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If your little one is obsessed with Ryder, Chase and the whole gang, then you need the best PAW Patrol toys for your toddler.

PAW Patrol is one of the more loved TV shows by parents, but if your toddler hasn't yet seen it, it's only a matter of time before they fall in love with it, as in every episode, the team are faced with a mission to ensure the safety of their hometown Adventure Bay and the surrounding areas.

Our favourite PAW Patrol toys for toddlers shortlist 2023:

Our favourite overall PAW Patrol toys for toddlers: Transforming PAW Patroller
Our favourite lookout tower PAW Patrol toys for toddlers: Mighty PAWS Lookout Tower Playset
Our favourite soft PAW Patrol toys for toddlers: Chase Plush Soft Toy

Following the adventures of leader Ryder and his trust team of dogs who all have a different skill set: Chase is a police dog, Rocky is a recycling pup, Zuma is the team's water rescue dog, Skye is a pilot, Everest is a mountain rescue dog, Rubble is a construction dog, and Marshall is the fire pup.

So whether you're looking for a birthday gift for your toddler, or just fancying treating them to one of their favourite characters from the show, we've found the best PAW Patrol toys for your toddler.

Best PAW Patrol toys 2023

Best overall PAW Patrol toy for toddlers

Price: $90.81

With the ability to fit six PAW Patrollers inside, the Transforming PAW Patroller has sound effects, and doors that pop open and shut. It also has two dual vehicle launches so that you can launch two of your PAW Patrol pals to go on rescue missions!

One review said: "Was eyeing this for months to gift my toddler turning 3. She's obsessed with paw patrol like many other toddlers. I was ecstatic to purchase at almost half the regular price on, yay random Amazon deal! Nothing to assemble, just put on the stickers. Seems sturdy and has held up so far. This accommodates the full size pups that's are sold separately with their vehicles. She plays with it everyday. Happy with my purchase!"


  • Dual vehicle launches
  • Holds all the PAW Patrol vehicles


  • Other PAW Patrol toys not included

Best collectible Ryder PAW Patrol toy for toddlers

This Ryder toy is also part of the wider collectable toy set, just like the Skye and Liberty toys previously mentioned. The toy comes with a Ryder figure and his distinct Rescue ATV.

One review said: "Fab product for any PAW Patrol fan. Can't go wrong with these little figures and vehicles. They all last ages and kids love them."

**Another review said: "**For my boy and it's one of his favourites now and loved it. Great price as well"


  • Working wheels on Ryder's vehicle.
  • Ryder is wearing his signature uniform from the TV show


  • Not very robust

Best collectible Skye PAW Patrol toy for toddlers

Price: $17.99

The toy contains both a Skye figure and a helicopter figure, which looks just like the one your child will be used to seeing on the TV show. The PAW Patrol, Skye's Helicopter Vehicle with Collectible Figure will be love by your little one, and they can spend hours re-creating their favourite rescue missions.

One review said: "Perfect quality. Skye is a favourite in our house, so she's been on all kinds of adventures and survived them all so far! No scratches or issues at all. Very pleased with the purchase."


  • Propellers spin
  • Part of a wider collectable set


  • Skye figure does not sit securely in the helicopter

Best collectible Rubble PAW Patrol toy for toddlers

Price: $18.45

Wearing his signature construction uniform, the PAW Patrol Rubble's Bulldozer vehicle with Collectible Figure has a moving scoop and drill. Rubble and his construction vehicle will be ready to take on any rescue mission.

One review said: "Order this for my little boy love all the paw patrol toys good value for money"

Another review said: "Happy with my purchase my son loves paw patrol"


  • Moveable drill and scoop
  • Compatible with the transforming PAW Patroller


  • Doesn't move as easy as the other collectibles

Best True Metal PAW Patrol toy for toddlers

This PAW Patrol True Metal Diecast Launch N Haul Playset can transform from the much-loved PAW Patroller vehicle into an action packed track set that your toddler will love. It comes with the True Metal Diecast Robodog, but it can hold up to 6 more True Metal vehicles!

