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It won't be long until Halloween - when all the little ghosties and witches come out to play. Think dressing your little ones up in Halloween costumes, taking them out trick-or-treating to get buckets full of sweets, snuggling up for child-friendly scary stories, and watching them play with the best Halloween toys.

We know not all kids love the traditions of Halloween and that's totally okay. However, you may feel bad that they're missing out on joining in with their siblings, friends or classmates.

If your little one isn't a fan of dressing up and trick-or-treating, there are many other ways to get them involved in the spooky season. Such as taking part in activities and treating them to toys and gifts that are themed around this special holiday.

Editor's choice:

Best Halloween game: Big Potato Ghost Blitz - Buy now from Big Potato
• Best Halloween LEGO craft and decoration set: LEGO Creator Spider and Haunted House Pack Set - Buy now from Amazon
• Best Halloween craft kit: Halloween Craft-It! BOX - Buy now from Amazon

Best Halloween toys and gifts for little monsters

We've put together a fangtastic guide of all the best Halloween toys and gifts. From cuddly toys to books and games, all have just a hint of spookiness about them, so they're themed for the season without being too scary. Of course, some of these toys are scarier than others, but we'll leave it up to you to judge which ones might be too much for your little one.

Best Halloween squishy toys

This six-pack of squishy toys would make a great alternative to giving your child sweets. There's a pumpkin, black cat, mummy, vampire, monster and little devil included. They act just like a stress ball and each one releases a delicious smell as they're squeezed.

Review: "Really fun Halloween-themed toys that could be endlessly squished. Each one comes with a different smell and they spring back to shape really quickly after being squeezed. My 8-year-old and his cousin really loved them and each has found a favourite design. Overall a great little present."


  • Made from PU foam which is comfortable and soft to touch


  • Not recommended for children under three

Best Halloween cuddly toy

Minnie Mouse has had a mini-makeover for Halloween in this gorgeous purple and orange dress. We guarantee she'll be loved and snuggled all year round.

Review: "Gorgeous! Beautiful Halloween outfit - perfect"


  • A cuddly toy they'll love from Halloween and beyond


  • Could get dirty if carried around all the time

Best Halloween game

Be the first to match the card to the object in front of you in this fast-paced card game. It's recommended for children aged eight plus, but we think this game promises fun for the whole family.

Review: "Brilliant game. So simple, fast and mindboggling at the same time. It says 8+ but our 4-year-old loved it as much as the others. It really gets the kids using their brains but in a fun way. Highly recommended. Listed as a board game but no board involved. Just a deck of cards and the five wooden pieces.


  • Tests kids' reaction times


  • Gameplay might be too fast-paced for some children

Best Halloween bingo

A spooky take on the classic game of Bingo. Instead of numbers, you need a menacing mummy, a bowler-hat-wearing yeti, a multi-eyed monster and many more creepy creatures to get your full house to win!

Review: "My son is a fan of the author who illustrated the monsters on this board, as such we had to get it. Upon receipt of the board we started to become enraptured by the wonder of the characters, who had been featured in a book with different names previously. We now know their true identities and have each found our favourites. A great game for young and old with some beautifully crafted characters worthy of any game collection."


  • Funny but scary illustrations


  • Gameplay might be too fast-paced for some children

Best Halloween LEGO craft and decoration set

LEGO Creator Spider & Haunted House Pack Set

Rrp: $55.98

Price: $52.00

Get your child involved in making some Halloween decorations with this LEGO set. This set contains 132 bricks, which make a haunted house and a spider when constructed and can be hung up as decorative pieces.

Review: "Nice to make my Halloween decoration."


  • Funny but scary illustrations


  • Needs at least three players to play the game

Best Halloween LEGO book

LEGO Halloween Ideas
Price: $14.33

If you've already got lots of LEGO at home, how about gifting your child this book? It is filled with Halloween-themed ideas for kids to craft from existing sets. It also comes with all the bricks you need to make a mini spooky scene model.

Review: "I bought this for my 6-year-old as he loves Halloween and Lego. It’s a lovely book with Lego pieces included to build a small Halloween scene. It is much smaller in size than other similar books I have bought in the past such as Lego Vehicles and Lego Gear Bots. I was very surprised at how compact it was when it arrived in the post! It fit through the letterbox! Even still, it is worth the price and fits neatly on the shelf. Fits neatly in my 6-year-old's hand and he’s delighted with it."


