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If your child loves playing hairdresser but you'd like to avoid the inevitable wonky haircut or missing eyebrow that may come from children trying to style themselves, kids styling heads are a fabulous solution. After all, the best toys are those that align with your child's interests.

Creativity is at the core of any child's development, which is why it's essential to encourage and show interest in their creative expression. This creativity could show itself in a love for painting or drawing, role play, or in this case hair and make-up.

Apart from providing hours of endless fun, experimenting with hairstyles and make-up is a great way for little ones to get creative through play, plus, it improves their motor skills and dexterity skills.

Editor's pick

 • Best for travel: Barbie Mini Blonde Styling Head

 • Best for practicing nail art and afro styling: Barbie Sparkle Deluxe Styling Head-Afro Hair

 • Best for accessories: LOL Surprise OMG Styling Head with Stick-on Hair

Your little one can spend their days styling their favourite Disney princess or Barbie doll using clips, bows, eyeshadows, creating a range of looks. So, to help you out, we've scoured the internet for the best kids styling heads currently on the market. Shop our top picks below!

Best kids styling heads:

Best for Elsa fans

Elsa styling head
Price: £25.80

Styling Elsa is every tot's dream come true, and this set comes with 13 different accessories to play around with. From hair combs to snowflake clips, your little one can recreate her iconic braid, brush through her hair and create as many looks as possible on their favourite Disney queen.

Review: "Beautiful and lots of accessories. Larger than the regular styling heads available. My 5-year-old granddaughter is going to love her."


  • Comes with long blonde hair in her iconic braid and 13 styling accessories. 
  • The set comes in one hair comb, three hair barrettes, two snowflake claw clips, two hair spirals, four hair elastics, and one large hair clip.


  • Hard to brush.

Best for Moana fans

Styling head
Price: $16.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$19.97View offer

With beautiful thick locks, Moana is the perfect princess to style and accessorize. She comes with 13 fun wear and share accessories, including seashell clips, hair spirals and elastic bands that your little one can use on their own hair as well. Suitable for three years and above.

Review: Excellent dolls head perfect for grandchildren to play with together and create hairstyles


  • Kids will lbe able to use their creativity and imaginationartive skills, to create sdifferent hairstyles.
  • Fun to create a pretend hair stylist salon.


  • Smaller in size.

Best styling head for makeup

theo klein styling head
Price: £45.93

For the aspiring little make-up artist, the Theo Klein doll will let your young one learn to apply lip gloss, eye shadow and blusher, all of which have been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. All cosmetics come in an adorable heart-shaped case and hair accessories, including grips, clips, beads and extensions.

Review: "I bought this styling head, as a Christmas gift for my daughter to practice hairstyles like buns, plaits, twists, updo's and beads, the hair texture is soft and smooth like human hair, it's easy to brush and comb without getting tangled, to get the hair through the loop of beading tool easier we add a little bit of hair mousse."


  • This styling head is perfect for little hairdressers and make-up artists.
  • The lip gloss, eye shadow and blusher have been dermatologically tested.


  • Hair is very thin.

Best for doing nail art and afro styling

Teach your little one how to master the art of styling afro hair with this gorgeous kids styling head. They'll learn how to twist, brush and style hair with the help of customisable hair clips, gems, coloured hair extensions and lots more. The best part? This barbie styling head also comes with nails ready to be painted, meaning that your little one can practise their nail art while they're at it.

Review: "My niece was overjoyed with this doll head. It is so important to have a doll with Afro hair similar to hers that she can learn to braid on."


  • Kids can brush Barbie’s hair with the pink Barbie comb.
  • Your little one will be able to do fashionable up-dos with the hair extension, sequins, and hair clips.


  • Not suitable for under 3's.

Best for LOL fans

styling head
Price: £25.97

If your tot is obsessed with LOL Surprise dolls, this styling head is perfect, and it comes with lots of surprises. The styling options are endless thanks to the multiple colourful hair options, and a handful of accessories such as earrings, for extra glam.

Review: "Absolutely beautiful styling head and worth the money. My daughter was very happy with it, and we will also order the other one."


  • Each styling head comes with a unique hairstyle,
  • Hair is colourful hair, and includes adorable hair clips.


  • Not suitable for under 4 year olds.

Best for travel

Mini Blonde Styling Head
Price: £22.79

You can never go wrong with the classic Barbie. This version is smaller, so ideal if your child is a little younger or if you'd prefer something that takes up less space. It comes with a brush and accessories - it's also super easy to use.

Review: "The dolls head is great and worth the money. However, please be aware that you are purchasing a mini head. It is small, like the size of a baked beans can! It is great for travel in the car etc. And good value."


  • Perfect for brushing and creating different designs 
  • Can comb, plait and style uniquely.


  • Style head is extremely small.

Best for Anna fans

Frozen 2 Anna Styling Head
Price: £16.20

What Elsa is complete without her Anna? Choosing from a range of accessories including hair clips, combs and elastic bands to decorate and style Anna's gorgeous red locks, your kiddo will enjoy hours of fun alongside her favourite ice queen.

Review: "Can't wait to give this as a present! It's brilliant! Good size, quality and finish - will be much loved and played with."


  • Anna styling head has long red hair.
  • Kids can use the brush to create fun snd creative hairstyles.


  • Only suitable from 36 months - 10 years

Best for accessories

styling head
Price: $24.99

Suitable for ages three and upwards, this Royal Bee styling head comes with 14 hairpieces for so many fierce looks, creating a range of gorgeous styles. She also comes with 15 accessories, from earrings to necklaces - and even a crown.

Review: "Daughter is chuffed with this quality is great and she loves making all the different hair styles."


  • Rub an ice cube across Royal Bee's face to reveal a fabulous colour change makeover.
  • Styling head swivels for easy styling and includes a drawer to store accessories


  • Not suitable for children under 36 months.

Best styling head with multicolour hair

Price: $28.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$27.99View offer

This magical styling head is great for tie dye and barbie fans, who love pastel looking colours. With 20 sparkling accessories included, your little one will become the fantastical beauty hair stylist that she has always dreamed of.
From gorgeous ponytails and braids to bright decorated looks, the styles your chjild will be able to create are limitless.

Review: "Doll head is beautiful. Just like the bee omg so if she’s your favourite 100% buy it''.


  • Barbie has wavy fantasy hair in shades of pastel blue and lavender. 
  • Kids can wear the extensions, clips and barrettes.


  • Not suitable for under 3's.

Best for Rapunzel fans

Rapunxel styling head
Price: $24
Alternative retailers
Target$11.99View offer

Gresat as a birthday present, the Disney Princess Rapunzel Styling Head makes a wonderful surprise! It lets little hairdressers comb, twist, and curl Rapunzel’s hair into beautiful new looks that they desire.

Review: "I bought this for my daughter who is going through a Disney princess obsession. She was delighted when she opened it".


  • Kids will love using their own initiatives and creativity to form stunning up-dos
  • You can mix and match sparkly hair accessories 


  • Only suitable for preschoolers and upwards.

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