One review said: "Bought this for my grandsons birthday- very happy with the purchase- lots of fun and it stores the cars to keep everything together"

Another review said: "It does what it says on the tin. Our grandson immediately knew what do with the playset and it fitted in well with his other Paw Patrol toys, without being too similar."


  • Transform into PAW Patroller
  • Holds up to 7 True Metal vehicles


  • True Metal vehicles sold separately

Best True Metal toy cars PAW Patrol toys for toddlers

Price: $28.42

In this set, your child will get six authentic PAW Patrol toys. These PAW Patrol True Metal Movie Gift Pack of 6 Collectible Die-Cast Toy Cars are fantastic to give as a gift, as the set includes all of the pups seen on the hit TV show, and they're also compatible with the Launch N Haul playset.

One review said: "Got it for our five-year-old son, and he loves it. Very good quality of the product and finishing. Glad that you can get all the PAW Patrol in one pack."

Another review said: "Made from metal so even my boy can’t break them lol. He was very happy to get the characters in their vehicles, only thing is he is a ‘thrower’ so need to keep an eye out."


  • Robust
  • All of the pups in one pack


  • They are small

Best bath playset PAW Patrol toys for toddlers

Price: $62.00

This PAW Patrol Adventure Bay Bath Playset with Light-up Chase Vehicle will make bath times a lot more fun. It has a light-up Chase, which is moulded to the vehicle and a ramp. We love that this attaches to the bathroom tiles. Your tot will be over the moon as they watch Chase speed down the ramp and fall into their bath water.

One review said: "My kids loved this toy. They first played on the table with it for an hour, and then I put it in the tub. It was so easy, suction cups work great. Chase toy lights up in the water nicely, and kids got excited when they saw that. They first started pouring water with the small cup that comes with it. Rarely does the chase toy didn't go smoothly on the slide, but just a little push fixed that, and it didn't take out the fun from the play. Later, they wanted to have more power and took a bigger cup and more bath toys to add to the chase toy and slide them all into the bathtub."


  • Strong suction
  • Creates a fun bathtime


  • Car can sometimes get stuck

Best soft toy PAW Patrol toys for toddlers

Give your little patroller the gift of a great snuggle partner. This Chase soft toy is perfect for accompanying your little one to bed.

One review said: "Bigger and softer than expected, my little one loves him and sleeps in bed with him."

Another review said: "Bought chase for my two & a half year old & he absolutely loves him!! I didn't think he would be as big as he is, so was a lovely surprise!! Definitely worth the money"


  • Soft material
  • Great for bedtime


  • No interactive elements

Best jet centre PAW Patrol toys for toddlers

The super PAWs Mighty Jet Command Centre can launch projectile discs at obstacles. Your little one can load Ryder inside the cockpit and then launch him and his mini jet straight out of the command centre.

One review said: "Ordered this for my daughter's birthday, was far bigger than I had thought and had a great impact when she unwrapped it. Seems to have many functions and is providing many hours of play! I don't normally like spending money on "character toys", but I thought this was good value compared to many others in the same range."


  • Light-up and sound elements
  • Transforms from jet command centre to jet


  • Discs can be easily lost

Best backpack PAW Patrol toys for toddlers


Rrp: $37.79

Price: $34.15

Your toddler will be ready for adventure with the Melissa & Doug PAW Patrol Pup Backpack. With plenty of accessories that every explorer needs for a rescue mission, they can even use the red lens to find hidden items on the fold-out mission map. and activity guide.

One review said: "Great item. Excellent quality and we’ve had many hours of fun with this playing adventure"

Another review said: "Well made! My 3year olds favorite birthday present"


  • 15 piece set
  • Awesome mission cards


  • Binoculars are non-functional

Best lookout tower PAW Patrol toys for toddlers

The Mighty PAWS Lookout Tower Playset is the ultimate toy for PAW Patrol fans. It has a working lift and zipline so your tot can re-enact their favourite scens from the show. It's even got space for all the PAW Patrol vehicles to sit at the bottom of the lookout tower (these are sold seperately).

