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In The Night Garden

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However strange the characters might look to us adults, kids go wild for In The Night Garden, even though there haven't been any new episodes since 2009 (and don't we know it…).

If your child is one of the many obsessed with Igglepiggle, Makka Pakka and the gang, one way to really bring the show to life is by choosing some In The Night Garden toys for your youngster to play with.

However old your baby is, there are plenty of Night Garden toys to choose from, many offering developmental benefits as well as, of course, being lots of fun. Here are just ten of our favourites…

In The Night Garden toys

Help create a calming bathtime experience with this boat which has soothing lights that glow from underneath the boat to light up the bath, helping to create a peaceful and serene environment, a gorgeous addition to your child's bedtime routine.

One for slightly older children, this set includes 4-piece, 8-piece, 10-piece and 12-piece puzzles that encourage concentration, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving and makes for the perfect introduction to puzzles.

Review: "Simple enough for my son to complete, obviously needed some help at first, but he's able to do most of them himself now."

Just by simply turning the dial, your tot can watch Makka Pakka and friends move as the TV screen tells a story and plays the In The Night Garden theme tune. It helpfully features a carry handle so your child can take the musical TV everywhere they go.

Review: "Got this for my Grandson as part of his Christmas presents. He really loves it, and he likes it on when he is in the car as it keeps him happy. I would highly recommend."

With this versatile toy, your child will enjoy first building the Pinky Ponk and then fitting the shapes in the holes, exercising their mind and encouraging fine-motor skills.

Review: "This was a filler present for my son's first birthday, yet probably his most played-with toy! He loves that it has wheels, and he plays with the figures and propeller for hours! Great value for money!"

Made from robust and sturdy wood, any little one will enjoy hitting the six non-removable colourful wooden pegs with the included mallet. 

Review: "My daughter (2) absolutely loves this, and the hammer is a perfect size. Very sturdy as it's all made of wood would definitely recommend this for any In The Night Garden fan."

The perfect companion for bedtime, press Iggle Piggle's hand and watch his head gently sway from side to side in time to the soothing lullaby and his cheeks glow softly. Soft and cuddle, your baby won't want to let him go. 

Review: "This is the best and most used toy I've purchased for my son. He absolutely loves it. Nice and soft material too. Used a lot and cuddled a lot."

With 15 different ways to play, this impressive train has five fun-filled carriages for little ones to discover, as well as a hidden bubble machine that is bound to delight. At 80cm long, the train can be enjoyed both indoors or out.

Review: "Great toy for toddlers. The songs, noises and bubbles offer a lot of fun for little ones."

Encourage your baby to take those wobbly first steps with this strong and sturdy baby walker, which has an easy-to-grip handlebar for stability and non-slip wheels for safety. It also comes with 28 colourful and bright illustrated different-shaped wooden blocks for them to play with. 

Review: "Purchased for 10-month-old grandson at Christmas, and he loves it. He stands up, holding on to the handle, and it rarely tips backwards. No sharp corners. Very easy to put together."

This In The Night Garden-themed wooden character skittle set comes with a painted bowling ball to knock them down. As well as lots of fun, they're also useful for developing hand-eye coordination and encouraging imaginative play.

Review: "Colourful, durable & perfect size for little hands! My little boy loves them and also uses them as toy figures as well as skittles!"

If your youngster loves all In the Night Garden characters, they're going to want this adorable bumper pack which includes IgglePiggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and the three Tombliboos. Made in super-soft fabrics which little ones will love to cuddle, they are the perfect size to carry around too.

Review: "My 1-year-old got these for Christmas, and she played and cuddled and sang to them every day. She tries to get all 6 of them in her arms at once."

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