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Hey Duggee toys

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Choosing toysfor a little one, whether they're your own child or not, can be difficult. Where do you even start? One way of ensuring your chosen toy is a hit is by picking something related to their favourite TV show. If that happens to be Hey Duggee, you're in luck, as there are loads of Hey Duggee toys that any little squirrel would love.

What is Hey Duggee?

What do you mean you don't know? Hey Duggee is a popular children's TV series about a big friendly dog, Duggee, who is the leader of The Squirrel Club, an after-school club where kids can go to have adventures and earn activity badges. The pooch encourages his little pals to discover new things around them while being active and working as a team.

Where can I buy Hey Duggee toys?

There's certainly no short supply of toys featuring our favourite pooch, Duggee! Our favourite places to pick these up are Amazon, Argos and more. Here are our top picks of the best toys inspired by the TV series.

11 best Hey Duggee toys

Best Hey Duggee phone toy
Hey Duggee Flip & Learn Toy Phone For Kids

Rrp: $32.73

Price: $20.68

Toddlers are obsessed with their parents' phones, as we're sure you know, but this Duggee version is just for them. Simple to use, your child will learn about colours, numbers and facts from the Squirrels and can even pretend to take photos.

Review: "My little man LOVES it! With realistic sounds and a light-up screen. Well made, sturdy (for those accidental drops!), colourful, easy touch buttons and features - just like a real phone."

Best Hey Duggee cuddly toy
Hey Duggee with Music and Storytime Squirrels
Price: $51.95

Made from super-soft materials, this toy features Duggee and the Squirrels together in their iconic Duggee hug pose. Pat Duggee on the head to hear his well-known phrases and squeeze his feet for music, stories and more.

Review: "My baby granddaughter absolutely loves it. The material is soft, and the colours are great. Excellent quality and value for money. Would definitely recommend this toy!"

Best Hey Duggee pull-along toy

If you're a fan of wooden toys, what about this cute train set? Full of Duggee and pals, your toddler will enjoy pulling the gang along by the attached string before taking them all out to play with.

Review: "I LOVE this Hey Duggee train! My little boy is obsessed with Hey Duggee, and this is by far his favourite toy out of everything he has. He has so much fun just taking the Squirrels and Duggee in and out of the train, making different characters "drive" the train, and then he pulls it around the house. He plays with it several times a day."

Best portable Hey Duggee toy

For fun on the go, we love this clever Hey Duggee set, which folds up into a storage bag with a handle to allow easy transportation. It includes 60 wooden play pieces that are sure to keep your little one busy.

Review: "Absolutely amazing set. My 1-year-old is obsessed with it. The carry bag is brilliant for storage, and the set is beautifully made!"

Best educational Hey Duggee toy

If you're looking for a gentle way to introduce time to your youngster, this Duggee clock could do just the trick. Featuring 12 shapes labelled 1-12, they'll just need to slot the puzzle pieces into the right place, helping them start to recognise numbers, shapes and time.

Review: "My daughter absolutely loves this puzzle clock. She's Hey Duggee mad, so this was perfect for her. I like the fact that it can be played flat or in the stand too. The puzzle pieces are perfect sizes for little hands, and the different shapes are helping her to learn. Very happy with it."

Best Hey Duggee activity toy

Fun for all ages, this Hey Duggee soft ball features lots of silly sounds from the show. Just throw, bounce or catch to activate it. It might not look much, but this ball will encourage dexterity, sensory stimulation, discovery and exploration.

Review: "Product arrived quickly, exactly as described, and my son loves it. Lovely and soft, so makes a great first ball."

Best Hey Duggee skittles set toy

This beautifully illustrated set of wooden skittles will help your child develop hand-eye coordination as they try to knock down the Duggee skittles.

Review: "This is a great set and definitely worth the money. My little ones have played with it for hours, and surprisingly, the paint hasn't scratched. Very happy with it."

Best Hey Duggee bath toy

Bring Duggee to the bath with this bath toy with a difference. Shining lights under the water for a display your tot will love, they can also use Duggee as a pourer for water play or as a captain in the cabin of the boat.

Review: "When in the bath, the lights project fish shapes in different colours into the water. Niece really loved it."

Best 2-in-1 Hey Duggee toy

This reversible, electronic plush has Duggee first in his hiking gear, complete with an orange coat and woolly hat. Turn over his backpack to tuck Duggee up in his sleeping bag. Duggee will say different phrases in each outfit, woofs and the iconic 'step by step' song when he's hiking and lets out adorable snores when it's bedtime. Also included is a Stick plush and 6 nature factoids, and activity cards.

Best Hey Duggee musical toy

Release your child's inner musician with this toy which lets them play four different tunes and has lots of fun features, including buttons to mix in some best-loved Squirrel Club and Hey Duggee phrases.

Review: "My daughter very much enjoyed playing with this toy. It is bright, engaging and definitely a good purchase for anyone who has a child who enjoys the Hey Duggee brand. The toy is not too heavy either, which means it is easily portable."

Best Hey Duggee figurines

Encourage imaginative play with this Hey Duggee figurine set, featuring all of the characters from the show that they'll know and love. Watch them play out the adventures or recreate scenes from the show with Duggee, Roly, Betty, Happy and Tag.

Review: "My little girl is obsessed with Duggee. These figures are perfect for little hands and a great imagination. Good price too!"

Best Hey Duggee microphone
Hey Duggee Sing & Learn Microphone 
Price: $31.41

Your little one can pretend to be a pop star or a presenter with these Sing & Learn Hey Duggee microphone. This microphone has two modes of play, Quiz time or sing-along. In quiz mode, your little one can strengthen their observational skills. This microphone is not only great fun but helps to strengthen your child's skills, including early colour recognition, numbers, speech and communication.

Mother&Baby writer, mother of three said: "This may be one of my son's favourite toys. He can spend hours playing with it! He loves the two different modes. Having the different options is also great for my sanity."

Hey Duggee Smart Tablet
Hey Duggee Smart Tablet
Price: $24.16

Help your little explorer learn with this Hey Duggee smart tablet. This tablet is a great alternative for parents who don't want to give their little one actual smart devices. It helps children learn shape-solving skills, phonics, numbers, colours and much more.

Mother&Baby writer, mother of three said: "My two-year-old loves the iPad, but I always feel riddled with guilt when he is on it. This is a fantastic screen time-free (and guilt-free option). I have noticed that my child is learning so much from this tablet. I cannot recommend it enough. "


Where to watch Hey Duggee?

Wondering where you can catch up with Duggee's adventures? If you've missed any episodes on CBeebies, there are hundreds of episodes for your little one to watch on BBC iPlayer. The show has over four series and a couple of spin-off episodes for them to enjoy.

What age is Hey Duggee for?

The series is aimed at two-year-olds to five-year-olds. Its educational content is perfect for preschoolers and kids who are just starting school. The live theatre show is suitable for children of all ages. This includes babies under one year old who are able to sit on their carer's lap and who don't need a ticket for entry.

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