle, specifically designed to fit the pelvis of children within this age group, and high handlebars create an upright seating position for children making them feel confident and comfortable whilst riding, and helping them to maintain balance. Hand-operated brakes are colour-coded so children can easy find them.

There's also a steering limiter, which prevents new riders from moving the handlebars too far left or right when first starting to get to grips with a two-wheel bike, lessening the chance of the bike tipping. You can remove this once you feel your little one is safely in control. The lightweight aluminium frame - possibly the lightest on the market for a 16" bike - also makes it easier to handle and safer for the rider.

Serious bike enthusiasts will find the quick release statist clamp, compact chain guard, knee-friendly stem and the fact that it cranks with a narrow Q-Factor impressive.

It may boast a long list of impressive features, but what did our Mother&Baby reviewer and his four year old daughter - the toughest of critics - make of the Woom 3? Read on to find out!


  • High quality materials and parts including Schwalbe tyres
  • Lightweight frame at only 5.5kg - one of the lightest 16" bikes available
  • Easy colour-coded hand-operated brakes
  • High handlebars for easy reach
  • Available in seven colours
  • Video instructions on assembly are available online. Printed instructions come with the bike


  • More expensive than alternative brands of children's bikes
  • Quality of build and materials
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Stylishness
  • Ease of adjusting handlebars and seat etc
Frame weight: Lightweight at 5.5kg
Age range:4-6

How our reviewer tested the Woom 3

We wanted to introduce our four-year-old to riding without stabilisers and wanted something that was lightweight, comfortable, easy to use and well built. Our daughter has never ridden a bike without stabilisers so it was a big step for her.

We've taken the Woom 3 out on a number of occasions, on numerous terrains to test its versatility and comfort. We've tended to go out on 15-20 minute rides around where we live so she can focus on setting off, balancing, riding and stopping the bike!

©Mother&Baby tester

First impressions of the Woom 3

When we got the product out of the box, it was well packaged and we were presented with instructions on how to assemble the bike. The bike was pretty much built when we received it, the only things we needed to install were the handle bars, pedals and accessories. The instructions that came with the bike were simple to understand and didn’t take us too long to get to grips with.

Once we had finished the build, we couldn’t believe the quality of the bike. The materials used are high quality from the wheels to the handlebars. You could feel that the manufacturer has left no stone unturned. The brakes are precise and reactive to the user and are shaped to the hands of children making it easier for them to find.  And the quality of the tyre was something I would not expect on a child’s bike. They incorporate a top-brand Schwalbe tyre and you could certainly tell the superior quality - they are low-resistance and create a good grip to the surface of multiple terrains.

Taking the Woom 3 out for a spin

©Mother&Baby tester

The bike performed well as soon as it came to riding. When it came to adjusting the seat, it was really simple. The ergonomic saddle made it easier for my child to sit upright and comfortably. It was a smooth and quiet ride and it was easy to navigate direction thanks to its lightweight steering qualities.

The brakes are one of my favourite features of this product. My four year old found it easy to brake because of the specifically designed handles for little hands and the simple colour coding. Being colour-coded makes it easy for children to specify what brake they need, increasing the safety of the bike. The handles were also really easy to reach, being more upright than on some other bike styles.

The bike is very easy to use (and carry!) thanks to it being so lightweight. This made it easy for my daughter to manoeuvre the bike whilst off the saddle too. With the profile of the bike being smaller compared to most 16 inch frames, it's easier to store and lighter to carry. I think due to the robustness of the bike, this is a product that can be passed down to younger children making it great for the environment and sentimental for other family and friends to learn using it down the line.

©Mother&Baby tester

Final verdict

I was really impressed with the Woom 3 bike. Being new to the market for this type of product, I was blown away with how easy it was to use and how well it has been designed for children within the age bracket. My child has been obsessed with this bike and is always asking when we are next going out for a ride on it.

While the price point of the bike seems a lot, I feel like the quality of the bike is worth it, plus you do get a good few years of the product. I loved the fact that not only did it exceed expectation, but it also looks stylish, is comfortable for my daughter to sit on and use and it's lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

Why choose the Woom 3 Kids' Bike?

The Woom 3 Kids' Bike is designed for your child with ergonomic seats, easy to manoeuvre handles and easy to use breaks. None of its features are complicated with lots of different gear changes, meaning children will find it a lot easier to use, especially if they're just learning to ride without stabilisers.

Mother to three lively young boys, Robyn Cann){href='' target='_blank' rel='noreferrer noopener'} is Features and Reviews Editor for Mother&Baby. She has written for various lifestyle and special interest titles catering predominantly to women.

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