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There's just something about a baby ball pit that's really exciting for little ones. They will love playing and crawling amongst the balls and enjoy feeling them roll around under their legs and arms. Not to mention, they'll build on their developmental skills as they learn to reach and throw them. They're colourful and have lots of textures to play with, making a ball pit a great toy for six-month-olds and beyond.

If you want your bubba to experience the joy of soft play without having to leave the house, buying your little one a ball pit to use at home is a fantastic option.

Are ball pits safe for babies?

Ball pits are perfectly safe for babies to use, as long as they are supervised. We're sure this goes without saying, but you should never leave your little one to play inside one alone.

You'll also want to make sure the pit isn't too deep for your bubba, and also make sure you don't overfill it. Your tot should be able to sit comfortably inside without the balls completely covering them.

The recommended age that little ones can start playing in a ball pit is six months. This is because this is around the age they start to be able to sit up with and without support. However, we recommend checking the specifications of your chosen ball pit as many have a recommended age higher than this and you should always follow the manufacturer's advice.

Best ball pits at glance:

Best overall baby ball pit: Selonis Soft Ball Pit Pool, £61.99

Best baby ball pit for character: Paw Patrol Ball Pit With 20 Balls, £24.05

Best non-toxic baby ball pit: KiddyMoon Soft Ball Pit Quarter Angular, £73.99

Best ball pits for babies

If you'd like to get your little one a ball pit, check our recommendations for the best ones below. They range in size, colour and shape so you can choose the one that will work best in your home.

Something to bear in mind is that some ball pits come with or without balls. We have added whether or not balls are included in the specifications so you've got all the information you need. You'll just need to think about the additional cost of adding balls if you choose one without.

Best soft baby ball pit

Best overall

Hours of fun will be had inside the Selonis Ball Pit. We've picked this grey option with multi-coloured balls to go into our round up, but there are many different pit and ball colour options available so you can pick one that is the perfect match for the room it's going to go in.

This beautiful ball pool is made of soft, and high quality foam, shielded with a jersey cover. The inside, is filled with brightly lit balls, and encourages physical development, motor skills and manual skills of the child, and is perfect for a 1-3 year old child, promised with a lot of fun.

The cover is removable so you can wash it to keep it clean and fresh.

Review: "Bought this as a Christmas present and having checked it thoroughly it is exactly as we wanted: sturdy, good quality, good value for money and we’re very pleased with our choice!"


  • Comes with approx. 200 balls
  • Made of non-toxic materials, soft and pleasant to touch


  • Some reviewers felt the pit lost its shape after a while
Dimensions: 89 x 58 x 31cm
Suitable age: One year+
Balls included? Yes

Best Paw Patrol baby ball pit

If your little one loves all things Paw Patrol, they'll be obsessed with this ball pit. It can be used both indoors and out and comes with 20 balls that are the perfect size for little hands to grab hold of.

Perfect for children aged 12 months and up, this fun house 85 x 85 x 36 cm, is safe and a fun place to play, that will help keep your little one entertained, especially dueing those playdates.

Review: "I really liked the size of the ball pool could possibly get two children in at the same time and I liked the fact it came with some balls I already had some but can fit more in as the child grows"


  • Lightweight so easy to move around
  • Suitable for children aged 12 months and up


  • Reviewers wished it came with more balls
Dimensions: 45.2 x 20.6 x 9.2cm
Suitable age: One year+
Balls included? Yes

Best ball pit with balls included

baby in soft ball pit
Price: £74.99

With a soft and smooth velvet outer and around 200 eye-catching colourful balls inside, your bubba will never want to leave this ball pit. Available in a range of different colours, with different combinations of ball colours as well.

The stunning velvet ball pool gives your little ones an exciting and fun day of fun for many hours, and helps boosts their sensory and social skills.

The balls and the play pool are non-toxic materials, making it safe for baby.

Review: "It’s super soft, my baby just dives into it, it’s easy for them to get in and out. There’s a good amount of balls that come with it! Very impressed with it overall"


  • Cover can be detached and machine washed
  • Detachable and machine washable cover


  • Some reviewers said the balls were smaller than they expected
Dimensions: 90 x 50cm
Suitable age: 10 months+
Balls included? Yes

Best ball pit for corner spaces

Looking for a ball pit that's more discreet? The design of this one is shaped to fit into corners so when your baby is not using it, it can be tucked away at the edge of a room.

To help protect your child's care and comfort, both the pool and the balls are formed with durable materials; BPA-free, with the pool cover machine washable at 30 ° C.

