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Jellycat has become a household name in the last few years, providing children and adults alike with a fun, characterful range of soft toys to love and play with. If you're looking for the ideal gift for a new baby, whether that's to celebrate their birth, a Christening or naming party, or their first birthday, then a Jellycat friend is the perfect idea; they're perfect for baby shower gifts, presents from grandparents, or simply to decorate baby's nursery.

From soft toy characters to blankies with bunnies attached, there's a Jellycat character to please everyone. For cheerful decor you could choose the Amuseables Sun, or how about the cutest Bartholomew Bear swinging from a shooting star; for sports fans there's a cuddly football; or for dino enthusiasts you can fall in love with Fossilly the Stegosaurus. The bunnies and teddies have been favourites for 25 years, while each year there are new fabulous characters to enjoy - from Capybaras to Cheese, from Elephants to Asparagus, and from Dragons to Porridge.

What's so unique about Jellycat toys, you might ask? To the uninitiated, they're just plush toys. But oh, they're so much more. Jellycat toys are not just plush - they're luxurious, with a softness like no other toys on the high street. They're cute, playful, loveable, and suitable for everyone. Older children will love playing with their beloved Jellycat dinosaurs and bunnies, so they're perfect for birthdays for bigger kids too.

You might find yourselves ordering a moon or sunshine for yourself, while you're browsing for baby gifts - be warned, Jellycat toys are irresistible...

There's a Jellycat for everyone, and every occasion - with soft blankets, bag charms, musical toys, sports characters, and lots of fruit and veg too.

With such a wide range of characters and toys to choose from, we've narrowed down the newest and best arrivals from Jellycat to help you choose the best baby gift. It's a difficult task choosing just a few to showcase - once you've browsed all of these gorgeous plush toys, take a look at the other toys available - the Amuseables food and drink range is a personal favourite.

The best Jellycat toys for baby shower gifts

The perfect gift for a baby shower, the Luxe Bunny Willow Blankie comes packaged in a special gift box. The colour will suit all baby nursery decor, and baby will love to cuddle the plush lop-eared bunny, made from a super-soft fabric.

Bright and cheerful, this is a gorgeous baby shower gift idea that will look perfect in a new nursery and will be loved by baby. The embroidered face will make anyone smile, even after a sleepless night.

A cute fabric book perfect for babies, featuring lift-up flaps, soft bear arms, crinkly panels and sensory soft fabrics throughout.

The best Jellycat toys for newborn gifts

Bashful Bunny is one of Jellycat's most iconic soft toys, a favourite with babies and small children as they can hold the bunny so easily in one hand and take him everywhere. This neutral colour makes him suitable for everyone; Bashful Bunny is available in a range of sizes, from Tiny to Really Big and Giant.

The cutest bear swinging from a shooting star, and what's more, pull Bartholomew and an original lullaby song plays. An ideal gift for a newborn, this can be attached to their crib or pram.

What a gorgeous gift for a newborn; this plus blankie is super soft, featuring cute elephant Smudge for added wonder. It measures a generous 56x70cm. What's more, it comes in a beautiful gift box.

Best Jellycat toys for nursery decor

Bashful bunny swinging from a shooting star, playing a soothing lullaby - this would make a magical addition to any little one's nursery. The ideal gift for a friend's new baby, or if you're decorating your newborn's nursery.

Sweet dreams underneath this big beautiful plush moon - and it really is huge, measuring 39x32cm. A sweet addition to any nursery, whatever the colour scheme, whether you keep it up on a shelf or on the nursery chair so it's easy to cuddle up with.

Why not add to your collection of Bartholomew Bear gifts with a matching Bartholomew Blankie - measuring 56x70cm, this is a great size for snuggling up with for a bedtime story, or even just draping over the nursery chair. He's super soft and makes a great play mat for baby to lie on during tummy time, too.

Best Jellycat toys for summer birthdays and parties

Perfect for a football-mad child or grown-up, this Amuseables football features suede boots and the iconic cheeky smile; more reliable than any football team.

The favourite Bashful Bunny but this time including a special birthday present - what better way to say 'happy birthday' than with this cutie-pie.

The ideal birthday present for a dinosaur-obsessed child - or adult - Fossilly will make a fun addition to any kid's bedroom or adult's study. He's available in small or medium sizes.

To find out more about the fabulous Jellycat ranges, including more beautiful baby Jellycat toys and accessories, visit the Jellycat website.

For more inspiration and ideas, follow Jellycat on Facebook, Instagram, X, and YouTube.

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