  • Can be used as decorations after construction
  • Has both ideas and a small LEGO set included


  • The ideas inside do require you to have plenty of LEGO already

Best Halloween-themed science kit

Older kids will love casting spells and creating potions using this Wizard Science kit. It's both fun and educational, getting children interested in science.

Review: "I love the fact there are a few "spells/experiments" not just one, read first as you do need to have stuff like baking soda for one of the experiments! I got caught short."


  • Contains 19 spooky activities


  • Will require additional items from around the home for some of the experiments to work

Best Halloween story book

A World Full of Spooky Stories: 50 Tales to Make Your Spine Tingle
Price: $24.30

Is your kiddy a fan of ghost stories? This book is for them. There are 50 spine-chilling stories inside that are perfect for story time with a spooky twist while also being child-friendly.

Review: "I wanted to get my four-year-old a gift for Halloween and this was the perfect book! It is firstly a beautiful-looking book, with brilliant quality and beautiful illustrations both inside and out. It was also a great pick as it has so many different stories inside just the right length to keep little ones engaged and listening before bedtime. You can keep reading the book every night as you can read a different story every night as there are so many so it's really great value for money."


  • Beautiful illustrations


  • Some customers wanted the stories to be longer

Best Halloween craft kit

Halloween Craft-It! BOX
Price: $30.00

For children who love nothing more than getting crafty, this box is the perfect Halloween gift. There are stickers, an activity book crammed with puzzles and pictures, plus a quiz and other interesting facts. The box it comes in can even be coloured in!


  • Packed full of crafts and other fan activities


  •  May not be fun for children who don't like colouring activities

Best Sylvanian Families Halloween set

Sylvanian Families 5542 Spooky Surprise House

Rrp: $49.00

Price: $32.93


If your little one is a collector of Sylvanian Families, this Halloween house will be a charming addition to their collection. It includes a Midnight Cat baby dressed as a ghost and a Spookie, plus a house and furniture so kids can play with the figures and house on their own or as part of the set.

Review: "An addition to my daughters collection. Bought in advance of Halloween. A good value buy this one."


  • Stimulates imaginative role-playing


  • Not suitable for children under three

Best Scooby Doo Halloween Playmobil set

Help Scooby, Fred and Daphne chase a vampire through this haunted mansion. Just watch out for the revolving and trap doors, fold-away steps, and the coffin that features light and sound effects.

Review: "Bought this for my five-year-old. He loved it. Lots of exciting features. Would definitely recommend it."


  • Has a projector function that you can put your smartphone inside for further light effects


  • Contains small parts so it is not recommended for children under five

Best Halloween remote control toy

Is there anything scarier than a rat scurrying around the place? Kids will love giving parents and friends a fright with this remote-controlled rat toy.

Review: "I brought this for my grandson so he and his cat enjoy playing with it. He is only five and the product is quite big so he and the cat are frightened of it and seem to be always running away from it. Nevertheless, it is quite funny watching the both of them running speedily away from the mouse."


  • Not just fun for kids, pets will be entertained by it too


  • Doesn't work on over-resistance carpets, requires three AAA batteries which are not included

Halloween toys and gifts FAQs

Why is Halloween celebrated?

In this day and age, Halloween is mostly celebrated by children dressing in costumes and going trick or treating. Wondering why we celebrate Halloween? Britannica.com says its origins can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival, Samhain, held on 1st November.

It was believed souls of the dead returned to their homes on that day, so people dressed in costumes and lit bonfires to ward off spirits. This is why we associate Halloween with ghosts and ghouls. The day before the celebration then became known as Hallows Eve. The holiday celebrations originated in Ireland, the UK and France before quickly spreading to other parts of the world.

What is the history behind trick or treat?

Trick or treating first became popular in the United States early in the 20th century. It is said to have derived from the Old World custom of 'guising'. Someone would dress in a costume and tell a joke or recite a poem in exchange for fruit. This has now transformed into the tradition kids know and love today. We're sure little ones much prefer having their trick-or-treat buckets filled with sweets, chocolates and Halloween toys, as opposed to fruit!

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