While engaging with the KiddyMoon balls, your child grows their holding and colour identifying skills, perfect for their development.

Review: "Love this! Bought it for my almost 1-year-old daughter. She has so much fun in it and it looks fab in her nursery. The sides are super soft so she is able to get in and out on her own but, they are thick enough that it snaps straight back into position. I’m 5”7 and 58kg and I sat in it after she went to bed (just to test the softness of course) and I fit in it well! Not sure if it will soon become MY ball pit"


  • Balls and pit are made using non-toxic materials
  • Supports sensory integration of infants


  • May not be suitable for all budgets
Dimensions: 89 x 58 x 31cm
Suitable age: One year+
Balls included? Yes

Best pop up baby ball pit

Easy to fold and set up, this one's ideal if you've not got the space to have the ball pit out all the while as you can put it away and pop it back up again in no time at all. With over 6,900 reviews on Amazon, it's a popular choice.

These eye-catchy and colourful children ball pit, helps improves their sensory skills and development, motor and sitting skills and is a portable ball pit, which gives hours of non-stop fun for your little bubba.

A high quality play tent, non toxic and safe for your kids.

Review: "I brought this for a friend's baby (1st birthday) and the little one absolutely loves it! She can’t get enough, perfect for inside and outside. I would maybe buy more balls next time as the ones that come with are not enough, if you want a deeper pit. Would definitely buy this again!"


  • Doubles as a play tent without the balls
  • Play pen quick and easy to fold and set up


  • Some reviewers didn't think 100 balls were enough
Dimensions: 105 x 90 x 70cm
Suitable age: Nine months+
Balls included? Yes

Best basketball baby ball pit

Baby can practise their dunks from this pit as it's got a hoop included, giving them the chance to improve their hand-eye coordination while having fun. It comes with a storage bag to give you somewhere to put it after it's been neatly folded away.

This colourful and full of life ball pit playhouse playset, will help keep your children engaged and distracted for hours! A must-have ball tent for your active and adventurous child, this subtle and waterproof all pit, will keep them exploring.

Easy to clean, maintain and dry quickly, this is perfect for 1-4 year olds, but we advise you to buy at least 200 or 300 balls to keep the fun going, as the balls are not included.

Review: "Very flexible so kids can climb out easy folds small too so easy storage. Quite wide too."


  • Has a circular opening at the back so it can be paired with a play tunnel
  • Basketball hoop ball pit offers your child the chance to improve their hand eye coordination while having fun at the same time


  • It can bounce open quickly so be careful when you open it
Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 74cm
Suitable age: Six months+
Balls included? No

Best ball pit playhouse

Hide N Side 5Pc Kids Ball Pit

Rrp: $85.00

Price: $59.28
Alternative retailers
Wayfair$59.28View offer
Walmart$64.95View offer

Three ball pits, two tunnels, a hoop and a target wall with three dart balls included a whole lot of fun. It's bright and vibrant and the elements can be switched around to keep play interesting, what's not to like?

This vibrant ball pit playhouse, will not only have your child having the time of their life, for so many hours, but it will help keep them fully energetic, as the entire play jungle gym opens up in seconds.

With tunnels fasten securely closed, with worry-free easy-locks, it is also made with squishy polyester fabrics and sturdy steel wiring, promising your kiddies a safe and strong playhouse.

Review: "You can change the shapes of the product to fit any space, and any room. My granddaughter absolutely loves the ball pit area, the games on the tents but most of all she loves the tubes. These have areas along them that allows her to crawl through, but more importantly her to see out, so no freaking out if she can't see us. Easily foldable, easily stored away, a totally great product!"


  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • The entire play jungle gym pops up and open in seconds


  • Takes up a lot of room
Dimensions: 52.07 x 52.07 x 2.49cm
Suitable age: One year+
Balls included? No

Best ball pit and activity gym combined

Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym & Ball Pit

Rrp: $47.49

Price: $34.99
Alternative retailers
Target$34.99View offer
Walmart$49.99View offer
Macy's$59.99View offer

Put the walls of this play gym up and you'll have a ball pit, put them down and your bubba can enjoy tummy time. As well as having 40 balls included, there's an elephant toy that plays music and lights up, a bead chaser, a crinkle toy, a baby-safe mirror, flashcards, a hanging leaf toy and a bead rattle to capture your baby's attention.

Parents can drop balls through the mesh canopy hole, or baby can improve on their motor skills, by pushing the balls back and forth.