One review said: "I never buy new paw patrol items as they are expensive (but all well made). Got tempted at this deal with great discount price and it is a good strong tower. Arrived well boxed and protected. Some construction required for the tower and stickers but with patience and thought it all goes together well. Very happy with this purchase and 3 yr old grandson still squeals with excitement when he comes to ours and has time playing with this and other treasured paw patrol toys."


  • Lots of interactive elements
  • PAW Patrol vehicles fit in lookout tower


  • Some found it tricky to build

Best wooden PAW Patrol toys for toddlers


Rrp: $32.99

Price: $18.89

The Melissa & Doug PAW Patrol Toy Truck with Wooden Blocks provides hours of play. Let your little one build the PAW Patrol vehicles, spell out words and zoom the wooden truck around. It even comes with PAW Patrol character blocks.

One review said: "Lovely wooden toy for my 3 year old paw patrol fan. Letters, shapes and the pups vehicles can be made from the blocks. Another great quality Melissa and Doug product."

Another review said: "Great truck particularly for fans of Paw Patrol!! It is well made and sturdy. My grandson (2) loves making the pictures of the pup’s vehicles on the blocks as well as building towers and of course zooming the truck around!!"


  • Countless ways to play
  • PAW Patrol characters


  • Some mentioned it was smaller than expected

Best police cruiser PAW Patrol toys for toddlers

Chase is a fan-favourite when it comes to toddlers. This large Chase's 5-in-1 Ultimate Police Cruiser with Lights and Sounds comes with a small cruiser, two motorcycles, a boat and a helicopter. This interactive vehicle has flashing lights and sound effects, just like a real police car.

One review said: "Son aged five was absolutely thrilled with this toy. So much to explore and do. Lots of vehicles, buttons and sounds. It's really engaging and keeps him busy on his adventures with Paw Patrol. He's got a collection of toys already, and this adds nicely to the range. Highly recommended regardless of the high price point."


  • Sturdy
  • Interactive light and sound elements
  • Comes with batteries


  • Large size might be difficult to store

Best fire truck PAW Patrol toys for toddlers

Best Marshall Paw Patrol toy
Price: $121.02

Just like in the movie and tv show, it has a lift, extendable ladder and projectile launcher. Marshall's Transforming Movie City Fire Truck with Extending Ladder is the ultimate fire truck for fire-pup Marshall. This fire engine even has flashing lights and realistic sounds, just like a real-life emergency vehicle.

One review said: "My son is very active, and so this is one of his favourite toys at the moment because he loves Paw Patrol. I'm very surprised that and happy it hasn't broken yet."


  • Sturdy
  • Different noises and sounds


  • Ladder can be a little bit stiff

Best reuse it truck PAW Patrol toys for toddlers


Rrp: $25.99

Price: $17.68

Rocky is the team's recycling pup. Your child can lift the lever and empty the cubes into the recycler, just like a real-life dustbin lorry. The Rocky's Reuse It Deluxe Truck with Collectible Figure and 3 Tools will provide hours of fun!

One review said: "This is so fun! My pre-schooler and toddler love loading the bin with "recyclables" and dumping it into the truck, then "transforming" the recyclables into new things! We like to load surprises in the back divider for the kids so that they don't know what they are "transforming" the recyclables into, and they love seeing what pops out. The front forks also double as tool arms and can be equipped with the orange tools and angled outward for use. Lots of ways to play with this one."


  • No batteries required
  • Moving elements - wheels and arms


  • Small parts which may get lost

The best PAW Patrol toys: All you need to know

What age is PAW Patrol meant for?

The show states that its demographic is children aged two to four, but PAW Patrol is enjoyed by children of all ages (and some adults enjoy the show too).

What does the show teach children?

The show works around the basis of conflict and resolution. Each episode features a problem that the team have to work together to try and solve. This can encourage children to think about their problem-solving skills as well as encourage them to help others.

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