Perfect for babies, this creative activity gym, comes with 7 tropically cool take-along toys: elephant musical toy, crinkle toy, mirror, flash cards, hanging leaf toy and bead rattle.

Review: "We got this for our baby when she was born and she's still using it now 10 months later. Whereas all of our friends have had to put their flat baby gyms/mats away, ours is still fun for our little girl because of the ball pit option. She loves to climb in and out of it and work out how to crawl under the netting. When she was a newborn she loved the elephant with its light and music. I think she'll be using it for some time yet so I'm really glad we are getting full use out of it. Definitely worth the money."


  • Machine washable mat and easy-to-clean wipeable toys
  • Includes 40 balls with carrying case for easy storage


  • Requires three AAA batteries that are not included
Dimensions: 113 x 52 x 76cm
Suitable age: From birth (for the playmat part)
Balls included? Yes

Best budget ball pit without balls included

Priced at just under £10, this is a bargain buy for your little one's first ball pit. The bright colours and exciting patterns will excite your baby and, when filled with balls, offers them a fun way to improve their sitting, holding and grasping skills.

Great for some indoor fun, this mini ball pit version, inspires fun play and is a good way for young ones to improve their sitting, holding and grasping skills,making it ideal for 6 months and over.

Hassle-free when setting up, just jam-pack the ball pit with balls and get the party started!

Review: "The ball pit is exactly what we wanted. It is the perfect size and has kept its shape. Baby is a year old and he loves it. Along with the balls we purchased we also put all his special toys in with him and he enjoys playtime immensely! Great product."


  • Great price
  • For ages 6 months and over


  • Would be nice to have the balls included
Dimensions: 25 x 80 x 80cm
Suitable age: Six months+
Balls included?No

Best fold away baby ball pit

Lightweight, portable and easy to store, this ball pit ticks all the right boxes. It's made from an anti-slip and pull-resistant material and has thickened edges for strong support to give you peace of mind that your little one will be safe while playing inside.

This is not only a ball pit, and can also be filled with your childs favourite toys, from plush toys or sand, to encourage your little ones to use their imaginative skills. It is also great for sensory integration therapy, as a playground and to boost psychomotorics.

And if you are looking for something portable, waterproof and very easy to clean, then this is for you. it can also be folded up, and thanks to the included carry bag, it can be taken on trips to friends or family houses.

Review: "Use this “playpen” also for a ball pit. The kids love it and always throw themselves in. The walls are also very durable if you “fall over them”. It can also be folded up to save space."


  • Comes with a storage case
  • Portable, waterproof and very easy to clean


  • Some reviews mention it was smaller and shallower than they expected
Dimensions: 80 x 24cm
Suitable age: One year+
Balls included?No

Best ball pit with foam climbing shapes

If you've got the space and the budget for it, your tot will love making their way through this ball pit obstacle course. You can use it just as a ball pit when they're still little and add the foam shapes to it as they get older, making it an exciting toy they won't grow out of in a hurry.

A high-quality made playground, with ball pit and soft climbing blocks for your baby, this is the most amazing and colourful play area for your kiddies.

Review: "Amazing soft play set for younger children. We bought it for our daughter's first birthday and she absolutely loves it! Good size and sturdy foam (our 5 year old squishes it a bit, he is only allowed in the ball pit) but perfect for younger children to explore, balance and have great fun."


  • Colourful activity play set
  • Soft playground with soft play blocks


  • May not be suitable for all budgets
Dimensions: 89 x 70 x 60cm (ball pit size)
Suitable age: Nine months+
Balls included?Yes


Are ball pits good for baby development?

You may not think it but playing in a ball pit offers your baby the chance to develop their motor skills. Through play they can learn multiple skills such as:

Hand-eye coordination

Your baby's eyes and hands are working together as they spot one of the colourful balls, reach for it and grasp it with their small hands. The more they practise this over and over, the better control they will gain over this coordination skill.

Fine motor skills

Throwing, rolling, bouncing and kicking the balls around will develop the use of your little one's fine motor skills.

Gross motor skills

Baby will love to kick their legs and crawl amongst the balls. In doing that, they're gaining power in their arms and legs and strengthening their muscles. Learning to navigate themselves amongst the rolling balls will also teach them how to balance.

Is a ball pit sensory?

Did you know that playing in a ball pit can be a sensory activity for your baby? They'll be drawn to the bright colours and the different textures of the balls and the material that your chosen pit is made from. The feel of the plastic or foam balls against their skin may have a calming effect on your baby, similar to the feeling you may experience while having a massage.

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